The Best Apps To Set Your Goals For The New Year

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The new year is quickly creeping upon us and many of us have goals set for the new year. The chaos that we’ve been in for the past two years has made it even more difficult to keep track of things without setting it out. We’ve compiled a list of the best productivity and goal-setting apps that have been recommended by a world-class IT Managed Services Company, TechQuarters, to help set and keep track of your goals for 2022. 

1. Fabulous

Fabulous is a fast-growing app that incorporates mindfulness into productivity. The app has a range of guided meditations and has tools to help improve your sleep. They even have challenges to help keep you motivated and help connect you with like-minded people. You can set yourself small daily goals to get started like drinking water and being more positive. This helps to keep you on track with even larger goals too!

2. SAGE mobile 

SAGE Mobile is perfect for those of us who are always on the go and need everything on your phone for business purposes. The SAGE mobile app is part of the SAGE Total Access membership and is especially loved by providers of Outsourced IT Support Services because this kind of app helps keep ongoing Outsourced IT Support jobs on track. There are many features available on this app which includes creating presentations, project tracking and planning. You can even set up routes that you’d like to take for future business trips. You can even use their exhibitor feature to save notes and photos for any future plans. 

3. Forest

Something that most of us want to improve is our productivity levels. Forest uses the Pomodoro method to help keep you focused. All you need to do is plant a seed within the app and set your phone down when you’re ready to be productive. Plating the seed starts a timer and your tree will grow along with it. When you’re done, you’ll have a beautiful tree that can be planted in your virtual forest. Picking up your phone before the timer is up will cause your tree to die and you’ll have to start with a new tree. The best part is that when you meet your goals you earn in-app cash, which can then be used to plant real trees. 


Many of us struggle to decide when to use a calendar and when to use a to-do list. Any.o allows you to do both. It allows you to set up any reminders and meetings which will then sync with your to-do list. This is why it is loved by many in the Managed IT Support Services Industry who deal with many different clients at one time. You can keep track of all your plans and stay on track for your goals, as well as manage where your tasks are in terms of progress and completion.


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