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Living in the 21st century, keeping up with the trend has become a basic life necessity. As they said, “You are nothing if you aren’t talked about” ..xoxo gossip girl. Well, talking about the trend, one that can’t go without mention is TikTok. Of course, if it is one thing that has created an obsession in today’s generation it is TikTok and its videos. People are going to crazy extents to make videos which have led to the creation of these fascinating content houses like HYPE house.

In this fast-paced digital world, you are either in with the trend, or you are… well, no one cares if you are anything else. Gone are the days when becoming a doctor, Engineer, CEO was the only dream job of the youth. Nowadays, teenagers are experimenting, being creative, and are choosing unique career paths like TikTok content creators and influencers. They don’t want a settled life but keep challenging themselves to reach stardom as they desire.

Name and fame have become their only aim. But if you somehow still don’t have any idea about TikTok and its content houses, it is maybe because you are living in a cave. Don’t worry, we have got you covered; here is everything you need to know about Hype house: the first TikTok content house.

What Is The Hype House?

Hype house was the first content house inspired by the youtube collab houses that acted as the collaborative content house, allowing different content creators and influencers to come under one roof and make videos together. The primary purpose of this initiative was to let content creators collaborate and promote their as well as other members’ videos for TikTok, Instagram, and youtube handles.

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Where Is The Hype House Located?

The Hype house mansion is located in Los Angeles. The residence is a Spanish-style mansion alighted at the top of a fenced street, containing a deluxe pool, grand backyard, enormous kitchen, large halls, and dining and living quarters for the members. 

While some members live in the house full time, several others keep their room to crash as per their requirements.

How Was The Hype House Created?

In Dec 2019, three content creators, Daisy Keech, Chase Hudson, and Thomas Petrou, came together and decided to form a group of 20 Gen Z TikTok influencers and moved into a house.

It’s upsetting that they forgot to invite us but it’s okay I have forgiven them and so should you…

Also, a fascinating fact is that according to the New York Times, it was initially named the House of Olympus; Wow, that’s totally the opposite of cool.

Of course, teenagers and drama go hand in hand, so how can there be any fewer controversies in this house? Daisy Keech, who was a founding member of the house, felt that she wasn’t being given enough credit and decided to leave the house. She filed a lawsuit against the other two founders and decided to create her own new content house with Abby Rao, known as Clubhouse.

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Who Lives In The Hype House?

If it were up to me, I would have indeed invited you, but I guess this time we just have to settle with dreaming and scrolling their videos. Though there is a constant shift in the members of this elite group due to.. well, no one really knows why?

But more than a dozen members are considered to be a part of it. One of the most notable personalities of the group was Daisy Keech, who is an Instagram model, fitness influencer, and a Youtuber. Unlike other members, she was pretty famous beforehand with 3.1M followers on Instagram as a fitness model.

Other significant Hype House members of the group are-

Influencer TikTok Handle
Addison Rae@addisonre
Alex Warren@alexwaarren
Avani Gregg@avani
Calvin Goldby@calvingoldby
Chase Hudson@lilhuddy
Jack Wright@jack.wright
James Wright@jameswrightt
Kellianne Stankus@keliannestankus
Kouvr Annon@k0uvr
Larri Merritt@larrayeeee
Mia Hayward@miahayward
Michael Sanzone@sanzone
Nate Wyatt@nate_wyatt
Nick Austin@nickaustinn
Olivia Ponton@iamoliviaponton
Ondrea Lopez@ondreazlopez
Patrick Huston@patrickhu5ton
Ryland Storms@rylandstormss
Taylor Holder@itstaylerholder
Thomas Petrou@petroutv
Tony Lopez@tonylopez

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What Are The Rules Of Hype House?

Content creation is the most significant and necessary factor if the members have to hold on to their position as a part of the group. It is not like the other TikTok house that gives us frat-like vibes. The influencers have to work and create unique videos to maintain that benchmark associated with their name. 

As Thomas once said, “If someone slips up constantly, they’ll not be a part of this team anymore.”

Hype House Handles

In December 2019, Hype house was created by the most celebrated TikTok stars and influencers. They announced their formation with a Backstreet Boysesque photoshoot, and shortly within minutes, the hype house was hyped. I guess that is what they mean when they say live up to your name. Their hashtag started trending, nearly accruing 100 million views in TikTok.

Their group handle crossed 3M followers within two weeks, and suddenly everyone seemed to be interested in their lives. And if you are one of them, you must check out their other platforms to satisfy your curiosity

  • Tiktok-  TheHypeHouse 
    Followers- 19.5M  
  • YouTube-  The Hype House
    Subscribers- 1.61M
  • Instagram – thehypehousela
    Followers- 5.6M

Hype House and Netflix ??

Well, if you still can’t get enough and are dying to get inside scoops, you are in for a treat. On 22 April 2021, Netflix made an announcement about airing a reality show at the Hype house. This new series will star Chase Hudson and Thomas Petrou, the co-founders, along with featuring other members like Alex Warren, Jack Wright, Kouvr Annon, Sienna Mae Gomez, Larri Merritt, Nikita Dragun. 

As per Deadline, the series will “take viewers inside the group’s communal mansion in Los Angeles, offering an exclusive, fly-on-the-wall look into the glamorous, stressful, and high-speed personal and professional antics of the young stars, as they live together and collaborate daily on new content.

Trust me; if you are a fan, you would not wanna miss this. So schedule your work, grab your popcorn buckets and join them on their journey.

Though the dates are not released yet, stay tuned for any further updates about the show.

Other Houses Like Hype House

The Hype House
The Hype House

Since the Hype house created its buzz, many such houses started popping up with different ideas, different themes, trying to develop a fanbase for them.

  • The Sway house 
  • Clubhouse
  • Shluv House
  • Kids Next Door
  • Byte Squad
  • [email protected] House
  • Not A Content House
  • Wave House
  • Bay House
  • Icon House

And many more that are appearing and disappearing overnight!!

Can I Get Into Hype House !?

C’mon, you must have lowkey thought about that question, if not said out loud. It’s okay; you are not the only one. Living with friends in a mansion where your job is to make videos and have fun. Right, who would want that… Yaa, it’s you… Okay, fine, me too.

But did you hear the latest announcement? If not, take a seat… Apparently, Chase, who is the group’s scout, made an announcement to the New York Times that he’s looking for creators who are talented, weird, funny, or extremely good-looking.

So, I guess dreams can come true. Well, why are you still here? Go and apply for your spot.

Wrapping Up

Irrespective of the head-to-head competition in the entertainment world, the Hype house still maintains its prominent and significant position in this creative industry. While so many content houses tried to reach their level of fame, hype house’s TikTok videos are still stealing the show.

No doubt, it is still one of the audience’s favorites.


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