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Srishti Thukral
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Have you heard- another fever is on the rise! But the good thing is, it’s not deadly, though it surely is addictive. Yess..!! I’m talking about the Word Hurdle/ Wordle 2 Answers that had taken the world under its grasp. It’s the first thought people have on their minds when they wake up and the last thing they ponder while going to sleep. So, to prevent you from having sleepless nights, here are the clues and Solutions to Wordle 2- Word Hurdle Answer of 4 April, 2022.

Just when you thought you were becoming a Wordle Master with your Pro level Solving skills, there’s another version of the game. Raising the stakes from the original Wordle version, Wordle Hurdle presents you with a 6 letter word grid. A more difficult yet thrilling spin-off to Wordle, Wordle 2 has successfully created its own buzz among the town with its 2 releases per day.

Maintaining Wordle 2 win streak by solving daily Wordle answers has become an important aspect of the day. So, have you guessed today’s Wordle 2 answer yet? No, I’m still struggling with Word Hurdle Word today. No, worries, down below, you will find the Hints and the answer related to Today’s Wordle Hurdle Answer 4 April 2022.

What is Wordle 2/ Word Hurdle?

Did wordle fail to satisfy your Game hunger? Or feel like increasing your difficulty level? Well, in that case, Wordle 2 is exactly what you are looking for. Based on the same concept, Wordle 2 is an online Word puzzle game. It offers you a 6×6 grid that gives you the option to guess Wordle 2 Answer of Today in 6 tries. By trying on different combinations of the 6-letter words you have to get the Wordle2 Answer correct before the grid runs out. 

But the most interesting thing about Wordle2 is that instead of one daily Wordle2 answer, it offers 2 puzzles per day. Wordle2 gets renewed after every 12 hours giving you 2 Today’s Wordle Word to fill your puzzle quota.

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Where to play Wordle 2/ Word Hurdle?  

You can play and solve Today’s Wordle Hurdle Answer on Wordle 2 Website

Is Wordle 2 the same as Wordle?

No, Wordle 2 is different from Wordle. Though, the game Wordle 2 is based on the same concept as Wordle. But Wordle 2 has increased its difficulty level by improvising-

  1. From 5 letters to 6 letters
  2. From 1 daily Wordle Answer to 2 Daily Wordle Answer.

Hints for Today’s Wordle 2 Answer of 4 April 2022

Word Hurdle Word: MORNING

Hint No. 1: The Word Hurdle Answer April 4, 2022, starts with RA. Look out for the list of six-letter words underneath that starts with the same and think what could be the Wordle 2 Answer for today.  

  1. Rather
  2. Raised
  3. Rating
  4. Rarely
  5. Random
  6. Racial
  7. Racism
  8. Rabbit
  9. Radius
  10. Ramona
  11. Raging
  12. Ranger
  13. Radial
  14. Ransom
  15. Ragged

Word Hurdle Word: EVENING

Hint No. 2: The Word Hurdle Answer April 4, 2022, starts with ME. Read out loud the list of six-letter words below and guess what could be today’s Wordle 2 Answer.

  1. Member
  2. Method
  3. Memory
  4. Medium
  5. Merely
  6. Mental
  7. Merger
  8. Median
  9. Metric
  10. Mentor
  11. Melody
  12. Meadow
  13. Menace
  14. Mercer
  15. Memoir

Today’s Wordle 2 Answer of 4 April 2022, Monday

Spoiler Flash Ahead for Wordle Hurdle Answer Today!

Take a deep breath and calm your excitement. Further is the Wordle2 Answer April 4, 2022, Monday. Continue to Read Word Hurdle Answer!  

Morning Wordle 2:

Morning Wordle 2/ Word Hurdle Answer of April 4, 2022 is ‘RARELY’

Morning Wordle 2/ Word Hurdle Answer of April 4, 2022
Morning Wordle 2/ Word Hurdle Answer of April 4, 2022


Evening Wordle 2:

Evening Wordle 2/ Word Hurdle Answer of April 4, 2022 is ‘MEMBER’

Evening Wordle 2/ Word Hurdle Answer of April 4, 2022
Evening Wordle 2/ Word Hurdle Answer of April 4, 2022


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Wrapping Up

Had a Blast? Today’s Wordle Answer of 4 April, 2022 is finally sorted now. Let go of every emotion that Wordle Answer for Today served you with. Move on to your day ahead and have an amazing day today. 

Also, Path of EX will also come tomorrow on your screens with a new Wordle Word for today. Do visit us for further assistance and spoilers. 


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