All Of ‘The Office Christmas Episodes’ In Order | Binge-worthy For Your Eve (2021)

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The Office has given us endless jokes to laugh our hearts out. The show lasted long enough to give us some of the best holiday episodes of the season and that includes Christmas. If you don’t like your real-life office parties then stay at your homes and binge-watch all “The Office Christmas Episodes” in order. You have no idea what fun you’re gonna have. 

The Dunder Mifflin employees are hilarious, to say the least. The sitcom ended in 2013 and its memes are still continuing to go viral every day. That’s how relatable this show is. The Office aired quite a few Christmas episodes that will be enough to make you all jolly. But Christmas episodes are not the only holiday the show makers covered.

The show makers have also created some super-entertaining Halloween episodes of The Office and it’s truly worth the watch. Let’s not keep you waiting anymore. Quickly go through all of The Office Christmas episodes and get ready to binge all night. 

The Office Christmas Episodes In Order 

The Office is one crazy sitcom with a never-seen kind of comedy. People roast each other here, there are office affairs and so much more. All of this drama inclines during the holiday season That’s probably the biggest reason why we got you the Office Christmas episodes. 

1. Christmas Party | Season 2 Episode 10

All Of ‘The Office Christmas Episodes’ In Order | Binge-worthy For Your Eve (2021)

Season 2 Episode 10 is the first Christmas episode of The Office and it’s the best. Everybody is working in the office and wondering who is the Secret Santa. Michael is excited to give a video iPod to Ryan. While he is spending lots of money on giving gifts, he is taken aback when Phyllis gifts him oven mitts and that too is homemade. 

We see a sudden change in events when Michael drops the Secret Santa charade and turns it into a White Elephant gift exchange. What happens next? Watch the episode to know!

2. A Benihana Christmas | Season 3 Episode 10 & 11

All Of ‘The Office Christmas Episodes’ In Order | Binge-worthy For Your Eve (2021)

This episode is one of my favorite “The Office Christmas episodes”. Want to know why? It’s fully entertaining. Andy wants Michael to get over his breakup so he gets him drunk on Nog-a-sakes. Andy even encourages Michael to flirt with the waitress. In the next scene, we see both Andy and Michael join everyone in the office Christmas party. Both of them are accompanied by some new girlfriends.

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The episode is funny throughout but it gets hilarious when Michael draws a mark on his date’s arm, only to recognize her. 

3. Moroccan Christmas | Season 5 Episode 11 

All Of ‘The Office Christmas Episodes’ In Order | Binge-worthy For Your Eve (2021)

Phyllis is going to steal all your boredom in this “The Office Christmas episode”. The episode starts with Phyllis being all bossy when she has become the head of the Party Planning Committee. What a cool committee? The show starts when the drunk Meredith gets her hair on fire and Michael plays the hero in intervening in the scene. 

The episode ends when Phyllis announces in front of the whole office about the affair of Angela and Dwight. And things really get interesting. 

4. Secret Santa | Season 6 Episode 13

All Of ‘The Office Christmas Episodes’ In Order | Binge-worthy For Your Eve (2021)

Somehow all the employees think that a new buyer is going to buy the company and all of them are going to lose their jobs. You can get an idea of how crazy this thought can make everyone in The Office. Despite this, Micheal is focused on the appointment of Phyllis as Santa for the party.

And when the misunderstanding clears out, Michael hands the white beard to Phyllis and all of them celebrate Christmas party at the office. 

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5. Classy Christmas | Season 7 Episode 10 & 11

All Of ‘The Office Christmas Episodes’ In Order | Binge-worthy For Your Eve (2021)

The “Classy Christmas” is another one of the “The Office Christmas episodes” and it had such a good script that they had to spread it over two consecutive episodes. There’s so much happening. Holly is returning to the office, Michael is trying to impress her, in between his efforts he upsets Holly, damages the gift she received from her boyfriends. When she confronts him, Michael brings her un-born hypothetical future children in the talk and everyone is watching this argument. A perfect day at the office! 

Then we see Daryll bonding with his little girl, Pam gifts Jim a comic book and then there’s some fun here and there making it one of the best the Office Christmas episodes. 

6. Christmas Wishes | Season 8 Episode 10

All Of ‘The Office Christmas Episodes’ In Order | Binge-worthy For Your Eve (2021)

Okay, so Andy has got a new girlfriend and he is totally showing her off to all the employees when he is given the responsibility of running the office for Christmas. Being happy, Andy vows to fulfill all the demands of employees and hence the fun begins. 

Jealous Erin rushes to the open bar because Andy has got a girlfriend but we also see Andy following Erin home, so there’s that. 

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7. Dwight Christmas | Season 9 Episode 9

All Of ‘The Office Christmas Episodes’ In Order | Binge-worthy For Your Eve (2021)

The last episode of all the Office Christmas episodes is quite an emotional one. The relationship between Pam and Jim is on the verge of breaking as he is only working here part-time. This is because he has made his own company in Philadelphia. 

Since it was the last Christmas party of the office, they had to get drunk. The episode ends with a kiss between Nellie and Toby and I don’t know how to process this info. If you know how then comment below.

Wrapping Up

I am sure you had fun watching everybody get drunk. Now you will do the same just for the sake of the holiday season. I hope this article was helpful for you and you have all the Office Christmas episodes in order now. Comment below your favorite dialogues from the Office. We would love to share your comments with our readers. 

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