Queen’s Christmas Plans for 2021 | Her First Christmas Without Her Husband Prince Philip

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It has been years since we all have become democratic countries, yet royalty has a certain charm that never lets us forget about them. For ages, we have been obsessed with the royal family, everything about them fascinates us, and we can’t seem to get enough of them. We want to know everything, from their members to their attires and especially about what are their plans for special occasions. You are here because you wanted to know all about Queen’s Christmas plans and how will this year’s Royal Christmas would seem like.

We all want to live a day of Queen’s life, but since we can’t, the next best thing to do is to know all about them, and well leave the rest to the imagination. So let’s see what all we know about Queen’s Christmas Plans.

Queen Elizabeth Cancels Her Traditional Christmas Plans Amid Omicron Surge

Christmas comes with all the celebration and festive vibes. As we wait a whole year for it planning about how we’ll spend that day, we are also curious to know the royal preparation for Christmas events and dinner. But due to a surge in coronavirus, Queen Elizabeth had to cancel her traditional Christmas plans and make some changes.

Recently we heard that she called off the Annual pre-Christmas lunch tradition of the royal family. And now, Queen Christmas plans took another blow when she had to cancel her traditional plans of traveling to Sandringham estate in Norfolk and instead would be staying at Windsor Castle due to an increase of Omnicron cases.

Will Princess Anne Join The Queen For Christmas?

Usually, Queen Elizabeth invites her children and her grandchildren to Buckingham Palace before Christmas and has lunches and events with them before she departs for her annual tradition. But due to coronavirus precaution, this is the second year all the Christmas events and Christmas get-togethers have been canceled.

Queen’s Christmas Plans

Also, Anne’s husband, Sir Timothy Laurence, was found positive for the virus, and therefore he, along with her wife, princess Anne are under isolation. Queen won’t be able to meet her daughter and son-in-law for Christmas. 

With Whom Will Queen Spend Christmas 2021?

Queen will be spending this Christmas with Prince Of Wales and Duchess Of Cornwall.

According to our sources, Queen’s Christmas plans now involve Prince Charles and Camilla. This is the first Christmas of Queen without her husband, Prince Philip, and some sources are saying that this is the reason she decided to be spending Christmas at Windsor as it is also the place she stayed secured with her late husband during the previous year’s lockdowns.

Prince Of Wales and Duchess Of Cornwall.

Now, Prince William and Kate will spend Christmas in their home in Norfolk, and other Midleton family members will accompany them.

Queen’s Tribute To Prince Philips This Christmas

During this time, Queen’s Christmas plans usually involved moving to Sandringham with her husband, but since it could not be the case this time, she instead paid a touching tribute to her husband in her Christmas Message. She was seen wearing a Sapphire brooch that she wore during her honeymoon in 1947.

Queens Christmas message
Queens Christmas message

Buckingham Palace has delivered a photograph of the Queen sitting in the White Drawing Room of Windsor Castle for her Christmas Day message where her sapphire brooch was very evidently visible. While the Queen was accompanied by a photo frame of her and her late husband at Broadlands kept on her desk.

Wrapping Up

Due to the Coronavirus surge and a potential lockdown in the coming days, Queen’s Christmas plans are left in chaos. All the pre-Christmas lunches and planned events were called off, and Queen had to spend Christmas without her children. Instead, now, the clearance house announced that Prince Of Wales and Duchess Of Cornwall would be accompanying her majesty for the Christmas at Windsor Palace. 

Though the royal Christmas evening won’t go as planned, it would still be a joyful event.


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