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Do you also feel that you are in a world full of suspense? Oh God! Look around yourself; there are so many things that have hidden sinistral meaning. From our favorite nursery rhymes to the old houses, all have a hidden story that we don’t know! And, it’s the same with the tattoos. You might have heard about the triangle tattoo craze among people. But, do you know its meaning? It’s far away from just being an attractive design! If your curiosity is hitting you hard, then dive below, as this post will reveal the hidden triangle tattoo design meaning.

With the increase in social media, there is an ongoing trend of looking fabulous, and one of the easiest methods is getting a fancy tattoo. From initials to the specifically designed art pieces, all are in high demand. You might love a tattoo or hate the idea, but among the two types of people who either love tattoos or hate them, Illuminati seems to be the former. Isn’t the love for tattoos visible on their bodies? It surely is. But the meaning of those tattoos confuses many around the globe.

Speculations are made for ages on what this Triangle Tattoo Designs might mean? There is no denying that these tattoos are exceptional and do fascinate a lot of people. Still, along with this, these Triangle Tattoo Design has become a sizzling topic of conspires and has grasped some famous names like Beyonce, Katy Perry, and a lot more. 

That’s something fishy! So, without wasting any more time, let us jump straight to what those peculiar yet unique tattoos mean so that there is no confusion ever again. 

What Is Illuminati?

Illuminati: Triangle Tattoo Design Meaning
Source: Self Tattoo

Well, it is one of the things one should definitely know before knowing what these triangle tattoos mean.

From a historical point of view, “Illuminati” refers to the Bavarian Illuminati, a hidden, secret society that did not even operate for more than ten years. They were founded by Adam Weishaupt. He was a German professor of law who strongly believed in the ideas of Enlightenment which his fellows and he also promoted the same among just the elites.

Adam Weishaupt wanted to educate people and bring the awareness of the Illuminati members about the skills of reasoning, philanthropy, and other secular and political matters so that they could influence the political decision if ever they rose to power.

The idea was appreciable!

Also, it is believed that the Illuminati is a shady conspiracy that secretly pulls the strings of every organization in the world that matters.

This sounds somewhat scary. Isn’t it?

Not ou this, but it is also thought that the Illuminati manipulate the finances and dictate the policy so that a new and very-very different world can be made!

Well, now, that was kind of spooky!!

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What Are Illuminati Tattoos?

Triangle Tattoo Design Meaning
Source: Self Tattoo

When almost everyone is talking about the Illuminati, it seems like the secret society is now-not-so-secret. But still, their tattoo remains a mystery to many.

Yeah! It seems that this is the time now for the Illuminati tattoo mystery to be unrevealed.

The most common and a recognized symbol that most people put on as their tattoos is a triangle that encloses an eye. The tattoo is commonly known as the “all-seeing eye,” This eye hovers over a pyramid.

But what does this stand for?

The eye enclosed in a triangle or a pyramid often stands for and represents the purported omnipotence in society.

This tattoo is significant because there’s no specific place you are supposed to have this tattoo on. You can have it anywhere on the body and look dope!

It would be a lie if it weren’t stated that the tattoo indeed looks like an evil eye and can sometimes even scare people off, but the fact that it is pretty intriguing to look at cannot be denied.

The tattoo design, or should be stated as an all-seeing eye, differs from the other similar-looking tattoos. It is always shown in the same fashion, with the same designing components that make it easy for normal eyes to recognize its presence.

There is one similar tattoo this way that features a single eye.

It is called the Eye of Horus Tattoo.

This eye is also kept in a triangle. But how this is different from the “all-seeing-eye” tattoo because, unlike it, there is a classic Egyptian style eye with a teardrop placed underneath it.

What Does Triangle Tattoo Design Mean?

Triangle Tattoo Design Meaning: Illuminati
Source: Tattoodo

When you question the Illuminati Triangle tattoo design meaning, there are never any limits to how you can interpret it. There are so many interpretations to this unique styled tattoo. Like many tattoos, there is no binding meaning behind why one would select it as a permanent tattoo except Illuminati.

Many get these tattoos with their interpretations and what it means to them.

The Illuminati tattoo can be used to represent a lot of various personal beliefs. It is also a sign of human suffering, a state of sadness in humankind.

The most commonly accepted meaning of the Illuminati tattoo is how it represents the omnipresent eye of the god watching over humankind. The god, who is watching all of us.

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But the interpretation does not stop here.

It also represents and stands for compassionate and all-time guidance from a divine source. The source of light behind the eye represents “illumination” or super wisdom.

Extending the interpretation, some various and religious beliefs state that these tattoos mean the awakening, the waking up of the spirit or the soul, or the opening of the third eye of the almighty.

Wrap Up:

So, that’s all for the Triangle Tattoo Design Meaning. With the different concepts, there is a blow of wind for different prospects that still remain hidden just like the identity of people following the teachings. Because of this, the matter remains undefined. But, this discussion doesn’t have a full stop.

That is why We want to hear your views in the comment section below as what you know about the Triangle Tattoo Design by far?

Your feedback and suggestions matter to us!



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