Weekly Trend Report: 7 Trending TikTok Trends Of 06 May 2022!

I am back with this Week’s Latest TikTok Trend Report! Check it out to bomb your followers.

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Tiktok has reached its peak during lockdown times in 2020-2021. With its intriguing and engrossing TikTok trends, it had created hype among creators like nothing before. If there is one good thing that came out of my non-stop hours of scrolling, it’s that I got ‘in’ with all the latest upcoming Trending TikTok trends of 2022 going viral these days.

It seems as if all the influencers are booming with new TikTok trends ideas almost every day. No doubt, each day, our explore is full of quirky creative videos. Though, the best way to find what’s creating the maximum engagement is by spending a lot of time on TikTok’s discovery and taking notes on all the recent trends. But if you are somehow busy doing, I don’t know what? I have a list of 7 Trending TikTok Trends that you were searching for. Try all these 7 TikTok trends of May 2022 for 7 days of this week.

These viral TikTok trends take such a short time to rise to the pedestal and even shorter to fade away in oblivion. So, the only way to keep your name in the discussion is by creating an everlasting hype with your unique creative content. And that’s why I have presented you with the platform, where you can get all the Weekly TikTok Trends trending right now and their updates-

*Updated:- 06 May 2022

I am back with this week’s Latest TikTok Trend Report!
TikTok trends text;Trending  TikTock trends

Here’s a 7-day trendy package of the latest TikTok trends 2022 going around these days. Join these hyped viral TikTok trends right now to make your TikToks fly-

1. Booty Wurk | Trending Dance on TikTok 2022! | Day-1 Trend: 06 May

‘Booty wurk challenge’ has been storming on TikTok trends this week. It is a dance challenge on TikTok with the song ‘T-pain-Booty wurk ft. Joey Galaxy.’ From the beginning, this challenge is trending on TikTok. Watch this latest TikTok trend right now!

2. Got My Mind on Your Body | Day-2 Trend: 07 May

Hello, Instagrammers!! There’s a new trend on Instagram on Demi Lovato’s Cool for the Summer.

Have you seen this latest fascinating Instagram trend going around? No, then you must. Trust me, It is perfect for reels. It starts in the middle of song says ‘ Got my mind on your body and your body on my mind.’

Instagram is drooling over this sound with how to do videos. Trust me, you will be surprised by the number of fashion hacks on these. It is going to be one of the best trending reels on Instagram soon.

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Instagram Content creators have gone crazy with different concepts and ideas exploring this trending reel trend. Using it to show a break from the hectic chaotic daily schedules, they are seen performing different activities that they don’t get to enjoy because of this fast-paced world. Though you can use this vibrant audio to create whatever Instagram reel you have in your mind, let’s take a look at how influencers are taking this new Reel Trend-

3. In this World, Its Just Us – Harry Styles | Day-3 Trend: 08 May

Another amazing Reel trend that would be perfect for the combination of love and pain. Famous movie clips of couples were slaying in this audio since the beginning. Many use it to show off their acting skills. Some put memories to this audio- Everything works.

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The song gives you a soothing effect of nostalgia. It cheers you up and breaks you apart at the same time. See for yourself.

4. ABRACADABRA.. Let me Show You How | Day-4 Trend: 09 May

Hey..influencers !! I have good news for you, Finally, your long wait is over because your favorite Transition trend is back and I might add with a bang! Though there had been a few transitioning TikTok trends over the last few weeks, but none of them was good enough to create its buzz. 

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But now, this latest TikTok trend is trending where a glow-up transition flares over the Audio overlay Let me show you how to. The trending TikTokstarts with the influencers saying – “She was like oh my God, I can never wear that and I was like- “ , and then the influencers transition with a new look wearing a product that is breaking the stereotypical judgments with the Audio continuing- “Let me Show You How

Ways To Take This TikTok Trend-

1. Content creators are using this new TikTok trend to break the standard judgments by trying out of the ordinary things–  like a  stunning outfit that will wake you say…Woww!! Or an unusual Lipshade that people usually don’t dare to try.

2. Some influencers are incorporating marketing strategy by using this trending TikTok to show off their products.

3 While some Instagram influencers are having their fun by playing on Transitions and photo dumps.

5. My Money Don’t Jiggle | Day-5 Trend: 10 May

Another amazing TikTok trend that would be perfect for fun. Many use it to show off their skills, some records themselves lip syncing to this. Some put memories to this audio- Everything works. The song gives you a dancing and chilling mode. It cheers you up. See for yourself.

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TikTokers from all over the world are trying this new trending TikTok trend and having their fun.

6. 10 Things I Hate About You | Day-6 Trend: 11 May

This is one of the funniest Instagram reel trends of this week portraying the heartbreak of being single. The full audio says, the 10 things a girl hate about his ex. she describes her 10 worst issues in a song form.

Creators are recreating this in different scenario- Brother eavesdropping his sister singing, girl exploring her life after break up, make-up tutorial and girl singing about her ex to her friends.

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7. Who is Singing? | Day-7 Trend: 12 May

A new trending TikTok trend going viral around 2022 is The ‘who is singing.’. This latest trend is providing the perfect opportunity for users to confuse their audience. A group of people will lip sync to the song and the audience have to find who is singing. To find the singer, the viewer has to re watch many times. Who would miss on this?!

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Scroll down to comments and see the best guesses and team up in comments for each person in the video. This TikTok video is perfect for more engagement to creator’s profile.

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8. AbcdefU.. Remixes| 5 Extra Because I’m Feeling Generous..(wink)

1. AbcdefU..

I won’t believe you, if you say you haven’t grooved to the song AbcdefU thinking about that 1 particular person, you want to dedicate it to… You know you have. !! Filming a close-up selfie video lip-syncing to the lyrics or a sexy power walk on the song is enough to get your EX where you want him..( wink wink) 

This song became so famous that every week there is a new remix of this popular soundtrack. Which obviously becomes another hit TikTok song..duhh!!

2. AbcdefU… X Playdate

But that was a lot of weeks before, now creators want to spice it up, and what’s the better way than to add some Melanie Martinez’s hotness. Yes..!! You guessed it right. Now influencers are seen making grooving and transitioning videos to a remix version of Abcdefu and Playdate.

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Tiktok helped many creators to establish their name through viral dances, but it is now also benefiting many singers to get what they deserve. AbcdefU song audio by Gayle resulted in a viral TikTok trend that took the platform on a roll. It is a vexed breakup-inspired song that almost everyone relates to. And this Play Date well, you know this audio was one of the first songs that owe its popularity to trending TikToks.

Audio : ABCD & Playdate Remix

Well, let’s just say Gayle’s Lyrics and Melanie’s Music is exactly the combination we needed. Now, go and check it out.

  But nothing’s getting through, so let me spell it out

A-B-C-D-E, F-U

Ohhhhh…!! Ohhhhhh…..!!

3. AbcdefU..x I Love u still

This week there is yet another fascinating remix of abcdefU that had created its buzz among TikTok creators. Transitioning this angry breakup song trend to a romantic sweet audio by adding the song I love u still.

This romantic connotation of abcdefu TikTok video is stealing the show and people’s hearts. See for yourself.

Abcdef…G H.. I love u still and You know I always will

till’ the end of Time, I won’t change my mind..!!

If you are looking for some romantic TikTok trend with your partner then this cute little TikTok song is exactly what you want.

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4. AbdefU..x I hate how I miss u everyday

Continuing the tradition, this week there’s another remix of AbcdefU song that has revived its spirit. The song has gone through many transitions– From an angry breakup song to romantic love song it has now become a heartbroken sad song. wanna know the new lyrics-

AbcdefU..cuz I hate How I miss you every day

And I Wanna Feel Okay

But I need U here with me..!!

5. How My Family Sees Me

This is really a super fun trending TikTok of this week which would be perfect for your New Trending TikToks. This TikTok video contains your photo’ video collection based on how different members of your family look at you.

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In this 2022, viral TikTok, you just have to look at yourself from your friends/family’s perspective and collect different looks that’ll best explain it. Sounds a little tricky, but it’s not- just take a reference from the below video. And you’ll be good to go. I promise it would just take 10 mins to make your trending TikTok of the week.

Ways to take this trend-

  • Make a funny video by joining your weird hilarious videos of how your close members look at the real you.
  • You can always go for an intimidating sexy look by joining your hot videos/pics with the overlays of how different boys or girls look at you.
  • Or just mix and match both the looks like shown in the above video.

Just remember- It is all about fun and enjoyment, so go and get crazyy..!! You are free to explore and experiment.

Just as you are incomplete without your phone, a list of TikTok trends this week is incomplete without the mention of Trending Dancing TikTok videos. TikTok is known for its creators and their tantalizing dance moves.

There is no way you can be satisfied with watching One dance TikTok video; once you are caught in the web of these dancing TikToks, you are hooked for at least 3-4 hours of scrolling. I am still not sure it’s a good habit or a bad one… But who cares? 

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There are many trending Dance TikTok trends going around, but most recent ones see the influencers grooving at-

1. Audio- Wait a Minute

Making a short cute TikTok with your Best friend is exactly what you need. TikTok audience is loving this adorable little happy dance TikToks of friends on about damn time, and on the complimentary, it’s so fun making this cute little happy trending TikTok video of 2022. Especially after the tiring week, this joyful boost with your friend is exactly what will recharge you. Have fun !!

2. Audio- Rover

And look Who’s back? Though this TikTok song is old but has still not gone out of style.This super cool beats are so crazzy..!! Trust me, you won’t be able to resist. Well, if you are looking for a dance TikTok audio- this song is the best to channel your energy and show those crazzyyyyy moves of yours to the world!! Don’t think just go for it.

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3. Audio- Love in this Club

Another song that has made creators mad is- In this Club. The audio widely used for dance compilation and stormed TikTok explore with 1000’s of creators from the world trying on this trending TikTok trend 2022.

4. Audio- Good For You

‘Good for you’ will never disappoint you. But what’s even great was the TikTok Dance trends. Isn’t it the perfect Dance TikTok Audio?!

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5. Audio- Shake that Ass

Ohhh… those beats. Trust me; they are enough to force you out of the bed and make you groove like never before. That fervent raging energy is exactly what we need to get out of the previous year’s exhaustion and make a fiery start to May 2022.

6. Audio- Hello Baby

Another song that became a popular TikTok trend was Hello Baby. That twirling and twerking dance moves really made everyone join this latest viral trend.

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Viral Memes and Sounds On TikTok 2022

Just as the Influencers can’t ever get bored of making TikTok videos, the viewers can’t ever have their fill of watching meme TikToks. It is the primary source of their entertainment.

From finding your Soulmate filters to VSCO girls to main character vibes, these 2022 Meme TikToks and TikTok trends this week have given their fair share of laughs to the audience. For getting the maximum engagement on your TikToks, do remain in trend with these latest TikTok trends

  • Dark Humour Challenge
  • The Who is Singing Trend
  • The Heaven Memes
  • The Main Character Trend
  • The ‘I’ll Never Forget You’ Trend

Using these popular Memes and Sounds, and keeping your content fresh can be very beneficial for your TikTok engagements.

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Top 7 TikTok Songs of this Week May 2022 are-

Past Week TikTok Trends that were removed from the list this week-

29 April

  1. Kali-mm mmm
  2. Lil Earl – Shake that ass
  3. Nicki Minaj – Good form
  4. Just Hay Fever Trend

22 April

  1. Reverse Challange TikTok Trend 2022
  2. Kiss Me More
  3. Outline TikTok Trend
  4. “Amour Plastique” Montage

15 April

  1. Young M.A- Hello Baby
  2. Infinity Ring Light TikTok Trend
  3. Romeo, Save me
  4. Can we skip to the good part

08 April

  1. Feeling 2022 TikTok Trend
  2. AbcdefU
  3. Wisdom Kaye’s OOTD TikTok trend
  4. American Dream Tiktok Trend

Wrapping Up

I hope something good came out of my TikTok scrolling addiction. Here are all the latest trending TikTok trends this week. There are 7 TikTok trends you need to try for 7 days of the week to give wings to your social engagement. Well, I really had fun writing about it, but you could have more fun putting my knowledge into use and creating something extraordinary out of it.

So, go and have fun exploring these Trending TikTok trends of 2022.

But Hey.. don’t worry, I’m not running away. I’ll be here again next week with all the more exciting and fascinating Latest TikTok trends.

So, keep visiting Path of EX for such insightful updates.




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