Why is OnePlus and Oppo Banned in Germany | Know The Reason & Impact

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Oppo and OnePlus both are following significant fanbases worldwide, and now they have formally stopped selling in Germany. Not only this they have also discontinued the orders on the German site. Although the companies will give support to the local customers of these branded phones, new users have to look for something else. If you want to know why is OnePlus and Oppo Banned in Germany, grab the information here.

The prolonged legal dispute started between Nokia and Oneplus and Oppo became the reason for the banned phones of Oppo and OnePlus in Germany. Nokia is known for providing the 5G advanced technologies and is an important element of communication. The lawsuit is filed by Nokia against the OnePlus and Oppo as they are attempting to steal 5G technology from Nokia and are using it in their own smartphones without paying any patent charges to Nokia.

The lawsuit has put a restriction on these branded phones, and the OnePlus and Oppo banned in Germany. This has halted the selling in Germany and it might be banned in other European countries too.

Why is OnePlus and Oppo Banned in Germany

Nokia has filed a lawsuit against Oppo and OnePlus for violating the patent 5G technology rights. Nokia claimed in court that the sales should be halted in Germany unless OnePlus and OPPO will not pay for the patent.

The court made a statement in favor of Nokia and made an order that OnePlus and Oppo should compensate Nokia for using their patents. Moreover, if the OnePlus and Oppo do not want to pay the patent charges in the future, they have to stop using that technology in their upcoming phones.

The halted sales in Germany will put a big risk t OnePlus and Oppo. It will impact their business badly, or else they have to face market restrictions. Moreover, the sales are not halted in Germany only but will be banned in other European countries as well.

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Does Oppo and OnePlus Phones Will work After Facing a Ban in Germany

Why is OnePlus and Oppo Banned in Germany | Know The Reason & Impact

Yes, Oppo and OnePlus phones will work normally even after facing a ban in Germany. However, if you open the OnePlus and Oppo German website to purchase the phone, you will be unable to buy a new one. Those who are already having a OnePlus and Oppo phone do not need to worry as these phones will work smoothly.

Is Oppo and OnePlus Taking an Action Against Nokia

The moment lawsuit was ruled out, Oppo appealed the decision so that the sales would not be halted in Germany. Unfortunately, the decision does not come in favor of Oppo. Now, it seems Oppo is now working in conformity with the court and has formally frozen all sales in Germany.

If you open the German Oppo website, you will feel as if you have visited a blank website. All you will find is a few pages and no purchase portal anywhere. However, if the users are having Oppo phones, they can still get customer support as well as updates by visiting the Oppo German website.

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Coming to the OnePlus, you will find as if the OnePlus German website is working as you will easily locate the purchase icon. It is just an illusion, if you tap on the purchase now, you will see an error popping up on the screen. It seems that OnePlus is not ready to accept that its sales process has been put to a halt by Nokia.

We cannot expect any cooperation between Nokia and Oppo, or OnePlus. As the dispute is international and let’s see whether companies will find an appeal in the future.

Why OnePlus and Oppo Banned in Germany

To know the reason behind the halted sales of OnePlus and Oppo ban in Germany, go through the video below-

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Wrapping Up

I hope you understand the reason why is OnePlus and Oppo banned in Germany. This court dispute will badly impact their business, but you can still use the phone if you have any of them. Share this article with your friends and let them know why is OnePlus and Oppo banned in Germany. Explore Path of EX for all the trending stuff. Have a great day!


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