Types of Septum Clickers

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A septum clicker is a nose-piercing tool. It is trendy among young people who wear nose piercings as a fashion statement or for aesthetic reasons. In recent years, the tool has become increasingly popular with those who do not have any piercings as well, as it has become more and more common to see among celebrities.

A septum clicker is a simple tool that can be used to easily pierce the skin of the nose with little discomfort. As long as the piercing is performed correctly, it has no risk of infection compared to other piercings such as ear lobe or labret piercings. The procedure requires only a septum clicker and a fresh needle, making it one of the most affordable piercings to get.

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To use septum clickers, you must first sterilize your nose with rubbing alcohol or peroxide. This can be purchased at any drugstore or makeup store. Once the area is clean, arrange everything so that you are ready to begin the procedure.

In order to pierce your septum, take a cotton swab and soak it in rubbing alcohol or peroxide. Then take the tip of the septum clicker that is blunt and place it against your nose, just above where you want the piercing to go (it should be approximately even with one nostril). Firmly press the septum clicker against your nose. The blunt tip should pierce your skin, creating a small hole for your needle to pass through. This part of the process will take place very quickly, usually in less than five seconds. Once this step is completed, you are now ready to perform the piercing with your needle.

Adjusting your piercing can take a bit of time and care, and it is always best to consult with the piercer about how your septum clickers should be placed. Just imagine trying to pierce your septum – it would definitely not be comfortable or easy!

There are different types of septum clickers available on the market. Most nose piercings use a solid clicker that bends when in place in the skin. Some also include a back-end so you can easily remove it from your piercing once it is healed. Others have a removable tip, so you can attach different jewelry to the septum clicker if desired.

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Types of septum clickers

1. The most common type of septum clicker is a solid, curved piece of metal. It has two ends that are attached in the middle, making it easy for insertion through your nose.

2. Another popular style is a clicker with a back end attached to the opposite side of the needle. This lets you leave your needle in place and adjust the piercing for comfort.

3. A third type of septum clicker is one that comes with a removable needle so it can be used to create different piercings once healed. It also includes a back end and an attached needle, making it easy to insert and use immediately for septum and other types of piercings.

4. The last type of septum clicker is made up of multiple pieces that are connected by a small bar at the center, making it easy to insert through your nose. It also includes a back end so you can remove it once the piercing is healed. Of all of these types, the basic solid septum clicker is by far the most popular with nose piercings.


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