7 Ways To Get Over A Girl | How To Move On & Get The Closure

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Smriti Razdan
Smriti Razdan
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Hey There! You already know that you need to move on, so half the work is done. Now you only need to know how? The process is heart-breaking, and you probably feel like you are emotionally destroyed. I wish there were a magic potion to take you out of all the pain. However, the process of finding yourself again after a break-up is no less than magic itself. So, let’s cover all the “Ways To Get Over A Girl” and make your healing journey a little simple. 

I’m sure you must have heard from a friend ‘just find someone else bro’ or ‘Don’t Worry! I’ll set you up with someone’. Do you really think that’s the best you could do right now? I hope not! The phase when someone leaves you (or when you have to get out of a relationship) is really vulnerable, which makes it extremely important for you to get over your ex

Before you listen to your friend, know that rebound is not an option. You’ll not only be disrespecting the new partner, but you’ll also be disrespecting your ability to get a true one. Do you want to feel like that? I’m sure you don’t. So, face your emotions head-on and go through the whole process of getting over an ex. The points below will help you find yourself and get on with your life on your own. 

How To Get Over A Girl?

How To Get Over A Girl?

Break-ups are pretty nasty. Sometimes the situation is too cruel, and sometimes the other person is. No matter who did the break-up, once it’s done, make sure it’s done for good. This doesn’t mean you can’t forgive someone. Please do! Forgive them and get it over with. 

Don’t hold any grudges with the girl. Move on; this is the best thing you can do for yourself right now. 

1. Acceptance

The first thing that you need to do is accept. Accept everything bad that has happened to you. Accept every situation, every fight that has to lead you to this break-up.

7 Ways To Get Over A Girl | How To Move On & Get The Closure

It might feel like you cannot do this; you can’t bear her absence. It feels like shit. I know! You had someone to depend on, and now there’s no one. I get it! 

But! But! But! 

If you manage to get out of your bed, go to work/college, and get back to bed feeling like you are drowning, congratulations, you are sucking it up. You are doing well enough, and now it’s time to know the second step to get over a girl.

2. Give Yourself Time To Heal 

When you are going through a break-up, every little emotion hits like a storm. You think you are moving on, but suddenly you see a couple on the street, and there you go. All the memories flood right back in. This happens when you aren’t giving yourself enough time to heal. 

7 Ways To Get Over A Girl | How To Move On

It’s a very important step if you want to get over a girl. Take as much time as you want. If you don’t feel like talking to anyone, don’t. If you don’t want to socialize, don’t. Try to make yourself feel as comfortable as you feel. Eat your favorite junk food, binge-watch late at night, and cry. Please cry. 

You have to get all those emotions out. Don’t pretend like a stereotypical guy. It’s okay to feel shattered. By allowing yourself to grieve, you will be able to process your emotions in a better way. It will only help you to get over a girl you loved. 

3. Reach Out To Your Friends

Confide in someone you trust. Tell your friends exactly how you feel. Spend hours sobbing and let them take care of you. Whenever my friends go through a heartbreak, I make sure to stay with them. I’m sure your friends will also do the same. 

7 Ways To Get Over A Girl | How To Move On

While we are talking about healing and processing your emotions, this doesn’t mean that you drunk dial your ex or text them long paragraphs on WhatsApp or similar apps. Don’t! I repeat, Don’t!!! Getting in contact with your ex will only make things more complicated. Ask your friends to stop you from making this blunder. 

Also, spending time with yourself is therapy in itself. You’ll heal faster, and that’s one of the best ways to get over a girl. 

4. Take Care Of Yourself

Moving on doesn’t mean you have to find a rebound or get drunk now and then. Rather, it means that you feel okay with yourself. Even when no one is around you, you do things for yourself. Take a break from the office; stay in if you want to. Eventually, you’ll stop thinking about who was wrong and who said what. 

7 Ways To Get Over A Girl | How To Move On

Get yourself out of your sulking pattern and take care of yourself. Go for a jog, eat healthily and get yourself together. It’s totally fine if you still think about her. It takes time to get a girl out of your head, but it’s okay. As long as you haven’t lost yourself in the break-up, you are doing great to get over a girl you loved. 

5. Therapy Is Always An Option

7 Ways To Get Over A Girl | How To Move On

Now, when it has been months, and you still can’t accept the whole ‘break-up’ scene, at this point, help from a professional will be a great option for you. Maybe you don’t have any friends, or maybe you just don’t want to share your misery with anyone. Whatever the reason is, a shrink will be a good listener and help you move forward in life.

That’s why therapy is one of the best ways to get over a girl. 

6. If It Feels Right, Then Meet New People

I have already told you that a rebound is never an option. Don’t ever replace your ex with another girl. Firstly, it won’t be respectful, and secondly, even if you have a real chance to connect with the girl, you’ll miss it. Most of the time, people try to find their exes in a rebound, forgetting that they can have a new relationship without thinking about the last one.

7 Ways To Get Over A Girl | How To Move On

Now, if it feels right, then do connect with new people and make new bonds. Not because you are finding your ex in every person you meet, but because you need some new energy around you. It’s a great way to get over a girl for sure. 

7. Do Something You Love

While you are on the path of finding the new you, try to keep your mind focused on new things. Like exploring your interests. Not in people, but in fun activities. Like an old hobby that you have forgotten about. Are you into reading? Drawing? Anything that you wish to attempt. You can try skating or play some sport. It will help you meet new people, and you’ll also learn new skills.

7 Ways To Get Over A Girl | How To Move On

You might feel like a void after she has left you, or you have left her. Whatever it is, that void won’t get filled on its own. You’ll have to make new, happy memories to put an end to the old ones. That’s one of the best ways to get over a girl. 

Wrapping Up

Getting over a girl isn’t easy. Especially if you thought she’s your one true love. The phase after your break-up will make you an emotional wreck, but you’ll get yourself together eventually anyhow. Once you are over here, you’ll thank the universe for the new you. Just be sensible over your actions, don’t mess up anything, and believe in yourself.  

I hope all these ways to get over a girl are helpful to you. If you have faced a bad break-up recently, then share your experience in the comment section. Our other readers will take some notes. 

Be Strong and Take Care Of Yourself! 

More Power To You!


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