What to Wear in the Heat: Tips from a Stylist

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Shivangi Gupta
Shivangi Gupta
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Choosing an outfit for hot weather might be as tricky as choosing one for a cold one. Overheating is not only unpleasant but also dangerous, and you should avoid it by any means. And it is also essential to consider that choosing clothes for a child is different from the one for adults. Let’s have a look at some useful tips that will help you to prepare for summer walks correctly.

It’s easy to talk about comfortable children’s fashion when you are not only a mother but also a stylist and when you understand the importance of combining style and comfort.

Here are a few life hacks for moms who are not indifferent to the visual component and for whom the comfort of clothes for babies is also important.

Main Tips

As for the functionality, you should pay attention to the cut and fabric. This time in the collections of children’s clothing designers, there are Hawaiian motifs, as well as many brilliant accents. You can buy clothes for babies and toddlers on The Trendy Toddlers website. There is such a variety of fabrics, styles, accessories, and colors that every mother will find a solution to any problem. 

Floral and animalistic prints remain relevant: pink flamingos, bees, palm trees, exotic birds, and so on. The winning color combination is to use shades of green, white, and black. A good approach is to buy basic things in white and black and then dilute them with bright details. The most important thing is fabric. It should be pleasant to the touch, natural, and practical. Buy only those things that you would have been happy to wear. 


Denim is practical and comfortable. It’s not just about classic jeans, which are not very comfortable in summer. In addition to dense denim cotton, you can buy lighter things made of a material that mimics denim: shorts, flared skirts, overalls, and light sundresses. And total denim looks are just incredible! 


Boho style — fringe, lace, embroidery, pompoms — add ethnicity to the outfit, and light fabrics do not restrict movement and make the image romantic and summery. This is the best choice for a girl. Choose light colors and don’t forget about the accessories.

What to Wear in the Heat: Tips from a Stylist

Bucket Hat

This year, the designers put children’s fashion on a par with the adult. Now children can wear the same things as their parents that they want to be alike of, rather than children’s plush clothes.

As for shoes and accessories, knitted sandals and hats, bags, baskets, metallic backpacks are popular. It would be great to have similar looks with a child. A great idea not only for special occasions but also for everyday walks.

Things Made of Linen

It is hard to imagine a hot summer without linen. Light-cut sundresses, jackets that protect your arms and shoulders from the scorching sun, and light linen pants are ideal. It is not only comfortable but also pretty and stylish.


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