What is the easiest Ivy League to get into?

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Suvarcha Pawar
Suvarcha Pawar
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Nothing in life comes easy. You do not know the intensity of a thing until you measure it and similarly, you do not know what you can achieve until you try. Getting into the topmost colleges of the world is a dream for many but only a few have the will to make their dreams turn into reality.  Most of us are acquainted with the term “Ivy League” but not many of us are aware of the actual meaning of it. 

What is the Ivy League?

To put it simply for you all, Ivy League Colleges are the most prestigious academics institutions in the world. Officially, the Ivy League Colleges comprises of eight private, top universities in the Northeast United States including:

Ivy League Universities: List of colleges, ranking, selectivity &  admissions | MBA Crystal Ball
Source: MBA Crystal Ball

1.Princeton University

2.Harvard University

3.Columbia University

4.Yale University

5.University of Pennsylvania

6.Dartmouth College

7.Brown University and,

8.Cornell University

All these eight colleges are generally regarded as the most elite and the best colleges of not only the U.S but in the whole world.

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Although their reputation and rankings may vary from each other, they are collectively known for having high tuition fees, incredibly​   selective acceptance rates, demanding curriculum, and ​   excellentcareer opportunities. 

Getting into Ivy League College – is it easy or tough?

Now that you are aware of the Ivy League institutions, you should also know that all these colleges need no introduction as their names speak volumes about their worth. Getting an acceptance letter from any of these colleges is a huge thing that marks your dedication and hard work.

Not all the students with good academic GPA scores get through these colleges, only the ones with good SAT (Scholastic Assessment Test) scores are shortlisted for an interview.

However, getting an interview call from any of these colleges is not the end of the story and does not mean that you are selected as their student. You need to nail the interview with your wit and knowledgein order to get admission in any of them.  Students with good SAT​ scores are shortlisted for the interview but only those who answer brilliantly are selected. 

Getting into the Ivy League College does not sound easy and in reality, also, it is not easy to get through these colleges. You really need to do extraordinarily well in your academics in order to be in the race of acceptance, as already the acceptance rates are very low. 

Harvard University is among the top universities in the world and thus, the hardest to crack in the Ivy League. The acceptance rate of​ this university is comparatively lower than other universities such as Brown, Dartmouth, and Cornell University. This means that if you aim at studying at Harvard University, you really need to perform well in your SAT exams. You need to work hard day and night to make your SAT scores worth it. Not only you need to perform well in your SAT exams, but you also need to work hard on yourself, thereby improving your way of conduct and overall knowledge.

The acceptance rate of Harvard is only 4.7% while Cornell University’s acceptance rate is much higher than that of Harvard, being 10.6%. Yale university’s acceptance rate is usually around 6.2%, while for Brown it’s around 8.3%. Dartmouth’s acceptance rate is 10.4%, Columbia’s acceptance rate is 5.8%, Princeton has 6.1% while the University of Pennsylvania has 9.2%. All these rates may fluctuate with the increasing or decreasing number of applicants but it is usually around this range only. 

 The chances of getting accepted at Harvard is very less as the acceptance rate is very low, and the number of applicants is very high due to tough competition among the students to get the best of all. You need to be extraordinary to stand different from the crowd and get admission in it.

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The acceptance rate of Cornell University is high compared to the other Ivy League Colleges, especially Harvard University, making it sound slightly easy to get in. However, in reality, you need to work​really very hard to get yourself a seat in this university even. Cornell University has kept its acceptance rate higher so as to provide opportunities to deserving students to get into the Ivy League and experience the lifetime opportunity to study under the guidance of top faculty from different parts of the world. Cornell University gets a large number of applications not only from the 50 states of the U.S but from all over the world. It was recently recorded that 9% of the overall students admitted to Cornell University were from different parts of the world, including countries like India, China, the UK, Canada, Singapore, Korea, and many more countries. Other colleges have a moderate acceptance rate and may vary from year to year. 

You need to swim into the deep ocean of knowledge in order to crack any of the Ivy League Colleges. Not only the textual knowledge would help you to get any of them, but knowledge of almost every aspect of life would also add to your overall admission chances. 

These colleges entertain only a selective bunch of students so as to provide them the best education with a limited number of students and unlimited doubt clearing sessions. The number of students these colleges accept is low, as only the ones with higher potential and determination are able to crack them and in turn, the highly qualified staff from all over the world renders its expertise to the students so as to foster their growth in becoming the top leaders of the coming generation.

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You need to be clear in your head about going to a particular Ivy League College and should do exceptionally well in your academics to get through it.

Getting into any of the Ivy League Colleges might take your months, days, and nights but will definitely reap the fruit of your hard work by opening all the possibilities and opportunities in the world for you. 

I mean, who could stop you from getting your dream job/ career when you are from one of the Ivy League Colleges? Probably, no one. So, work hard and achieve your dreams. Nothing is easy or hard until you work for it, by giving the best you have. 


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