The Troublesome Road to the PMP Certification

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Today let’s talk about the trouble which I have experienced in the PMP exam those years. It is about the summary experience sharing of the preparation of the PMP exam, as well as the devastating PMP exam about Spoto proxy and the troublesome road to the certification according to my experience! Some “bad” interviews of the PMP certification we have experienced those years will be also talked about here. 

This article is dedicated to those who are preparing for the PMP certification, or who are preparing to become project leaders.

The ultimate goal of writing this article is to hope that novice workers will take fewer detours and experience fewer troubles on the road to the PMP exam.

The Registration of the PMP Exam

I initially chose to register for the English exam because my English is not bad. If you are not very good at English, you are advised to register in Chinese.

Now there are many organizations that can register on your behalf. So if you are afraid of trouble, it is also an option.

To focus on the information needed to register by yourself.

1. Basic personal information needed to be filled in.

2. Proof of experience to submit.

A manager, supervisor, or colleague who has in-depth knowledge of the experience on your application is required to review your experience record and complete the proof of experience form. When they have verified this, they are to place the completed proof of experience form and experience record in an envelope, sign the seal, and either mail or hand the envelope to you in person. If a person verifies multiple projects for the same company, they may complete and sign one form or weight the verified project experience record. Faxed or scanned forms will not be accepted. Forms will need to be placed in a sealed and signed envelope because of the requirement for confidentiality. Any substitutes will also not be accepted.

3. 35 hours of PMP training records

The documentation submitted for each course that satisfies the 35 hours of project management education is specified in the attached education records. To fully document these activities, you will need to include certificates, transcripts, or proofs of participation from the company providing the training, Registered Education Provider (R.E.P), school, or institution. Submitted courses must have learning objectives that have a direct link to a project management career. Any substitutes will also not be accepted.

4. Proof of academic background

A copy of the degree or transcript from the educational institution that issued you your Bachelor’s, Master’s, Ph.D. (or equivalent university degree) is required.

PMP Sample Test

I was honored to be sampled by PMI. Fortunately, I do have proof of 35 hours of PMP training. So don’t take any chances, the consequences of cheating PMI are tragic.

PMP Training Course Selection

There are many PMP training institutions on the market. I was comparing a lot of them, and then I checked the information online, read the reputation, and made friends with the course consultant.

The main consideration is two things. There is the frequency of updating the daily training and the content. If they are updating different content every day, it proves that the company is popular. And if you focus on the estimate of the students, you will find that they are directly showing their grades, which is more reliable.

Personally, I am cautious in my choice of training courses because I am afraid of being facing troubles. If someone is as cautious as I am, then it would be a good idea to choose this method.

PMP Study Materials

I have three main types of PMP study materials.

  1. PMBOK
  2. Online course of the SPOTO
  3. Daily practice and the question bank

My goal is very clear, that is, to master the PMP project theory system systematically in order to take the exam. Before that, I also took a detour and saw that some people had a lot of materials in their hands. They have various study materials. And I think more materials mean the better effect. But then I found that it was too much effort to study in this way and I didn’t know which was the key point.

After wasting a few weeks, I started to simplify. These three materials are sufficient, and the focus is clear, so don’t bother looking for other materials.

PMP Preparation Method

I am a working person. I work from 9 am. to 5 pm.. So I use my time to study. At the same time, I am also a person who demands the quality of life, and I don’t want my studies to take up all of my life.

So I have a plan.

I have to memorize the knowledge points (PMBOK knowledge points, the wrong knowledge points needed to memorize in the later period) during my daily commute to the underground.

Every day I spend an extra hour finishing exercise after work in the company. (Because this certification is helpful to work, colleagues will also help me finish my work in the company.)

The online class is to use the lunch break to watch. (There is a one-hour lunch break.)

I took one day out of the weekend to study for 2-3 hours.

The preparation method varies from person to person. And personally, this is just a reference. But you must persevere and not be too anxious. I was too eager to get started and took a wrong turn.

PMP Renewal Issues

The PMP certificate needs to be maintained. Don’t be like me. I almost missed the renewal of my certificate, but luckily the agency was good enough to remind me in time.

  1. You should obtain at least 60 Professional Development Units every three years from the date of the examination in which you obtained the certificate.
  2. You should also pay PMI USD 150 for the maintenance and management of your PMP qualification during this period.

The question of whether Professional Development Units are free or charged will be talked about here.

  1. If you are self-study, then pay more attention to the activities of some training institutions for a long time. Many activities are free to attend and get Professional Development Units.
  2. If you enroll in a class, you do not have to worry about it, just find a training institution.

Last year, I took the exam in September and received an email in October, showing that I passed 5A, so I am really happy. The above is a little bit of my PMP exam experience to share, and it is the experience of those who have achieved the certificate. I hope it will help you. Find PMP practice exam here


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