The Only Thing That Can Save Newcastle Now Is A Takeover – With Rafa Back In Charge – The Newcastle United Blog

The Only Thing That Can Save Newcastle Now Is A Takeover – With Rafa Back In Charge – The Newcastle United Blog

Steve Bruce is now seeing the mass hysteria that he surely knew would happen with a poor string of results.

While we played quite well in the 2-0 defeat yesterday at Manchester City, we have done very badly in the previous three games against clubs who were all in the Championship last season.

That is not good and now we have a string of tough games coming up and if we lose most of them we could drop in the league table- and that’s part of the concern.

Here our last five results:

Date Team Result
12/12 West Brom – Home W 2-1
12/16 Leeds – Away L 5-2
12/19 Fulham – Home D 1-1
12/22 Brentford – Away (League Cup) L 1-0
12/26 Man City – Away L 2-0

We are not good enough to give a game to the top sides this season, so we must beat the teams that may be worse than us in the league, or else face the consequences – it really is as simple as that.

We are all well aware the only thing Mike Ashley and Steve Bruce are trying to do is to keep Newcastle in the Premier League.

Rafa Benitez – we need him back at Newcastle!

That’s the full extent of their ambition and we all know that will never change as long as Ashley is the owner.

We all know that implicitly.

The owner has managed to do so many things wrong over the years and has taken  a proud club and transformed us into a mediocre team since 2007, while other clubs without our history or standing in the game, have started to do well..

We must stay in the Premier League and with 24 games to go we have to get 22 points to reach the usually safe 40 points tally.

If we do that it’s been another successful season – in Ashley’s terms.

Pos Team Games GD Points
10 West Ham 14 2 21
11 Wolves 14 -5 20
12 Newcastle 14 -7 18
13 Crystal Palace 15 -9 18
14 Arsenal 15 -4 17
15 Leeds 14 -6 17
16 Burnley 13 -11 13
17 Brighton 14 -6 12

That’s all we can hope for this season.

Before the end of this campaign we will be hoping for a takeover (yes – again!) – and that the litigation in progress can finally get the Amanda Staveley bid over the line and approved.

If this fails then we have to hope there are other owners wanting to buy Newcastle – that should be true as long as we remain a Premier League club.

So it’s once again all about survival this season, however unsavory that is to Newcastle fans.

Let’s hope the lawyers fighting for Newcastle can get the seemingly (very) corrupt Premier League to add a 7th club to the top six that already exist in the league.

Although that’s the very last thing those six clubs –  the two Manchester clubs, Arsenal, Liverpool, Tottenham and Chelsea want to happen.

But it will be a breath pf fresh air for the league, good for competition, a boon for the TV viewing audience to have a new powerhouse to watch.

And of course, just fantastic for our very long-suffering Newcastle fans.

Surely we have suffered enough over these previous 13 heart-breaking years?

Enough is enough.

It’s certainly completely worn me out since I started the blog a month before Ashley bought the club..

I dream of a superb Saudi-led Newcastle United side, with Rafa Benitez as the manager.

I will dream of it even more after reading George Caulkin’s brilliant interview with Rafa in the Athletic this morning.

And yes – I may be stupid and probably am – but that’s what I want – and quickly too.

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