The Top 11 Spanish Brands Around The Globe

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The most important Spanish brands around the globe for 2022 are the ones who have been able to anticipate the demands of their customers and have stepped up to offer solutions. Thus, your growth in the future is assured.

The most recent Global Brand Finance report collects the top brands worldwide, of which seven Spanish brands are notable. Both fashion-oriented brands like Zara, El Corte Inglés, and Massimo Dutti, as well as banks like Santander as well as BBVA, are at the top of this list.

Top 11 Most Valuable Spanish Brands

The Interbrand report of the 30 most valuable Spanish brands was recently unveiled in Madrid. This list shows banks, fashion, and retail are among the top winners. In this manner, Santander, BBVA, and Caixabank are the banks that experienced the most growth in 2022. In addition, Zara heads the list as the most valuable business in the nation. If you want to visit these brands for shopping, you must visit Spain. You have to know about the brand’s addresses in Spain. If you are a foreigner, you can learn Spanish online on different platforms. There are different ways and apps for Spanish learning, but the best app and website Is italki. It is the most famous website on the internet. You can learn Spanish from online Spanish tutors; they are the best and most professional in their work. You can also visit:


Santander Bank is the sole institution among the top 11 banks with the highest value. It currently ranks 101st among global brands, with 12th place in the financial sector. In 2022, it had the brand’s value at 927 million euros, which is more than in the previous year, an increase of 5.5 percentage points. Although the British subsidiary posted losses of 17% during the fourth quarter, it performed beyond analyst expectations.


Zara has been one of the most sought-after Spanish brands in the fast-fashion industry over the last few years. Despite suffering one tiny drop of percent, the brand provides the most impressive statistics in its field. One of its biggest advantages in the market is its logistics. The company’s efforts to connect the digital and physical and reimagine how customers experience its stores are among the strategies that characterized the year. In 2022, the company’s goal is to launch its brand new website, which will offer global online services. This is why it has a current 128th ranking of the most valuable brands globally.


Movistar has also transformed the business, overhauling its branding strategy and adding new services. It is now a platform for technology that offers complete phone, connectivity services, and entertainment. Based on the Interbrand report, the business is worth 10,706 million euros. It is ranked second in the rankings of the most important Spanish brands. Regarding its global impact, Movistar is 186th among the top 500 brands.


Based on The Brand Finance 2022 report, BBVA is one of the most reliable financial brands that aren’t located in Spain. With a score in the range of 84.6 on a scale of 100 for 2022. 1.92 percent higher than in 2021. One of the reasons it has established its position as a global brand is the transformation it underwent in the last year. It discarded the regional identity and unification of the brand’s global image. However, the brand’s value has dropped by 7.7 percent, from 168 in 2021 to 192 in.


In 2000, Repsol failed to enter the list of 500 most important brands worldwide. However, it is ranked fifth among the top Spanish brands. It is worth more than $3 billion. Additionally, as per the latest Brand Experience, it is the highest-valued brand. The term “title” refers to brands’ capacity to satisfy customers’ demands.


In the wake of the decrease in revenue estimates, Caixabank reduced its brand’s value by 14 percent. It could be due to the decrease in the branches that the bank has to support its plan to improve its profit. Like Repsol, this year, it’s not been able to remain in the top spot among the top 500 brands worldwide. But, it remains an extremely important Spanish brand.


Mercadona has risen to 464th of the most important global brands this year. Mercadona is distinguished by its high quality and affordable price. Due to its tenacity and practice of listening to its clients, the company currently has an estimated market share of 25 %.


The clothing brand is among the most rapidly expanding brands within the Inditex group. It is among the most sought-after stores for Generation Z across Spain.

Additionally, as an added benefit, it is closely associated with music. Because of this, it collaborates with famous artists of this generation and even hosts concerts at its stores. This is why it has the eighth position among the top brands.

Massimo Dutti

Another name belonging to Inditex Group that’s considered to be among the top-rated is Massimo Dutti. Its success is because it has established itself as a premium brand. The best example of this is the Concept Store’s creation that offers customers added value through its “tailoring services.” Beyond its concept of the brand, It is among the businesses that have increased the value of its brand when compared to last year’s 18 percent (1,288 million euros).


Another Spanish energy company on the list of 500 most important brand names is Iberdrola. It is now ranked at the 58th position this year and 432 on the table.

As a result, it has seen a 17.5 percent rise in its brand value compared to the year 2019due to improved estimates and revenues.


The insurance firm Mapfre is not one of the top 500 brands. But, it has established itself as a reputable worldwide insurance company. The strategy behind its success is to display its social responsibility to those with disabilities and the young. While it has experienced a loss of 9% in the value of its brand, it’s still among the top 10 most valued Spanish brands.


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