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The Weeknd has been in the news for quite some time now and it’s high time you know all about the insider news. From his tweets to his statements, let’s decode all that we know about The Weeknd New Music Video. 

The Canadian-Ethiopian singer and superstar, The Weeknd is a name known to all. The star, originally named Abel Tesfaye, was discovered in 2009 when he anonymously uploaded his song “Do It” on YouTube. Since that day he has won 3 Grammys, 5 American Music Awards, 19 Billboard Music Awards, 2 MTV Video Music Awards, and many more. 

On August 2, 2021, The Weeknd tweeted a video that has the music of his new album. But even before doing so, he has been tweeting a lot these past few days. Some of his tweets refer to his older albums while some express his excitement for the next chapter of his life.

What is this new album? What about ‘After Hours’? Let’s decode all that The Weeknd has been up to and have a quick look at his new releases. Stay Tuned!

The Weeknd New Music Video Release Update

Let’s start on May 23. The Weeknd, after receiving 10 Billboards, said that he would ‘like to thank God that I don’t have to wear that red suit anymore’. Just to make it clear he said this after he received a Billboard on Top R&B Album for ‘After Hours’. And his statement after the award referred to “After Hours” only.

In the same award function, he said that he’s now totally focusing on the next chapter of his career which basically means he was preparing for the next album. This became clear when he said, “I just want to say: the ‘After Hours’ are done and the dawn is coming”. The fans cannot wait for the full album release of the upcoming “Dawn”.

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After receiving this many Billboards, Tesfaye said quite a lot in a series of regular tweets. Seems like he is as excited for the new album release as his fans. 

Not only this, The Weeknd couldn’t hold the feeling of pride when he tweeted “really proud of this one. Wow…

Seems like The Weeknd has been working on this yet-to-name album for quite a long time. Not only working on it, but this new album is the only priority of The Weeknd and we know that because of this tweet from him. 

The Weeknd is fully obsessed with “Dawn”, so much so that he even uses the dawn emojis with his tweets. 

His tweets have hinted several times that he has been working on this new album since the last quarantine. The Weeknd has made ‘magic’ and before we know it we will be gifted with it. (Literally can’t wait for the new album now)

On 1 Aug, The Weeknd tweeted something that caught everyone’s attention and made everyone wonder what he is about to do?

Then after some time, The Weeknd uploaded this 1 min 41 seconds long video that caught everyone off guard.

In the video, you can clearly see the dawn. The music is really catchy and the fans are all hyped up for tonight.

It is expected that The Weeknd’s new music album will be released anytime soon. Especially this week, we can guess that “The Dawn is Coming”, with some blockbuster songs and music. 

After “After Hours” got so many nominations and awards, the fans can simply think of the new album as the next hit. 

Summing Up

After looking at the hype we can be sure that the Weeknd New Music video is going to get a lot more attention than any other music album of any singer. Looking forward to tonight’s update on The Weeknd’s new music.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Weeknd releasing a new album in 2021?

It is expected that the latest album of The Weeknd will be released in the first week of August 2021. Many of The Weeknd’s tweets have been referring to it.

Is the Weeknd’s latest album out?

No, the latest album “The Dawn is COming” that The Weeknd has mentioned many times before is not been released yet. We can expect the album to be released any time soon.

How much is The Weekend worth?

The Weeknd’s net worth is estimated to be nearly around $100 million.

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