Why Choose L Shaped Sofa Bed in Singapore

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Shivangi Gupta
Shivangi Gupta
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L shaped sofa beds in Singapore are a great choice for those who want the best of both worlds. You can enjoy your L shaped sofa bed as a couch or convert it to a comfortable bed at night.

The armrests and backrest will serve as the headboard and footboard with this convertible furniture option, so you don’t need to buy any other extras like an extra mattress or frame. And if you have kids that love to jump on beds, then this is the perfect solution!

They’ll be able to use it as a couch during the day without worrying about being too high off of the ground while they play games or watch movies, but when they’re ready for sleep time, they can flip their L shape into its full-size. Let’s look at the reasons why to Choose L shaped sofa bed in Singapore.

1. Saves Space

An L-shaped sofa bed is worth more than a one-seater as it can support two people simultaneously. If you are not planning to have additional guests, choose single-seat sofas for the small living room and dining area space.

2. Versatile Design

With its unique design, L shaped sofa beds in Singapore can be transformed into any furniture according to your preference. It can function as a napping chair by day and night if you want to change its form into a futon. You’ll find this multifunctional piece will easily fit into any corner or even small apartment rooms that are already filled with other furniture pieces.

3. Affordable Price Range

If you think of buying a decent sofa, then an L shaped sofa bed is the best option to consider. This kind of furniture piece offers more than just helping you save more space in your room but also comes with a reasonable price tag that is within your budget range.

Is it Safe, and How Much Would it cost?

If you are looking for affordable prices and high-quality design, here is something for your attention. A genuine L shape sofa bed will cost about $300 up to $1,000 or more. Not only do they have an exclusive coupon (lazyboySofa) which can save 50% off, but they also offer free shipping for all the futons. The whole set comes with everything you need, including a mattress, pillow, and duvet linens.

Why Choose L Shaped Sofa Bed in Singapore

As first-time owners of any L shaped sofa bed, we must consider safety. We do not want to be injured by sleeping on it so let’s take an example of how much a deep sleep can cause if we do not give importance to its quality.

On average, people will spend around 8 hours sleep per day and 3 months in a year or 12 months, then our total hours spent on a bed would be about 288 hours per year. If you are 30 years old now, this figure will accumulate up to 5120 hours, equivalent to 216 days of sleeping. It’s been a long time. That’s why you need to choose the safest, durable and comfortable futon mattress that suits your needs and budget.

The most common material used in making futon mattresses is cotton, foam, or both. But keep in mind that cheap cost does not always mean a good deal because many low-quality and untested products out there can be harmful to our health or, even worse, may cause serious injuries and even death when using them. Make sure that every part of the bed is made from high-quality materials like memory foam and coil springs. The favorite ones are those with organic materials sheets, although more expensive but last longer without losing their elasticity.

For those planning to buy an L-shaped sofa bed for your house or any other purpose, it is most important that you take care of its quality and durability because using low-quality materials may injure yourself. It is not worth spending less when buying the proper ones with highly recommended than settling on something cheap and unreliable.


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