Which Careers Have The Highest Job Satisfaction?

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We spend an average of 13 years and two months at work in our lifetime. Which is a lot of time to waste being unhappy. To ensure you get the most out of life, it’s important to find a job that offers a comfortable lifestyle while also making you feel good.

When it comes to job satisfaction, there are a huge number of factors to consider, most of which will be personal to you. However, the US News & World Report has conducted a study into which careers have the highest rates of job satisfaction – so that you can pursue a job that will keep you positive.

Important Factors for Job Satisfaction

Job Stability

Of course, we all take our jobs for granted, but when there’s constant uncertainty about job security, it can be hard to feel settled and safe. The instability could easily make us feel undervalued and worried about finances with a constant fear of losing the job. By having a job that offers consistency and stability, most people find themselves more satisfied in their working day.


Some people are more than happy to work, day-in day-out, in the same role. But most of us enjoy taking on new challenges. Available progression routes can be a big factor in job satisfaction. If there’s the chance to learn new things or work your way up in a company, all your hard work feels more like it’s paying off. Progression tends to suggest your work is being appreciated and valued – which is always nice to know.

Working Conditions

Organizations that offer staff a clean, tidy, and positive working environment are more likely to have lower staff turnover rates and higher job satisfaction. Agile workspaces are the next level up, which allows staff to work just about anywhere that makes them feel most comfortable.

Working conditions can also include the people at the workplace; how the staff interacts, how managers treat you and the policies people have put in place.


It would be wrong to think that job satisfaction isn’t intertwined with salary. Even if you’ve created the best working environment, if you’re underpaying staff, things can get pretty negative quickly. Similarly, if staff receive bonuses or pay rises when their work goes noticed, it’s much easier for employees to feel valued and motivated to do better.

A Sense of Purpose

As we spend so much of our lives at work, it’s nice to find a job that gives us a sense of purpose. Healthcare, social work, and environmental conservation are all great options that make for a rewarding career with a sense of ‘giving back. If you feel like you have a purpose at work, it’s much easier to tackle issues calmly and stay motivated during periods of stress.

Careers with the Highest Job Satisfaction

So, with a better idea as to what makes a job so satisfying, here are the careers with the highest job satisfaction for you to consider.


For those looking to bring their spirituality into the workplace, the clergy is a highly rewarding, high-paying role. A Clergy offers spiritual and practical support to people within the community and provides assistance or guidance for those that need it most.

Chief Executives

Although a vague job title (as they are present in just about all industries) chief executives are hugely satisfied in their roles. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average chief executive can earn $107,680 a year. But money isn’t everything; Executives have the power to really change and set the tone of their business and create goals for the whole organization.


While the role of a nurse can be massively challenging, it often has one of the highest rates of job satisfaction. Nurses have huge flexibility in career progression, making it an enjoyable profession to choose. What’s more, most nursing training can now be done online, making it a hugely accessible choice. Online BSN to DNP programs can lead nurses to higher up roles such as nurse executives and practitioners – opening up the opportunity to help more people and earn more.


In a similar vein to nursing, those who pursue a career in pediatrics know how much of a difference their work makes – to their patients, and their families – often making each day that little bit easier. Pediatricians work solely with younger patients and there are a huge number of job options available. 

Conservation Scientists

Those in conservation have a high level of job satisfaction – probably down to the feeling of ‘giving back to the planet’. These scientists work with farmers, government agencies, and landowners to manage and preserve natural resources across the world.


Our smiles make a huge impact on our self-confidence – which is probably why being a dentist is such a rewarding and satisfying role. While none of us enjoy going to the dentist, being a dentist gives you the chance to make others feel so much better about themselves – while also keeping people healthy. Both dentists and dental hygienists have high satisfaction rates with lucrative salaries to match.


These community heroes directly serve the public. As well as putting out fires, firefighters work a lot within the local area and provide help in emergencies. You’ll receive full training and your EMT certification, too. Though the salary isn’t as high as other professions, if you love a challenge, no two days will ever be the same.


Despite teaching being an incredibly challenging profession, with large workloads, most teachers report high job satisfaction. Teachers feel a real sense of purpose within their work and have the chance to mold the minds of future generations to make the world a better place.

There are plenty of other highly satisfying roles out there. Everything from shaping the minds of the next generation to working with those suffering mental health conditions can bring a sense of purpose that makes heading to work that little less painful. Finding the right path to a satisfying career is a personal journey, but with the right motives and a good level of motivation, everyone can find a way to feel satisfied in their day-to-day.


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