List Of The Best AWP Skins: Why AWP Skins Are So Popular?

Best AWP Skins

Counter Strike 2 is one of the amazing games, featuring several dozen of weapons all along. Here, on this page, we will reveal why AWP skins are popular and the list of best designs available. Go on and learn how each skin is different from the others on the basis of various factors like cost, coloring, and theme. Let’s go!

Although some are not the very best choice for players, like shotguns and machine guns, they are purchased when the opponent doesn’t have any option to showcase their power. In this article, we will unveil There are also some extremely special weapons in the game, including M4A4, M4A1-S, AK-47, Desert Eagle, and AWP.

Talking about the example of a sniper rifle, it is advised to look into the trends of popular weapons in Counter-Strike. It is the most-liked weapon with which you can shoot your opponents with a single cartridge. Let’s go through this page and grab the high-rated AWP skins available in Counter Strike 2.  

List of Best AWP Skins in Counter Strike 2

There are many AWP Skins available in Counter-Strike 2 on the Steam marketplace, where each one varies from the other on various grounds. Let’s head further and explore the high-quality skins available in Counter Strike 2. Go on, get your hands on the best ones, and upgrade your gaming

1. Dragon Lore

Well, we all are aware of Dragon Lore. It is the Chinese theme skin, which was once considered to be the most expensive and demanded skin among the audience. With its attractive gold color, the image of a dragon with flames coming out of his mouth and an alluring aura really intrigues its players to no end. The cheapest variants of this skin are priced at 2,500 USD. You can find this on the trading platform just after the release of CS: GO, namely in 2014. As the prices keep changing, traders have to look for a suitable time and earn a good amount by keeping a keen eye on the fluctuation. 

2. Hyper Beast

Hyper Beast is one of the prettiest AWP skins available, with a mysterious appearance and fairly priced. Its base is painted a dark blue color. In the middle of a weapon, there will be a monster with an open mouth. It came out in 2015, and today, this skin is priced at 13 USD. Hence, if you are looking for an attractive yet cheaper option, Hyper Beast is it!

3. Atheris

Featuring the living creature’s theme, Atheris is another one in the AWP skins that has a comparatively darker background with a snake crawling near the muzzle of the rifle. It costs 1 USD and is available to every player. 

4. Fade

Our next amazing AWP skin is Fade, which uses the gradient effect and is alluring in its own way. It is a blue-colored skin that ends with an orange tint on the other side. As it explains, it will not be a cheaper option; it costs 775 USD and has extreme wear and tear. Although, its appearance is worth every penny we spend here. 

5. Containment Breach

The last AWP skin we have is Containment Breach. It is a suitable yet rare choice while playing on the Ancient map. It is centered around the forest theme, which is visible during the night. While getting your hands on this skin, you will stand out differently among the other partners and opponents. It is priced at 23 USD. 

Although they are not all AWP skins available for the target audience, these are some of the amazing picks of AWP skins in Counter-Strike 2. As the new update comes up, new skins will continue to be added to this game. Hence, you can make the most of this gameplay by exploring through all the skins available and trading them on Steam or any other sites available for trading. 

Wrapping Up

This was all about the Best AWP skins in Counter-Strike 2. Read through this page, explore all the skins mentioned above, and pick the one that suits you best. My personal favorite is Hyper Beast, which is an attractive yet inexpensive option available. 

Let us know if you have any more questions, and we will get back to you ASAP. 

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