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Everything, from a tangible property of a person to a virtual one, can be stolen. In modern times where anything you do can be known to others by accident or not, it is a must to have something to protect your creation, ideas, and intellectual property. Watermarks do an important role in claiming ownership and safeguarding your precious files. 

Since it is embedded among the document pages, watermarks are useful and widely utilized to protect your virtual files. It does not disappear even during printing, making it a wise step towards protecting your documents. However, adding watermarks is not that easy, but GogoPDF is a website that will add it for you quickly and for free.

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What is GogoPDF?

GogoPDF is a website that allows users to add watermark to PDF online using four easy steps and for free. The users might be used to the promises of various websites that they offer free services but end up getting charged from hidden fees they can’t explain. Others also provide this same service, but they require payment or an account for a premium subscription.

Usually, you need to pay a monthly amount before you can experience these paid website offers. While others can use the website without paying the required amount, it will restrict your access to standard services. These are the difference and leverage of GogoPDF compared to other online websites. 

Users who visited the website’s platform saw its user-friendly interior organization. The whole website was made not to be intimidating to the consumers. Fewer words can also emphasize the more necessary terms GogoPDF wants the users to see. The toolbox and toolbox were large because it is the most important to the website.

Add Watermarks Quickly and Easily

Besides its free service, you can experience your PDF files’ fast and easy processing when using GogoPDF. The website only requires its users three things: a stable internet connection, a device for the process to take place, and the PDF file that the website will process. 

The website relies solely on the users’ stable internet connection to achieve faster editing of the PDF files. Its four easy steps on the website also help the consumer use the website efficiently. 

For the first step, find the PDF file you wish to add some watermarks and upload it to the system. You can also choose to drag and drop the file on the toolbox if that is easier for you. The course will then upload your PDF file and proceed to the next step to type the watermark you want or grab an image from your device’s folder.

After deciding on the watermark you want to add, choose the position you want it to be, then click the Add Watermark button. The system will take over the process and edit your PDF file. This process might take a few minutes, depending on your PDF file’s size. While waiting, you do other chores or tasks you need to do or watch your favorite movies. 

The fourth step is technically an instruction on downloading the edited PDF file or sending it to your friends through various messaging platforms. You can share it to your social media accounts and share your GogoPDF experience.

What are GogoPDF’s Safety Features?

The whole website of GogoPDF only contains a little information so that the users will not get overwhelmed by words and directions. It only includes the four easy steps and the website’s key features. GogoPDF’s essential elements are also worth knowing since the whole editing process revolves around it. 

GogoPDF abides by its commitment to provide each user with a speedy editing process of their PDF files. It saves time for any more important task than adding watermarks. It also allows them to have a go-to website whenever there are confidential bits of information in the PDF file, and they need to claim ownership of it quickly. 

This speedy process also allows the user to apply his personal touch to his watermarks since you can choose a word watermark or an image watermark. You can edit the images you want to use before adding the watermark process. This way, the user can enjoy adding his watermark to the documents. 

Its compatibility is also unrivaled. You can open GogoPDF using any operating system device like Windows, Linux, and Mac. It also supports almost all popular online search engines or platforms like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, and other equally famous portals. 

Save yourself from the hassle of installing new applications to your devices. GogoPDF’s processes take place entirely online and on the cloud. The website does not consume any of your device’s space memory storage. The system also protects your documents since it automatically deletes all files uploaded after one hour.


GogoPDF is the go-to website for all users seeking ownership and protecting their creation. With its speedy and secure platform in conducting all its entire operations, GogoPDF is ultimately the best option if you want to add a watermark on your PDF file. 


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