Working in a Team Setting – It’s Important to do it Well

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We all have our individual roles and tasks within our company.  You’ve got offices and cubicles all around you, filled with individuals performing their specific job.  Everyone has their own skillset and strengths they bring to the organization. 

When called together to tackle some new project or initiative, the ability to work effectively as a team becomes critical.  Otherwise, everyone’s valuable time is collectively wasted, progress is minimal, and the intended goals are not achieved in a timely fashion.  Let’s explore a bit more about the importance of working in a team setting.

Why Teams Can Be So Effective

Organizations have learned that the team approach works when embarking upon some new, challenging task. They’ve recognized that synergy, efficiency, or a sum-greater-than-its-parts effect is derived when individuals from different departments or areas of expertise get together as a group.  Some of the advantages of working in a team setting include:

The ability to brainstorm

Sitting in a room together and simply talking about the task at hand can remove roadblocks to the project right out of the gate.  Input from several perspectives can, in effect, set the table for what needs to be accomplished and how.  Even as formal tasks are assigned, brainstorming can continue to smooth out roadblocks throughout the process. Everyone’s input should be encouraged and valued, even the naysayers, who may identify critical weaknesses in a plan.

Individual perspectives can make a difference.  

The simplest example might be that the manager of a department simply is not aware of some details or intricacies that team members know about and can point out. Potential obstacles or limitations to the task at hand can be identified and addressed as needed.

Communication is the key.

The team approach stimulates communication, whether it is in the form of meeting minutes, updating memos, or any other type of information sharing.  It is widely recognized that lack of communication or being “all on the same page” can be a major impediment to success.  A team setting can greatly enhance communication among a group.

Hindrances to the Team Approach

All that said, there are still “lone wolf” types within organizations who shun the concept of a team approach.  They likely aren’t going away any time soon, either.  Sometimes you may even find individuals that actively try to sabotage team progress, but that’s a topic for another kind of post.

In the meantime, there is no question a team approach is the proven, right way to go for maximum productivity.  It’s here to stay.  Focusing on the positive, we have a great summary piece on what it takes to achieve effective team collaboration

It also makes mention of Mavenlink Software Solutions, which can greatly aid in managing resources and team activities.  It’s a professional services automation software that can help optimize your resources and maximize visibility across your organization – an excellent choice for your team-driven culture.


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