‘What If…?’ Cast Revealed | Seven Marvel Stars Not Returning!

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All the Marvel fans, it’s high time to get back to your seats and bring on the food and drinks to feel the adrenaline rush once again as Marvel is all set to release its next super hit series, ‘What If…?’ However, you will be disappointed to know that seven of our favorite Marvel Stars are seemingly not returning for What If…? But why? Let’s find out about this in the post.

Marvel Studios revealed that its first-ever animated series will release on Aug 11, 2021, on Disney Plus. This upcoming series will have 10 episodes with new episodes dropping on the platform every Wednesday.

As soon as the Marvel Studio launched its trailer, the disappointment began to increase among fans. As there are a lot of Superheroes like Robert Downey Jr., who have not signed on to voice their animated Marvel superhero in the upcoming series. Even if their characters appear in several episodes, they are not coming back!

But why? Is it because Marvel’s animated movie is not doing justice to their role, or they are busy with other projects? Let’s see about all this in detail below.

‘What If…? Cast

'What If...?' Cast Revealed | Seven Marvel Stars Not Returning!
Source: The illuminerdi

‘What If…?’ is an animation movie that will be beyond anyone’s expectation!

It is a script that flips the story on the MCU, making the audience reimagine famous events from the films in an unexpected way.

This show will feature the superheroes who reprise their roles in the animated character by giving voice to them.

In the series, you will get to hear more than 50 iconic characters of the Avengers movie once again. They are coming together once again to give birth to a thrilling series including the late superstar Chadwick Boseman as T’Challa.

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But sadly, there are seven superheroes- Tony Stark, Steve Rogers, Black widow, Spiderman, Starlord, Doctor Strange, and Captain Marvel who have not given the voices to their animated versions. We cannot say what are the reasons behind it, but one thing is sure that they will not come back.


This doesn’t mean that these superheroes are not a part of the story anymore! Instead, the role in the series is dubbed by different voice actors.

The star cast involves:

S. No.Marvel CharacterVoiced by
1.Uatu/The WatcherJeffrey Wright
2.Peggy Carter/Captain CarterHayley Atwell
3.Erik Stevens/King KillmongerMichael B. Jordan
4.Bucky BarnesSebastian Stan
5.ThanosJosh Brolin
6.Bruce Banner/HulkMark Ruffalo
7.LokiTom Hiddleston
8.Nick FurySamuel L. Jackson
9.Thor and Party ThorChris Hemsworth
10.T’Challa/Star-LordChadwick Boseman
11.Nebula/Heist NebulaKaren Gillan
12.Clint Barton/Zombie HawkeyeJeremy Renner
13.Scott LangPaul Rudd
14.Hank PymMichael Douglas
15.Dum Dum DuganNeal McDonough
16.Howard StarDominic Cooper
17.Kraglin ObfonteriSean Gunn
18.Jane FosterNatalie Portman
19.KurtDavid Dastmalchian
20.Abraham ErskineStanley Tucci
21.Yondu UdontaHoward Star
22.TaserfaceToby Jones
23.Brock Rumlow/CrossbonesDjimon Hounsou
24.Howard the DuckMichael Rooker
25.TaserfaceChris Sullivan
26.Brock Rumlow/CrossbonesFrank Grillo
27.Howard the DuckSeth Green
28.Ulysses KlaueAndy Serkis
29.Stephen Strange/Doctor StrangeBenedict Cumberbatch
30.Ancient OneTilda Swinton
31.Zombie Ebony MawTom Vaughan-Lawlor
32.Proxima MidnightCarrie Coon
33.VisionPaul Bettany 
34.WongBenedict Wong
35.John FlynnBradley Whitford
36.SurturClancy Brown
37.Phil CoulsonClark Gregg
38.Maria HillCobie Smulders
39.James Rhodes/War MachineDon Cheadle
40.Sharon CarterEmily VanCamp
41.Hope van Dyne/WaspEvangeline Lilly
42.Georges BatrocGeorges St-Pierre
43.En Dwi Gast/GrandmasterJeff Goldblum
44.Happy HoganJon Favreau
45.Darcy LewisKat Dennings
46.Christine EverhartLeslie Bibb
47.CarinaOphelia Lovibond
48.TopazRachel House
49.Christine PalmerRachel McAdams
50.Taneleer Tivan/CollectorBenicio del Toro
51.Queen Mother RamondAngela Bassett
52.OkoyeDanai Gurira
53.SifJaimie Alexander
54.King T’ChakaJohn Kani
55.EgoKurt Russell

‘What If…?’ Plot

'What If...?' Cast Revealed | Seven Marvel Stars Not Returning!
Source: Screen Rant

Just Think!

What if Spiderman changes into another superhero?

What if Doctor Strange gets trap in a secret world?

What if Captain America becomes a zombie?

So many unanswered what if’s!

Well, it is the first animated series of its kind and is believed to be the gateway to enter the multiverse of unlimited possibilities.

Its trailer was released by the Marvel studio a few days back and was enough to predict the storyline of the series.

According to the trailer, it has a mixture of all the iconic moments of the Avengers series by far, but in an altered way. It will recreate all the important scenes in a manner to show what would have happened if things happened in an altered way?

Even the roles are altered!

Well, that’s something crazy to watch!

Leaving this discussion here, let’s see what this trailer shows.

Before jumping to that, do you remember the first MCU movie, Iron man’s first scene?

Yes, it was a war scene where Tony Stark saw a Stark Industries’ missile next to him because of which he got to know about the dark side of trading in the weapons.

However, the tailer adds on to this scene where he is saved by Killmonger.

So, this series will show what if Killmonger and Tony Stark have met each other at the beginning of the story? And, what if Killmonger became the hero in the story, which is in contrast to his role in the movie.

Really, What if?

Now, think again! What if Dr. Strange uses the time stone for himself? What if he is lost in an unknown portal?

If this happens, how will Avengers kill Thanos?

Oh! This story is getting exciting now!

Also, if you remember, Thanos sacrifices Gamora to get one of the stones by pushing her down the hill. But, what if she is not dead? What if she fights against Thanos in the end?

This isn’t the end here!

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Yes, not now!

It is sure you will go into the land of a dilemma if get to know about the other possibilities.



and, Think!

What if, Killmonger becomes Black Panther? What if King Tachala becomes star-lord? What if Ultron takes over Vision’s body? What if Ultron has all the infinity stones? What if Loki unites with Thor’s friends and gets support from the Asgod’s army against fury to conquer Earth?

What if Peggy carter takes captain America’s serum? What if she fights against the evil octopus dragon and saves Dr. strange.

This trailer triggered a lot of Audiences just like me!

Wrap Up:

Though these roles have got room in our hearts, yet there is no need to get sad as these superheroes will get their voice dubbed by great artists. But, we want to hear from you, what are your thoughts about it in the comment section below.


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