Give Your House a Luxurious Look with Granite Worktops

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Everyone wants to upgrade their house in some way, this remodeling could be massive or little changes that make a huge impact. Whatever you decide to change even small updates, make sure to make changes that transform the overall appeal of the house. Just keep in mind three factors while selecting the material including price, appearance, and practicality. There is one stone “granite” that is luxurious and practical at the same time. Granite worktops Hertfordshire increases the aesthetical appeal of your kitchen and bathroom and manages to grab the attention of the visitors. Your dream kitchen and bathroom are just right at the corner by bringing in the exquisite granite countertops. 

The quality of granite doesn’t end here, it has numerous functional qualities include heat resistance, stain resistance, durability, scratch resistance, and healthy. Granite is a lavish piece of earth that increases the market value of your house. If you want to make your house give a high end feel? Then granite is the go-to choice. Now let’s just jump to the price factor and you may get surprised to know that granite is affordable. It gives maximum value for your money, and you will not be disappointed when the gorgeous stone reaches your home. The water-resistance quality of granite makes it the top choice for bathrooms. Cleaning granite worktops is very easy, all you need is a damp cloth to wipe the surface.

Material that lasts long  

When you talk about the usefulness of countertops the first thing that hits your mind is the durability. Granite is the sturdiest material which offers good value for your money. Granite neither gets chipped off, damaged, and has good resistance to wear and tear. This material doesn’t deteriorate with time, unlike other materials. You can be confident that your granite worktops Hertfordshire will not discolor or crumble from different sides. This is going to be a one-time investment that will last for years and you wouldn’t need to purchase the new one anytime soon. 

High resistance for heat and scratches

When you are working in the kitchen you can’t save your surface from hot pans so it is sensible to buy granite worktops Hertfordshire which has high resistance for heat. With high scratch resistance, you can easily cut your vegetable or other food on the surface without any worry of damage. 

Versatile design 

Granite is a unique stone extracted from earth having its color and pattern which you cannot be found in another piece of stone. The shiny and glossy surface makes your kitchen look more attractive and clean. The market has a huge variety of colors and pattern which can complement the interior of your kitchen. You can get the right design for any type of Kitchen worktops Hertfordshire theme you want either modern or traditional. 

Prepare your meal on a healthy surface 

One of the amazing qualities of granite is that it has a non-porous quality that doesn’t let any spillage sink or absorbs dust. It is a very relaxing feeling that the surface on which you are preparing food is free from bacteria. 

Needs less maintenance

When you have a busy work life there is very difficult to take out time for house chores. In this situation getting granite worktops Hertfordshire comes out as a blessing as it is very easy to clean and doesn’t require spending too much time cleaning. As this material has good resistance for stains, you are good to go if you clean the spillages right away with little soapy water and cloth. This not only keeps your worktops hygienic and germs free, but also keeps them beautiful for years. 


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