Top 10 Pubs in UK To Visit Atleast Once In Your Lifetime

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Good Food, Better Drinks, and the Best Vibes! Did anybody just say pubs? Because no other place in UK has these three together (Brunch Places Excluded). We know Britain is the best with its pubs and eating culture, that’s why we brought you something you will never miss reading about. The Top 10 Pubs in UK with a vibe that is unmatched by any other restaurant in the whole world. 

When I was looking for the best Pubs in UK, I couldn’t help but fall for all those lush green beer gardens and mouth-watering food. How can you not love it!!! It’s something so precious. You got food, you got the best local beer and wines and whatnot. 

The Top Pubs in UK have to be the ones that are best with their customer service and visitors. So, we sorted out a lot of those and found these to be the best of the slot. And trust me you will not regret going to any of these pubs. Ever.

  1. The Bell Inn
  2. The Marksman
  3. The Ufford Crown
  4. The Half Moon
  5. The Tickell Arms
  6. Hand & Heart
  7. Butchers Tap
  8. The Mayflower
  9. The Shakespeare
  10. The Mariners Public House, Rock

I know you are eager to know the menus of all these pubs in UK, but don’t forget to have a look at their addresses. Now let’s begin with our article. 

10 Best Pubs in Britain With A View

Top 10 Pubs in UK To Visit Atleast Once In Your Lifetime
Source: TripAdvisor

All these pubs in UK have the most vibrant atmosphere and hospitality. Not just the food but the whole place will attract you even more once you visit them.

Don’t believe me?

Have a read below!

You will yourself share this article with your friends or partner to visit them ASAP. After all, these pubs are a good spot to spend all the quality time together. 

1. The Bell Inn, Essex 

If you love some old-fashioned appeal then The Bell Inn was made for you. It is a timber-framed building made almost 600 years ago and remains a center for the gossip of local life. 

Top 10 Pubs in UK To Visit Atleast Once In Your Lifetime (2021)
Source: The Bell Inn

There are many best things about The Bell Inn but what I loved the most is that there are different menus for different days. Every Sunday brings a different dish to the table and it’s not just me who loves it. Many customers that come here agree. 

So if you want to visit the top 10 Pubs in UK then it has to start with The Bell Inn. 

Address: High Road, Horndon-On-The-Hill, Essex SS17 8LD. 01375 642463 

2. The Marksman, London 

The Marksman is undoubtedly the best place for every pub-goer. The place itself holds dark wooded grounds with elegant furniture that none could avoid. How can it be not one of the best pubs in UK? When the drinks they provide are from the best craftspersons in the art.

Top 10 Pubs in UK To Visit Atleast Once In Your Lifetime
Source: The Guardian

After looking at the drinks and walls around you will be stuck with their food, forever. Every customer of The Marksman has come back for more. Their pies, the brown tart, the beef everything is mouthwatering.

Ohh! I cannot wait to go there!!

Address: 254 Hackney Road, London E2. 020 7739 7393

3. The Ufford Crown, Ufford

Top 10 Pubs in UK To Visit Atleast Once In Your Lifetime
Source: The ufford crown

The Ufford Crown is the best pub and restaurant in Ufford. The pub is run by a family and welcomes people of all age groups with utter delight and warmth. If you want to relax and drink, this is probably the best place for you. There is a lounge, a bar, and even a terrace for all your lazy evenings. 

When we said, The Ufford Crown welcomes all, we meant it. They even have a play area for kids to enjoy their time as much as their parents do.

Address: High Street, Ufford, IP13 6EL. 01394 461030

4. The Half Moon, Billingshurst

The place is as poetic as its name, trust me. Jodie Kidd, the owner wishes to create a place that has exceptional British produce along with international flavors. This aims to give their customers to best of the whole world.

Top 10 Pubs in UK To Visit Atleast Once In Your Lifetime
Source: London Resident Magazine

The Half Moon is a country pub with a beautiful kitchen garden. Don’t get surprised when you see some Ferraris and Porsche in their parking, as it is pretty normal for them to serve the rich. 

The menus at The Half Moon are always changing, so you know you will definitely be surprised at the visit. Indeed, it is one of the best pubs in UK.  

Address: Glasshouse Lane, Kirdford, Billingshurst, West Sussex RH14 0LT. 01403 820223 

5. The Tickell Arms, Whittlesford

Five miles far from Cambridge, The Tickell Arms is a fantasy world pub turned into reality. It is just as cliche. But a good one obviously. It gives all the local vibes with its local beers. 

Top 10 Pubs in UK To Visit Atleast Once In Your Lifetime
Source: Great Food Club

The outdoor tables, the lush green garden, everything is dreamy. If you are wondering about the food then let me tell you that it’s highly satisfying. This place will simply make you happy every time you visit. That’s why it had to be on this list of top pubs in UK.

Address: North Road, Whittlesford, Cambridge, CB22 4NZ

6. Hand & Heart, Nottingham

A perfect place for your date night. Hand & Heart is cozy, cave-like, and has that rustic appeal that most of us rarely see in our daily lives. It is undoubtedly the city’s most lovable pub. So how can it not be one of the best pubs in UK? 

Top 10 Pubs in UK To Visit Atleast Once In Your Lifetime

Another thing Hand & Heart is famous for is its collection of ales and ciders. The wines they have will take you to another world if not swoon you out of it. A lot of customer reviews have the words “legendary” and “epic” in common, so you know which pub to visit in Nottingham. Right?

Address: 65-67 Derby Road, Nottingham NG1 5BA

7. Butchers Tap, Marlow

If you want the best meat in UK, it would be at the Butchers Tap. If you don’t want to spend more on food and drinks then you can give this place a try. It’s not expensive but it does not give any cheap vibes at all. 

Top 10 Pubs in UK To Visit Atleast Once In Your Lifetime
Source: Bucks Free Press

The reason behind it being among the best pubs in UK is that the place is efficient in satisfying its customers’ hunger. Watch TV, drink local beer and just vibe around. 

Address: 15 Spittal Street, Marlow, Buckinghamshire SL7 3HJ

8. The Mayflower, Lymington

Want a pub in UK with a view, easy, done! You can have a beautiful view of the south coast at The Mayflower. It has got private dining rooms and elegant open fires, just in case you want either of those. 

Top 10 Pubs in UK To Visit Atleast Once In Your Lifetime
Source: Morning Advertiser

At The Mayflower, you will find Victorian-style bedrooms that are elegantly themed. This is probably the only high-class pub in the UK that openly welcomes your pets along with you. 

The place is made for every occasion, be it an official meeting, cozy lunch, or an engagement party. You can do it all at The Mayflower.

Address: King’s Saltern Road, Lymington, Hampshire, SO41 3QD. 01590 672160

9. The Shakespeare, Canterbury

The Shakespeare attracts all kinds of tribes to the little town. Tourists, local people, weekend visits, everything goes well with Shakespeare. But you might be thinking it is because of the name. But you are wrong! The place is beautiful enough to be loved by all.  

Top 10 Pubs in UK To Visit Atleast Once In Your Lifetime
Source: TripAdvisor

The conservative menu offers you mustard croquettes and some good pork you cannot miss. It even provides seafood. The most popular thing about Shakespeare is its wine. People just cannot miss it. 

So if you are looking for pubs in UK that are intimate and feel at home, you should visit The Shakespeare. 

Address: Butchery Lane, Canterbury, Kent. CT1 2JR. 01227 463252

10. The Mariners Public House, Rock

Top 10 Pubs in UK To Visit Atleast Once In Your Lifetime
Source: The Mariners Public House

The Mariners is one of the few pubs in UK that give the classic vibe. The menu has all kinds of fried chicken and fish but the cherry on the top is the “Dog’s Pollock”. It’s actually a fish hot dog, with cucumber pickle and mustard sauce.

Can’t you wait to visit the Mariners? Me too!!

Address: Slipway, Rock, Cornwall PL27 6LD. 01208 863679

Wrapping Up

Good Enough? Or you want something else in a pub. Because as far as we know, these pubs in the UK would get even more popular in a few years. So before you have to book a table every time you visit, go there ASAP and tell us how your experience was.

If you have already visited a pub from this list, comment below, did you like it or not? 

Have a Nice Day!

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