Who is the New Warzone and Cold War Season 5 Operator in the Leaked Artwork? Know Every Update

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With the new season just a few days away, a major leak is not something we or Treyarch (CoD developer) saw coming. The latest leak revealed a new Warzone and Cold War Season 5 operator. And in the article, we’ve made sure to hand you down with all the relatable updates regarding the same.

Even though the still-undergoing CoD Warzone Season 4 came up with a lot of content including new game modes, weapons, and much more, the soon-to-arrive Season 5 is also expected to carry forward with the same intent of tradition of tons of new additional features.

With leaks ranging from new gears like guns to map additions and an updated theme, the article covers everything that you need to know about the Warzone and Cold War Season 5 including the information about the recently leaked image of the artwork.

Read along with the article as we take on every major rumor, leak, and speculation of the upcoming Call of Duty Warzone and Cold War Season 5.

Call of Duty: Warzone and Cold War Season 5 Release Date

As the Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Season 4 comes to an end with the expiry of its Battle Pass on August 11, news and leaks have been surfacing about the title sequence – ‘Warzone and Cold War Season 5.’ 

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The official sources from CoD took to Twitter and confirmed that the new season will likely make it into this month with a specified launch date of August 12. And undoubtedly so, major speculations regarding new guns have made it in the market. 

There will also be a Battle Pass for the upcoming season as usual that will cost somewhere around $9.99 or 1000 COD points. You can even get a little head start and skip the first 25 tiers on the Battle Pass, provided you’re down to spending 2400 COD points. 

New Guns for the Call of Duty: Warzone and Cold War Season 5

Just like how Season 4 added quite a new gear to the game like the C58 Assault Rifle, the Nail Gun, the MG 82 LMG, and the OTs SMG; players can expect a similar hefty update for the CoD: Warzone and Cold War Season 5. 

While there has been no official word about the same, according to the previous trend of past seasons, it’s safe to assume that we’ll be getting at least two new guns with the Season 5 Warzone Battle Pass.

However, an image of the key artwork of CoD Warzone and Cold War got leaked ahead of its release revealing a new character with two weapons in her hands. And without wasting time, gamers easily analyzed and deduced that the pistol in her hand resembled the ever-popular CS: GO’s Tec-9

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Apart from the famous FPS Akimbo TEC-9 Pistol which will be its first appearance ever in the Call of Duty series, there have been other speculations and leaks regarding the maps and operators for the upcoming season 5.

Who is the New Operator in CoD: Warzone and Cold War Season 5 ?

The leaked artwork reveals a female operator in the center of the image and the further leaks shared from the popular data miner and CoD leaker, Nanikos, point towards more information including a potential revelation of the identity of the new operator.

Warzone and Cold War Season 5
Source: Imgur

According to the rumored leaks, the new operator’s name is Kitsune and she’ll be accompanied by the other two operators namely Kingsley and Surge which could even be codenames. 

If we’re to believe these rumors, then it is likely that Kitsune is on Jackal’s and Stitch’s team and the story mode follows her after the events of stealing data from the satellite that was downed in the last season. And according to the teaser, it could be that she is joined by the other two operators in exploring the uncharted territories, following the adventures of Stitch, Adler, and Jackal.  

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Warzone and Cold War Season 5 New Maps and Perks

The leaks from Nanikos on Reddit reveal that the upcoming season will have a Japanese theme. And the season will continue the ongoing story of the previous season with the numbers from the artwork being associated with Season 5 Red Doors (which had its fair share of bugs). 

Warzone and Cold War Season 5

Furthermore, Nanikos also hinted towards a classic Summit map in the new Outbreak region that was a part of season 4. While there’s no confirmation for the same, he also pointed out a standalone Summit for a 6v6 multiplayer mode.

As for the perks, whereas Mule Kick was the sole addition to Season 4 for the Zombie mode, PHD and Double Tap could debut in the CoD Warzone and Cold War Season 5. While PHD will protect the character from self-inflicted damages, the Double Tap allows for quicker actions including firing weapons faster.  

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Wrapping Up

This brings us to the end of our article. With all the leaks and rumors, the announced CoD Warzone and Cold War Season 5 for August 12 will feature a Summit map along with the Tec-9 pistol and quite possibly three new operators, one of them being a female character as confirmed from the leaked artwork image. 

If you found the article informative, share it among your COD brethren and let them know all the updates and speculations about Call of Duty Warzone and Cold War Season 5. And let us know your valuable thoughts on the upcoming season in the comment box below.

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