The Kissing Booth 3 | Things You Need To Know Before You Watch it on Aug 11

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Who’s it gonna be? Noah or Marco?
The Kissing Booth 3 is going to bring a lot of trouble for Elle and we all are so ready for it. The two movies in The Kissing Booth franchise have been super fun to watch and now the last one in the franchise is going to end the story. But on what note? Wait!! You cannot watch the last one right away. Duh! You need to know what all drama has already happened. 

The epic friendship of Elle and Lee, and growing up almost like twins, has been so good to watch. The dance, the parties, the bucket lists, Ahh!! Lucky Elle! Who else has such an amazing friend? Nobody would want to end that kind of bond. However, The Kissing Booth 2 ended on such a note that we cannot guess how the third part will shape their friendship. Especially when she has so many people to think about. Ahm! Ahm! (Will come to that later)

The ending of The Kissing Booth 3 was so drawing that we could neither guess the next storyline nor we could stop thinking about it. Elle has to make some grown-up decisions, knowing that her relationship with so many people is going to be affected. We guessed Lee and Noah but after watching the trailer of The Kissing Booth 3, now there’s Marco in the scene too. What else?

Without waiting any further, let’s move to the next section of the article and make sure you get all the details of The Kissing Booth 3.

Walking Down the Memory Lane of The Kissing Booth 

When the first movie came out, the character of Elle was the most relatable one from the cast of The Kissing Booth. How could she not be? She was clumsy, confused, and all alone. With a super supportive best friend, Lee on her side. 

The first movie made her kinda a bad one who broke the “rules”. But how could she not! Have you looked at Noah? An unpopular girl falling for the super hot big brother of her BFF. Also, she had a crush on him since she was a kid. No matter what she does, Elle was attracted to him, and even when she didn’t want to, she broke rule number 9 and fell for Noah, so damn hard. 

The first movie ended after the two best friends realized the hard way that some rules need to be broken. 

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The Kissing Booth 3 | Things You Need To Know  Before You Watch it on Aug 11
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The Kissing Booth 2 started on a great note, where everything was perfect. Noah had gone to Harvard, Elle and Lee were chilling together as they used to and life was going on. 

But since drama had to follow, so it did. 

Elle thought Noah was cheating on her with a friend and when he visited home, he saw Elle and Marco kissing. Elle kissing a new dancer/hot guy upsets Noah so he went back to Harvard. Cutting long story short, Elle finally realizes that even if she has feelings for Marco she still loves Noah and they get back together. 

Now, when everything is going great again, it’s time for our very smart Elle to shine her decision-making skills. But how?

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Harvard or Berkeley? Where would she go in The Kissing Booth 3? 

We know that Elle and Lee’s mothers met in Berkeley and it was their dream to go to the same university since their childhood. They had planned this and wrote it in the ultimate bucket list, found at the Beach house. Elle and Lee did almost everything written on the Bucket list in the summer break, and then this dumbass remembers she has already applied for Harvard. 

She tells Lee that she has only been waitlisted in both Harvard and Berkeley, but now she learns that she’s been accepted at both colleges. No more excuses. 

The girl has always been stuck between the two brothers. Instead, this time things were a little different. Her decision would have an impact not only on her relations but also on her career. No matter how much friction Elle and Lee faced, they were always co-dependent. On the other hand, she also had a communication gap with Noah (when she thought he’s cheating on her). 

The Kissing Booth 3 | Things You Need To Know  Before You Watch it on Aug 11
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In The Kissing Booth 3, she has to choose directly between Lee and Noah. Best friend or Boyfriend? She cannot go to another university because so far she hasn’t applied for any. In that case, it is going to be either of them. 

This dilemma of Elle will bring a lot of stress even to the viewers. 

Marco is Back & There’s Still Some Tension

We are so ready for this love triangle. Marco was attracted to Elle right from the start and the sexual tension between them kept on growing with their dance practices. Elle won the competition and even kissed Marco. 

The Kissing Booth 3 | Things You Need To Know  Before You Watch it on Aug 11
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Later, she admits to Marco that although she’s attracted to him, Noah is still the only one she loves. From the trailer of The Kissing Booth 3, we see that Marco still has feelings for Elle. Now Elle would have to deal with him for the last time. She can even ditch Noah but who knows what will happen!!

Netflix is releasing the movie on August 11, you won’t have to wait for long to find out who’s gonna be the guy. 

Wrapping Up

Elle is as clumsy and confused as any girl next door. The presence of super hot guys in her life makes us want to be her. Besides this, the drama is super exciting and we cannot wait for Aug 11 to watch The Kissing Booth 3 for the final time. Thank God for Netflix!

Comment below whom do you think Elle will land for? Boyfriend or Best friend? Noah or Marco? 


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