Top Career Prospects in Ethical Hacking in Future

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Ethical Hacking – one of the most buzzed words in the IT industry. The growing prevalence of cyber events has prompted corporate companies and government organizations to beef up their security against malevolent hackers. Due to its crucial importance, Ethical Hacking has played a vital role in the current digital world. So, We will explain why Ethical Hacking might be the best career choice for people who want to enter the IT world by taking up Ethical Hacking training. Also, we will discuss what are top career prospects in Ethical Hacking in the future.

Now, let us start our blog by understanding the definition of Ethical Hacking.

What is Ethical Hacking?

Any electronic device or digital system is open to enter and get hacked. Some might have a better security system, some might not. That’s when Ethical hacking comes into the picture. The whole point of Ethical Hacking is to protect from unauthorized access, thefts, or attacks. This is a legal attempt to gain access to a company’s network and systems in order to detect possible risks before hackers can attack. This plays a crucial role in the company as it is the only thing that can protect the entire company’s data. That is why most companies are adopting ethical hacking to provide safety for their customers.

This is ethical hacking. I hope you are clear with what exactly it is. Moving on, Let’s see who exactly is an Ethical Hacker. 

Who is an Ethical Hacker?

An ethical hacker is a professional who is responsible to perform various tasks such as detecting any unauthorized access, finding possible threats, and designing new techniques to secure the company data. In simple words, an Ethical Hacker is the one who protects the company from malicious attacks. To do their job perfectly, they need to think like hackers and should always be a step ahead of them. An Ethical Hacker’s job is a huge responsibility on which an entire company relies. 

Why might an Ethical Hacking career be the best choice?

Well, it’s time to know why Ethical Hacking is one of the best career choices out there. By now, you must have already understood that it is popular and the scope of this career will increase in the future. 

Not only that, Ethical Hacking is like a superhero of the company who protects the company using a weapon called Ethical Hacking. You should always be aware and find the possibility of attacks. And also, you will be responsible to find solutions for those problems. This will give you job satisfaction which is one of the important aspects of a career. 

Again, This is an essential part of the company. Without this, the company may be attacked by hackers. Therefore, a lot of new technologies, techniques, and skills are involved in this career. So, this will give you enough knowledge to enter various fields. Not to mention, salaries for Ethical hackers are the best in the industry. Also, this is such a career where your experience matters, and the more experience you get the better career advancement you can have. 

Hence, by choosing Ethical hacking as a career, you will be profitable in terms of knowledge, skills, experience, job security, employment satisfaction, career enhancement, and salaries. 

How to start a career in Ethical Hacking?

Starting a career in Ethical Hacking definitely requires planning and procedure as it is not that simple. To enter this field, you must have a degree first. A minimum degree qualification in computer science, IT, or any related field with a good percentage helps you as an entry pass to go for interviews. 

Then, you must work on your skills. The more you have the more you will become eligible for this job. Acquire all the important skills and learn the tools and technologies related to this field. A few important things you should work on are Networking, Encryption, Programming, hacking tools and techniques, and knowledge of databases. Besides, work on your soft skills as well. 

Next, Here comes another important aspect- certification. This is important because it validates where you stand and what you are capable of. This makes you stand out. As certification signifies that you have done your learning part and also worked on some real-time projects. This helps in catching the interviewer’s attention. 

With all these, you are good to go. But always remember, practice is the key to success. So, the more you practice and the more you work on projects the better. Keep updating yourself as well as your resume. If you are a fresher or a student, you can also participate in Hackathons. This will give you a hands-on live experience of the competitive world. 

However, most freshers cannot directly become Ethical Hackers. They need to first gain in various other roles and then get into ethical hacking. Network defenders, penetration testers, and systems analysts are all positions that ethical hackers can start with.

What are the future career prospects in Ethical Hacking?

The future of Ethical Hacking is endless. This field is rapidly growing in many sectors including government, private organizations, health sectors, entertainment sectors, banking, and many more. Although only 32% of people are in the ethical hacking field. So, this increases the requirement of new employees. By the end of 2021,  the number of ethical hackers is expected to increase 20% more than last year. So this count will continue to increase in the future. 

Moreover, you also have various career options in the ethical hacking career such as Penetration Tester, Vulnerability Assessor, Information Security Analyst, and Security Analyst. Hence, you have advanced your career in this field and there are numerous future career prospects in this career. 

At last, If you are interested in Ethical Hacking then do not think twice, just go for it. It is tough at first. But eventually, you will enjoy this field. 


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