6 Reasons Why Dogs are the Best Pets for You?

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Shivangi Gupta
Shivangi Gupta
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Long old legends believed that dogs are the most loyal pets. The relationship between a human and a dog is platonic. Dogs are some of the best pets you can decide to keep. They are easy to maintain, loyal, and can warn you in case unwanted visitor arrives. Here you will find a list of reasons why dogs are the best pet for you.

A dog can be an entertainer and a teacher. It can also act as a compassionate friend, and thus, you may not be bored. According to sources, 40% of dog owners tell their dogs everything. Psychologists believe that keeping a dog as a pet can be therapeutic. A dog can bring you happiness and excitement for even the smallest things. A fur friend is all a human needs. However, some people may discourage you from keeping dogs as a pet. The reasons they give may include the smelly nature of the dogs. Also, they may be hostile to your visitors. As a result, a few of your friends may not be willing to visit you.               

Nonetheless, many reasons should motivate you to keep dogs as pets. Some reason why dogs are the best pet for you includes:

  1. Dogs can be faithful and Loyal Friends
  2. They Can Help You Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle
  3. They Can Protect You and Your Home 
  4. Dogs Help to Enhance Emotional Development  
  5. They Can Help You Eliminate Anxiety 
  6. Dogs can make you Feel Less Alone

Having a waggy-tailed friend around you all the time is one of the most amazing feelings. A dog pet will help you enjoy and appreciate even the smallest of the things in your life. Additional benefits of having a dog are that they are very good at cuddles!

6 Reasons Why Dogs are the Best Pets?

The best pat of having a dog as a pet is that you get to see a super happy smiling face the moment you enter the house. They make you feel important and wanted and loved every time they see. Scientists believe that dogs release “Love Hormone” oxytocin when they interact with with humans. Here is the list of reasons why dogs are the best pets.

1. Dogs Can Be Faithful and Loyal Friends

Dog snuggling a baby: Why Dogs Are the Best Pets for You?
Source: BudgetPetCare

Dogs can be one of your most excellent companions. They can help you prevent loneliness and depression. They are always available and willing to play with you whenever you need them. Just as you can access an expert essay helper to help with your homework, dogs can help you pass the time.   

The dog won’t yell at you, fight or run away. It is a loyal companion that will always be there whenever you need it. When you are angry, sad, or stressed, these creatures will keep you company. They will make you feel loved and wanted. Furthermore, you can share anything with these animals, because you will not feel judged.        

Dogs can be trusted to be the most loyal and faithful friend. The instinct power in dogs is very strong that they immediately understands if you are not feeling well. They will pamper you in their own way and make you feel loved unconditionally.              

2. They Can Help You Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle

Dogs playing with a girl: Why Dogs Are the Best Pets for You?
Source: Pinterest

Having a dormant and sedentary lifestyle can negatively affect your health. Studies indicate that the best way of preventing chronic diseases such as obesity and diabetes is to engage in exercise. Dogs can help you maintain such a lifestyle. Dog-owners are known to maintain an active lifestyle, compared to people who do not keep these creatures.    

For instance, walking your dog through the neighborhood is an example of physical exercise. Studies indicate that walking is one of the best ways to burn calories and reduce some weight. As a result, you may be free from diabetes. 

Furthermore, if you have a child, dogs can help improve his motor skills. The development of these skills occurs when your child regularly grooms or feeds these creatures. Besides, regularly playing with the dogs will make your child access fresh air. But, ensure that parental supervision is present when the kids are playing with the canines.   

3. They Can Protect You and Your Home 

Happy dog: Why Dogs Are the Best Pets for You?
Source: Flipboard

Dogs are loyal creatures and will stand by your side at any time. As a result, you will feel safe because they can intimidate anyone who wants to bully you. 

Also, dogs can alert you when an intruder threatens your home. Furthermore, studies indicate that dogs can detect harmful substances when they are trained on allergen identifications. Such an action can be lifesaving. Also, this protective character of the canines can help safeguard your expensive properties.  

4. Dogs Help to Enhance Emotional Development  

Dogs help emotional development: Why Dogs Are the Best Pets for You?
Source: Collective Evolution

You may feel loved when you are in the presence of your dog. Furthermore, when your siblings have a common affection for the creatures, a lovely bond can be created between you. In this regard, research indicates that ownership of dogs and pets can increase an individual’s self-esteem. It can make you improve your self-confidence, resulting in increased productivity and commitment.  

Dogs sense emotions. They know when you are happy or sad. It is in their personality to be with you and for you when you need emotional support. They also make you emotionally strong.

5. They Can Help You Eliminate Anxiety 

Dogs help eliminate Anxiety: Why Dogs Are the Best Pets for You?
Source: The Today Show

There are instances where you are very anxious about your studies. Or, you may feel anxiety when you are passing through some of the challenges of life. There are certain breeds of dogs that can help you overcome any form of nervousness. When you cuddle these breeds, your body may release oxytocin, which soothes your nervous system. 

Examples of dog breed that you can easily cuddle are:

  • Golden retriever: This is one of the best dogs you can have. It is intelligent, compassionate, kind, and loyal. Also, the dog is trustworthy and friendly. 
  • Cavalier King Charles Spaniel: This is a dog associated with royalty. It is social, affectionate, and playful. It is one of the best pets that can help you eliminate anxiety.   
  • Pomeranians: This is a pet that is classified as a toy dog. The reason is that it is small and tiny. These dogs are loyal, friendly, and playful. Rely on them to keep you company when you are lonely.   

6. A Dog Can Make You Feel Less Alone

This needs to be said again and again! There is no better company than that of a dog. They are lovable creature and know how to love effortlessly.

You know, you can’t go up to a stranger and talk to them or be all friendly in just a moment. But, if you are walking with a dog, 8 out of 10 people will greet you and your dog. (Let’s agree that they came to you only to pet your dog)

This way you will never be alone! anytime! According to some researches, dogs have proven to be good companions. They will also help you overcome your social anxiety.

If you ever feel alone, all you got to do is cuddle your dog and all the loneliness will go away. Bonus Tip: You can even go out to a dog-friendly bar and have your favorite meal.

Wrap Up 

Dogs are some of the best pets you can keep. These animals are friendly, and they can protect you from harm. Furthermore, canines can help you overcome anxiety and promote your physical health. So, you can buy one, and keep it in your household.   


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