Zverev vs Thiem, US Open men’s singles final – as it happened!

Welcome to the Evening Standard’s LIVE coverage of the US Open, as attention turns to the men’s singles final.

German Alexander Zverev takes on Austrian Dominic Thiem in the Arthur Ashe Stadium from 9pm BST tonight.

On Saturday, Naomi Osaka came from a set down to beat Victoria Azarenka to take the women’s singles crown .

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Here’s our runner-up: Alexander Zverev.

What an incredible run. He came so close.

If he can produce that kind of performance in another final against a player less combative than Thiem, he will claim his first Slam.

Photo: USA Today Sports

Dominic Thiem lifts the US Open trophy!

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It’s official: Dominic Thiem is the first player in 70 years to come back from two sets down and win a five-set match at the US Open.

That only goes to show the true extent of his effort and fight tonight. Wow.

Thiem pays tribute to his family…

“And a big hi to home in Austria. I hope that everybody of my family, especially my grandparents, made it well through the match… it was not easy for them for sure! I love you all at home and cannot wait to see you. Thanks!”

Thiem goes on with thanks to his team and the organisers…

“Such a huge thanks to my team, you guys are amazing. To put as much as effort into anything as me, I cannot say thank you enough now, I’ll have to do it later. You guys are amazing, thanks so much.

“To the USTA and everyone who made this event happen, you did an awesome job. I think the players felt super safe in the bubble, in the hotel, and I couldn’t believe until I got here that this would happen. At such a difficult time, you did a great job. I think we all deserve a normal US Open in 2021 with full crowds and I think this is the wish of everybody”

And here is the champion… DOMINIC THIEM!

“I’d also like to start with you Sascha. We know each other since we played in 2014 and we were both ranked closed to 100 or something. We developed straight a great friendship and in 2016, our great rivalry started again. We made some great things happen on the court as well as off the court. It’s amazing how far our journey has brought us to share this moment. I really wish we could have two winners today. We both deserved it but I remember you told me when we played in Madrid and you beat me in the final, that I was going to win this title. Now I tell you the same. You’re going to make it 100 per cent and make your parents proud at home. Big congrats to your team, love when you’re around. You will definitely bring it home one day.”

It’s all getting a bit too much for Zverev…

“There are some special people who couldn’t be in the crowd that I want to thank today. My parents… sorry [breaks down in tears]. They were there with me for every tournament. Unfortunately my dad and mother tested positive before the tournament and couldn’t have gone with me. I miss them. This is tough. I’m sure they’re at home and proud. I hope I can bring the trophy to them.”

Photo: USA Today Sports

Zverev goes on…

“I obviously want to thank my team for sticking with me, the last two years haven’t been easy in my tennis career and we’re definitely on the way up. I hope one day we’re going to lift that trophy together. I want to thank the US Open, USTA… who would have thought this whole event would have been possible with all going on. They couldn’t have done a better job.”

An emotional Zverev speaks on court…

“I don’t know where to start. First of all I want to congratulate Dominic on the first of many Grand Slam titles. This is not the only one. It was a tough battle, I wish you would’ve missed a lot more so I could’ve held the trophy. But here I am giving the runners-up speech.”

Trophy presentation

Let’s hear from the players as we prepare for the presentation of trophies.

Alexander Zverev will go first before collecting $1.5m in prize money as the runner-up.


Zverev is sat in his chair, blankly staring into space. This one is going to hurt for a while.

But he has done himself proud with that performance. It was in his hands, of course, but Thiem took it from his grasp.

Thiem collapses to the floor and you can bet he can barely walk after that.

The Austrian picks himself up to greet Zverev at the net. What an effort from him and the mutual respect is clear to see.

That was one of the most remarkable comebacks in Grand Slam final history. Surely. Thiem looked down and out.



He fights back from two sets down to beat Zverev in a breathtaking comeback!

He wins 2-6, 4-6, 6-3, 6-4, 7-6 (7) in a four-hour marathon!

Photo: AP

That was quite extraordinary. Unlike anything we have ever seen at the US Open. Zverev had the chance to win the title at 5-3 up. Thiem roared back. The final set tiebreak. Two missed points. 

And then to clinch it.

What an incredible end to the final. Just extraordinary.

Final set tiebreak | Zverev 6-6 Thiem

Two championship points!

Thiem has championship point! But after appearing to be on the cusp of that winner, he slaps it into the net. He usually eats those for breakfast.

Zverev survives, but he’s serving on a second championship point and the first serve is long. Pressure building. The second serve lands in and again Thiem wastes the next!

Final set tiebreak | Zverev 4-5 Thiem

A mightily impressive 132mph delivery from Thiem and Zverev can’t get it over.

Meanwhile, the no.5 seed makes another crucial error with the double fault.

Thiem looks to have the upper hand in a back-and-forth of forehands but whacks it long. 

Final set tiebreak | Zverev 3-3 Thiem

A double fault from Zverev, who seems to have the physical advantage over Thiem but that just plays into the Austrian’s hands.

Zverev just gets a little impatient on the forehand and goes long. He was goaded into that almost.

Final set tiebreak | Zverev 2-1 Thiem

The tension is unbelievable. Zverev wins the first two points but Thiem comes back on the German’s serve.


Zverev 6-2 6-4 4-6 3-6 6-6 Thiem

Can I shock you? There is another twist. Thiem requires treatment on his thigh and that just disrupts his momentum.

Two break points for Zverev. The first is saved, but crushes a massive forehand down the line.

Both have served for the championship. Both have failed. Now we head to a final-set tiebreak!


BREAK! Zverev 6-2 6-4 4-6 3-6 5-6 Thiem

I just don’t believe it. This game has absolutely everything. 

Thiem makes another stupendous effort down the line to take the first point. Zverev is on the back foot at 15-30 and needs something special.

But Thiem gets a break point. After a long, nervy rally, Zverev goes for broke and fails to land the forehand!!!

Thiem breaks! Now HE is serving for the championship. Just incredible. There can’t be another twist, surely?

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