Was I The Only Person Not Rooting For Mike Tyson In His Latest Exhibition Fight?

Was I The Only Person Not Rooting For Mike Tyson In His Latest Exhibition Fight?

Was I The Only Person Not Rooting For Mike Tyson In His Latest Exhibition Fight? | TooAthletic.com

This past weekend saw the return of Mike Tyson to the place where he had once did his best work, and had some of his more bizarre moments, a boxing ring. Mike Tyson, known more to the younger generation as that guy from The Hangover movie, seemed to attract a lot of attention and support on Saturday night during his exhibition fight against Roy Jones, Jr.; but I couldn’t help but wonder if people knew and understood what kind of person he was a quarter century ago or why so many people, especially women, where so excited to see him back in the ring. Was I really the only person not rooting for Mike Tyson this past weekend?

All people were talking about last week was how good Mike Tyson looked during his training sessions leading up to his made-for-TV bout against Roy Jones, Jr. Saturday night. Tyson, now 54, had not fought competitively in 15 years, but to anyone who watched the fight against Jones, could still knock anyone out that he wanted to with one or two punches.  That’s why the fight, which was called a draw, proved to be all for show and nothing much more than a fraud.

For me, however, listening to Tyson before and even after the bout was a reminder on why he was so easy to root against in his later years as a heavyweight fighter. It is difficult to take most of what he says or does seriously, leading me to ask why more people don’t see through his carnival act and see him for who is truly is.  Before the fight he credited toad venom for his comeback aspirations and being able to train for what was clearly a staged event Saturday; and it came out after the fight that Tyson, a person who is now financially invested his Hemp products, smoked a joint right before entering the ring to fake fight Roy Jones, Jr.

What struck me most of all was how many women on social media seemed to be on #TeamTyson leading into the fight, something that in the #MeTooMovement era seems weird, especially after the former heavyweight champion spent time in prison on a rape charge. I’m not saying that Tyson or anyone else doesn’t deserve a second chance, but artists like R. Kelly and Chris Brown saw their female fanbase all but disappear for how they treated woman and young girls in their lives; yet somehow a man who made a living being violent was forgiven for assaulting 18-year-old Desiree Washington, a crime that sent Tyson to prison for the better part of three years in the 1990s.

Perhaps it is because Tyson has been open about his past, allowing many to forgive and clearly forget all that he did wrong, or perhaps it is because Tyson is part crazy uncle, part class clown who will say or do just about anything to entertain American now. Regardless of why, it appears the former boxer has become a fan favorite again, which, truthfully boggles my mind.  I wasn’t rooting against Tyson on Saturday night since to me boxing is a dying fringe sport, I guess I am just surprised that so many welcomed him back to the ring and into their lives so easily this weekend.  I guess the lesson here is being an anti-hero is just as profitable as being a hero, and seems to also be more fun for those playing the role. 

I am hoping Tyson has made himself a better person and is able to enjoy the fruits of his labors; but for me, having him back in the sports world may have been something we could have done without. Then again, he always transcended the ring, and it appears with his anti-hero super powers, he has discovered how to do that again, so I do expect Mike Tyson, for better or worse, to be around for the foreseeable future. 


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Was I The Only Person Not Rooting For Mike Tyson In His Latest Exhibition Fight? | TooAthletic.com

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