Wildfire awareness exhibit opens at Sparks museum

A new exhibit at the Sparks Museum & Cultural Center details what happens before, during and after a wildfire. It’s the result of an effort by Nevada Division of Forestry to educate Nevadans about protecting natural resources and engage them in the agency’s mission.

The exhibit combines images and displays that highlight strategies NDF employs to combat wildfires and ways the community can help to reduce their impacts, such as defensible space around homes. It also features examples of restoration work, which is used to return lands to their beauty and function post-wildfire.


The exhibit, which is suitable for all ages, runs through Jan. 9, 2021. It comes in a year when Nevada has seen extremely high fire risk and heightened fire restrictions across the state. According to NDF, “in 2020 alone, Nevada has seen more than 700 wildfires scorch over 250,000 acres of land.”

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For more information about the exhibit, and the Sparks Museum & Cultural Center, including location and hours of operation, visit http://sparksmuseum.org/event/nevada-division-of-forestry-before-during-and-after-the-fire/. 

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