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Now that Borderlands 3’s fourth DLC, Psycho Krieg, has arrived, ending all of the year 1 content planned to be released, I’ve heard people asking about whether now is the time to get into the game at last, or to return to it if they dropped in the past.

In short yes, it’s time, and for one main reason specifically: Borderlands 3 has said it will stop raising the level cap at the new max of 65 for the indefinite future.

This is a big deal because it is, by far, one of the most annoying aspects of Borderlands 3 I’ve experienced over the course of the past year. Destiny fans complain about that after three years, Bungie is finally saying that certain weapons can’t be used in high power activities, as they can’t exceed a certain power cap.

Borderlands 3, meanwhile, has done this every three months. Every time Borderlands 3 raises its level cap a few points, it leaves all of its gear behind for every activity in the game, since enemies then all scale to the new cap. While some weapons can remain passable, they are just flat-out weaker than their new counterparts, and unlike Destiny, there is no “infusion” system to bring them up to the new cap.

For example, my time with the Krieg DLC was me using my old “god roll” level 60 weapons the whole time. But every time I leveled up, the enemies got tankier and tankier while my guns stayed the same. Finally by the end, when I got to the level 67 final boss, he was such a bullet sponge I literally couldn’t beat him with my old guns, so I had to go re-farm specific bosses from past DLCs to get new drops of the same guns I already had, just now at level 65 with 40%+ more damage.

This is literally I think the fourth time I will have to clear out my entire vault of underleveled drops to make way for a new slate of more or less identical drops at the new cap. But yes, now that this cap seems to be fixed for the indefinite future, it does seem “safe” to play Borderland without worrying about your loot getting throw away in a couple months. New skill trees are coming in the next year, and we will finally be able to do something more interesting with all those skill points we’ve been collecting from the cap raises.

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Past the level cap thing, If you add up all four Borderlands 3 DLCs, Handsome Jackpot, Love Guns and Tentacles, Bounty of Blood and Psycho Krieg, they are probably better than the base game. I didn’t love Psycho Krieg as much as the others, but overall, they’re all very good with the best storylines, the best levels, the best loot.

I don’t know how year 2 is going to go. We are apparently not having any more huge DLCs, but the new skill trees sound interesting, and some sort of new mode is coming. But yeah, if you want to give Borderlands 3 a chance, now is probably finally the time to do so.

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