Vlogger and videographer released without charge, protesters out on bail – Dominica News Online

Vlogger and videographer released without charge, protesters out on bail – Dominica News Online

Mitchell, Stuart

Four individuals detained by the police were released today, two of whom were charged with criminal offenses whilst the others were released without charge.

Popular vlogger Lynworth (Mystelics) Mitchell of Portsmouth, and videographer/photographer Jawanza Stuart of Castle Comfort, who were arrested by the police on March 3, 2021, have been released without being charged.

According to the police, Mitchell and Stuart were detained at Morne Daniel near Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit’s official residence after an incident involving an unmanned aerial vehicle commonly referred to as a drone.

The men were said to have been flying their equipment over the Prime Minister’s official residence and were detained after they tried to retrieve the drone, which the police say, had fallen on Mr. Skerrit’s farm near his official residence.

However, after two days in police custody,  Mitchell and Stuart were released sometime after 5:00 p.m. today without any charges being brought against them as the matter is still under investigation, according to the police.

Following their release, Stuart, who complained of feeling unwell, was taken to the Dominica China Friendship Hospital.

Mitchell thanked their supporters.

“I want to say a big thank you. The kind of things people come up with just to try to oppress or intimidate you, it is you to know yourself and to know the laws of Dominica, that is the most important thing,” he remarked.

The men were detained on suspicion of espionage. However, Mitchell denied having committed such a crime and said there is no footage of the Prime Minister’s residence on his device.

“They had no idea what they were arresting us for. When we reached there I was talking to my lawyer on the phone and when we asked what we were being arrested for, the officer said suspicion of suspicion which made no sense…and the next day they told us about espionage,” Mitchell revealed.

In explaining the reason for their presence in Morne Daniel on the day in question he said, “we went to Morne Daniel to do a shot of a house which is just a few feet away from the Prime Minister’s official residence. So after we were done filming our stuff we did an overall shot because we needed to provide the client with a birds-eye view of what the area looks like so that’s what we did.”

Mitchell said he is not intimidated by the police and is willing to assist in their investigation.

Also released from police custody today were Loretta Julien and Davidson “Pyro” Julien.

The pair were apprehended yesterday following a scuffle involving the police and another protester.

After the incident, they were arrested and charged with battery on a police officer,  resisting arrest, obstruction and failure to use a mask.

They were both granted station bail in the sum of $5,000.00 each to appear in court on March 9, 2021.

They also stated  that they intend to seek justice as they claim to have been unlawfully arrested, threatened and beaten by the police.

Davidson Julien, Loretta Julien

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