Weekly Trend Report: 7 Trending TikTok Trends Of 23Jan 2022!

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Tiktok has reached its peak during lockdown times in 2020-2021. With its intriguing and engrossing TikTok trends, it had created hype among creators like nothing before. If there is one good thing that came out of my non-stop hours of scrolling, it’s that I got ‘in’ with all the latest upcoming Trending TikTok trends of 2022 going viral these days.

It seems as if all the influencers are booming with new TikTok trends ideas almost every day. No doubt, each day, our explore is full of quirky creative videos. Though, the best way to find what’s creating the maximum engagement is by spending a lot of time on TikTok’s discovery and taking notes on all the recent trends. But if you are somehow busy doing, I don’t know what? I have a list of 7 Trending TikTok Trends that you were searching for. Try all these 7 TikTok trends of January 2022 for 7 days of the week.

These viral TikTok trends take such a short time to rise at the pedestal and even shorter to fade away in oblivion. So, the only way to keep your name in the discussion is by creating an everlasting hype with your unique creative content. And that’s why I have presented you with the platform, where you can get all the weekly TikTok Trends Trending right now and their updates-

*Updated:- 23 Jan 2022

I am back with this week’s Latest TikTok Trend Report-

Latest Trending TikTok Trends You Want To Vibe With-

Here’s a 7-day trendy package of the latest TikTok trends 2022 going around these days. Join these hyped viral TikTok trends right now to make your TikToks fly

1. The Photo TikTok Trend

A new trending TikTok trend going viral around 2022 is The Photo Trend. This latest trend is providing the perfect opportunity for users to show off their very best photos. Who would miss on this?!

Dubbed simply ‘The Photo’ trend, the platform’s latest craze is actually a resurgence of a late 2021 trend. It has returned to popularity in the early weeks of 2022, as users take a moment to share a quick glimpse of their top photo picks.

As they say, Confidence is the most beautiful thing you can possess, so mesmerizing your followers with your Confident Wow photograph seems like the best way to dominate today’s TikTok. This trending TikTok trend 2022 simply involves a user showing a short clip of themselves in their current state, before switching over to a photo reveal. The unveiled pictures can be a favorite selfie, a surprisingly good candid shot, or really any picture that a user is proud of. The trend is prompting a wave of self-confidence-boosting posts, as users share their favorite shots with the world. Whatever the scene is, it should be enough to make your viewers swoon over you..!! 

Well, that’s easy for you. Isn’t it !?

We are excited to make a fresh start, and what’s the best way to welcome 2022, then with the hopeful, optimistic vibes of Confidence. This exciting latest TikTok Trend is a TikTok video playing on the audio that highlights your self-confidence while giving intimidating Vibes.

Audio- Gesaffelstein & The Weeknd’s “Lost in the Fire.” remix version

(But there are no restrictions on Song. Choose whichever highlights you the best and Make an awesome Confident Tiktok video.)

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2. Puff Puff Pass Trend

Hey..influencers !! I have good news for you, Finally, your long wait is over because your favorite Transition trend is back and I might add with a bang! Though there had been a few transitioning TikTok trends over the last few weeks, but none of them was good enough to create its buzz. But now, this latest TikTok trend is trending where a glow-up transition flares over the Audio overlay Puff Puff Pass. This TikTok trend is very recent, yet many celebrities have jumped on it with their erotic transition videos.

In this trending TikTok Trend 2022, first, the creators are doing an action of puff puff in their comfy clothes… And then with the pass overlay in the audio, the video is passed to their glammed-up look. Which is definitely to swoon over.!! Trust me, This is gonna be a viral TikTok Trend of this as well as the next few weeks. So what are you waiting for- Take those Sexy clothes out of your Cupboard and make one hell of a transition..!!

Plus, it is a chance to make your ex and their new beau jealous..!! Wink..!

“New Body” has become the soundtrack to transformations on the app. People go from natural to glam, from an Afro to faux locks, from girl-next-door to e-girl, all while lip-syncing to Minaj. “Hey yo, you ain’t fuck me, you fucked the old body,” Check it out- TikTok Viral Trend

Audio– New Body

By: Nicky Minaj

3. Outline TikTok Trend

For your third TikTok Day, let’s keep a chilled, light fun-filled trend. Afterall, after your Sexxy transition videos, your followers need a day break to absorb them. So, I have for you a fun viral TikTok Trend going viral these days- The outline TikTok trend. Yes..!! you must have seen reels, TikToks and videos on this, if not- Don’t worry, I am here to guide you.

This trending TikTok Trend is a filter effect where you have to trace your face in one line only i.e without picking up your finger, you have to trace the outline of your face. And judging by our drawings, the end outcome will be a funny but still a cute picture.

You can choose filters: Face drawing or outline to make this trending TikTok video of January 2022.

But creators haven’t stopped at just drawing their faces, and are showing their creativity and skills by trying new things. Some are having fun playing with their Dogs while others are making the audience laugh with their funny facial expressions.

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4. Reverse Challange TikTok Trend 2022

Reverse videos is one of the top trending TikTok trends of 2022 going around these days. When you are feeling stuck, and don’t want to face the problems lying ahead, you can always sneak a peek backward. Sometimes, going in reverse is exactly what you need. See for yourself-

This new trending TikTok trend 2022 has influencers gone crazy with ideas. Creating a reverse effect, influencers are breaking all the rules. Their new TikToks shows all the background things happening in reverse order while you are walking forward. Ironic, isn’t it? And even more fun to try-

So, what are you waiting for? Go reverse your videos and have fun going backwards..!!

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5. Nationality Challenge

Bonjour..!! TikTokers. Have you seen this new “The Nationality Challenge” TikTok trend that is catching everyone’s attention on Instagram & TikTok nowadays? Well, if you haven’t you definitely should.

If you have ever wished you could be a part of a different country or get to try their exquisite culture well this is a 2022 TikTok reel trend you should give a try. In this influencers create a video of how they look in different ethnicities like American, Chinese, Indian & more.

You can achieve this either by using an Editing app or going one step ahead and trying different looks yourself.

How to Do the Nationality Challenge: Tutorial

  1. Download the application “FacePlay” from the Google Play Store / App Store.
  1. In this app, you will find Different nationality templates. Choose different templates to explore different options
  2. You can use free templates or buy premium templates for your video
  3. After selecting your desired ethnic template, tap Add a face > choose your photo and Press Confirm.
  4. Tap on Start Making
  5. Once the video is processed, save it.

To create other nationality videos, repeat the same process individually for every nationality you want to create. Compile all these videos and Taa-Daa !! Here’s your videos.

Audio : Nationality Challenge

6. AbcdefU.. X Play date

I won’t believe you, if you say you haven’t grooved to the song AbcdefU thinking about that 1 particular person, you want to dedicate it to… You know you have. !! Filming a close-up selfie video lip-syncing to the lyrics or a sexy power walk on the song is enough to get your EX where you want him..( wink wink) 

But that was a deal of weeks before, now TikTok creators want to spice it up, and what’s better way than to add some Melanie Martinez’s hotness. Yes..!! You guessed it right. Now influencers are seen making grooving and transitioning videos to a remix version of Abcdefu and Playdate on TikToks.

Tiktok helped many creators to establish their name through viral dances, but it is now also benefiting many singers to get what they deserve. AbcdefU song audio by Gayle resulted in a viral TikTok trend that took the platform on a roll. It is a vexed breakup-inspired song that almost everyone relates to. And this Play Date well, you know this audio was one of the first songs that owe its popularity to trending TikToks.

Audio : ABCD & Playdate Remix

Well, let’s just say Gayle’s Lyrics and Melanie’s Music is exactly the combination we needed. Now, go and check it out.

  But nothing’s getting through, so let me spell it out

A-B-C-D-E, F-U

Ohhhhh…!! Ohhhhhh…..!!

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7. Dancing Trending TikToks 2022

Just as you are incomplete without your phone, a list of TikTok trends is incomplete without the mention of Trending Dancing TikTok videos. TikTok is known for its creators and their tantalizing dance moves. There is no way you can be satisfied with watching One dance TikTok video; once you are caught in the web of these dancing TikToks, you are hooked for at least 3-4 hours of scrolling. I am still not sure it’s a good habit or a bad one… But who cares? 

There are many trending Dance TikTok trends going around, but most recent ones see the influencers grooving at-

1. Audio- Iko Iko (My Bestie) (feat. Small Jam)

Making a short cute TikTok with your Best friend is exactly what you need. TikTok audience is loving this adorable little happy dance TikToks of friends on Iko Iko My Bestie. And on the complimentary, it’s so fun making this cute little happy trending TikTok video of 2022. Especially after the tiring week, this joyful boost with your friend is exactly what will recharge you. Have fun !!

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2. Audio- TO THE MOON

And look Who’s back? Though this TikTok song is old but has still not gone out of style.This super cool beats are so crazzy..!! Trust me, you won’t be able to resist. Well, if you are looking for a dance TikTok audio- this song is the best to channel your energy and show those crazzyyyyy moves of yours to the world!! Don’t think just go for it.

3. Audio- Srivalli

Another song that has made creators mad is- Srivalli. This is an indian based song, and due to it’s viral dance move -Shoulder movement, this dance TikTok has stormed TikTok explore with 1000’s of creators from the world trying on this trending TikTok trend 2022.

4. Audio- Mon Soleil (from “Emily in Paris” Soundtrack)

We all were waiting for Emily in Paris season 2, and the show definitely didn’t disappoint you. But what’s even great was the theme song that became one of the best IG Reel and TikTok Song for Dance trends. Isn’t it the perfect Dance TikTok Audio?!

5. Audio- Shake Your Body Like A Belly Dancer

Ohhh… those beats. Trust me; they are enough to force you out of the bed and make you groove like never before. That fervent raging energy is exactly what we need to get out of the previous year’s exhaustion and make a fiery start to 2022.

    Now, don’t be shy, girl.. go bonanza,

Shake your body like a belly dancer.

6. Audio- Kiss My Ass Goodbye.

Another song that became a popular TikTok trend was Kiss my ass goodbye by Meghan Trainor. That twirling and twerking dance moves really made everyone join this latest viral trend, and tell me? What’s the best way to bid adios to 2021 and, ofcourse, certain toxic people?? than by saying Kiss my ass goodbye with an intimidating smile on your face. Evil? Isn’t it?

Well, that is exactly what they deserve, your ass..lol !? So, send them a secret hidden message with your happy Lit TikToks.

Viral Memes and Sounds On TikTok 2022

Just as the Influencers can’t ever get bored of making TikTok videos, the viewers can’t ever have their fill of watching meme TikToks. It is the primary source of their entertainment. From finding your Soulmate filters to VSCO girls to main character vibes, these 2022 Meme TikToks and TikTok trends have given their fair share of laughs to audience. For getting the maximum engagement on your TikToks, do remain in trend with these latest TikTok trends

  • The Vogue Challenge
  • The Picture Trend
  • The ‘What I Mean When I Say I’m From’ Trend
  • The Main Character Trend
  • The ‘I’ll Never Forget You’ Trend

Using these popular Memes and Sounds, and keeping your content fresh can be very beneficial for your TikTok engagements.

Trending TikTok Songs Of The Week-

Top 7 TikTok Songs of this Week January 2022 are-

Past Week TikTok Trends 2022

Past Week TikTok Trends that were removed from the list this week-

15 Jan

  1. Power Moves TikToks
  2. Infinity Ring Light TikTok Trend
  3. Bye 2021 Trend
  4. Can we skip to the good part

5 Jan

  1. Feeling 2022 TikTok Trend
  2. AbcdefU
  3. Wisdom Kaye’s OOTD TikTok trend
  4. American Dream Tiktok Trend

Wrapping Up

I hope something good came out of my TikTok scrolling addiction. Here are all the latest trending TikTok trends going around this week. There are 7 TikTok trends you need to try for 7 days of the week to give wings to your social engagement. Well, I really had fun writing about it, but you could have more fun putting my knowledge into use and creating something extraordinary out of it.

So, go and have fun exploring these Trending TikTok trends of 2022.

But Hey.. don’t worry, I’m not running away. I’ll be here again next week with all the more exciting and fascinating Latest TikTok trends.

So, keep visiting Path Of Ex for such insightful updates.



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