Watch Trends 2021: 5 Popular Seiko Watches Today

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Watch Trends 2021: 5 Popular Seiko Watches Today
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When we speak of luxury watches, the first thing that comes into our minds is the big Swiss brands like Rolex or Omega. We perfectly understand the hype. Who can ever resist the state-of-the-art finish of these luxurious timepieces, especially how they handmade with utmost precision the internal engineering of the watch’s movement?

However, it is not only Swiss watches that the public knows to provide great watches.

Seiko watches from Japan are also one of the best watches. It is even at par with these Swiss brand watches. Even James Bond whom we know for wearing the best watches also wears a Seiko watch. If you are interested in getting yourself a Seiko watch, you can make this your guide. Here are some of the most popular Seiko watches:

Grand Seiko Spring Drive

Watch Trends 2021: 5 Popular Seiko Watches Today

Let us start with something unique!

Seiko takes great pride in its Grand Seiko series because of its cutting-edge technology. This timepiece is the same as other luxury watches when it comes to its movement. The Grand Seiko watch has a mechanical movement.

What makes it unique is that it combines its mechanical movement with technology for regulating electricity. This will help provide its wearers the utmost precision that it needs. The Grand Seiko Spring Drive brings together the mechanical with the electronic.

Seiko SKX007 / SKX013 Automatic Watch

Watch Trends 2021: 5 Popular Seiko Watches Today

This timepiece retails for $300.

The 7s26 mechanically allows the Seiko SKX007 to move.

You may wonder what this means!!!

This means that this is a more affordable movement than any other models like any of the Grand Seiko models or like the Seiko Presage. If you want a great quality watch, but something a bit more affordable, this watch will be your best bet. This timepiece can also keep time for two days before winding its spring again.

Its dial also does not disappoint. It has a cleat date and day window at the center of the dial. Its Hardlex crystal assures that your dial will be protected with LumiBrite markers that allow you to see the time even during the dark. You can either choose stainless steel or a rubber watch strap.

Seiko Prospex SBDC005 Orange Sumo / SRPC07 Orange Samurai

Watch Trends 2021: 5 Popular Seiko Watches Today

This timepiece is the best for those who want a little bit of fire!

Not like your ordinary watch, this Seiko timepiece has an orange dial and has successfully pulled it off.

Many people think that orange is a bad color for fashion. Its white markers that point to the hours are an effective way to contrast the orange dial.

This watch has an automatic movement 6R15. Its crown is screwed down to prevent water and other foreign contaminants from entering the watch. If you are into intense activities with a rugged fashion style, this will be a good piece for you. The downside to this is that it is hard to find. However, Seiko also has other alternatives.

Seiko SARB017 Alpinist

Watch Trends 2021: 5 Popular Seiko Watches Today

When Seiko decided to terminate manufacturing for this timepiece, its demand and price rose in the market.

You can get one of these before at around $350, but now, it is priced at around $450. In 2020, Seiko released more models within the Seiko Alpinist collection. It even released a limited-edition Alpinist in the US. This was quickly sold out.

What you will love about the Seiko Alpinist is its dial that has a sunburst gradient. This deep green dial contrasts perfectly with its gold-colored Arabic indices and numerals. Its luminous dot in the hour markers and hands allows you to see the time even when it is dark. You will see this with a strap made of calfskin leather. You can also choose stainless steel if you want.

Seiko Prospex SNE435P1 PADI Solar

Watch Trends 2021: 5 Popular Seiko Watches Today

Seiko offers us an affordable diving watch in partnership with PADI, the international diving organization.

You will see PADI’s color scheme on this majestic timepiece. Its red and blue logo and color scheme will truly stand out. This might even give you the Pepsi vibes.

This watch is powered by solar quartz.

Like any other quartz, you can trust solar quartzes to provide you with the most precise time and utmost utility. You no longer need to wind the watch. If you think that your Seiko Prospex SNE435P1 PADI Solar is not working, you can just place it under direct sunlight for 30 minutes and it is good to go. This is why this is best for those who frequently hit the beach.

Get your Seiko watch now!

Watch Trends 2021: 5 Popular Seiko Watches Today

Here are just some of the most sought-after Seiko timepieces.

If you are curious about getting one yourself or looking for more models, you can check out reliable watch shops like This store is guaranteed to bring you only authentic Seiko timepieces and all other luxury brands you might think of. It has different watches that will suit your style and lifestyle.


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