Aesthetic Thanksgiving Decorations | DIY & Inexpensive Home Decors

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As enjoyable and festive Thanksgiving can be, it can be a little stressful too. There’s a whole lunch or dinner to prepare and you also want your house to look as chic as possible. If you think you need to buy all those expensive decor items then please save yourself some money and look out for Thanksgiving Decorations this November. 

Turkey Day always brings love, laughter, and abundance, after all, turkey is the symbol of abundance. Doing a similar decor can bring out the essence of this day and your Thanksgiving dinner will be remembered for years. Don’t worry none of these things are costly and most of them are even DIY. 

Simple things like candles, colors, and clothes can change the whole look of your dinner. Whatever you choose from this list, make sure it matches your home decors. All of these work best with Wooden furniture as well. So you can be assured that these are the best choices you’ll have for Thanksgiving.

DIY Thanksgiving Decorations

Aesthetic Thanksgiving Decorations | DIY & Inexpensive Home Decors

It is super easy to create a look in your house that has an impact on your guests. You’ll be using a lot of products you used in your Halloween window decor so that nothing gets wasted after using them once.

Also, when you are putting so much effort into inviting someone over to your house, why not create these quick Thanksgiving Decorations and give your dining table a huge makeover. If you agree, then continue reading.

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Aesthetic Thanksgiving Decorations | DIY & Inexpensive Home Decors

1. Corn Husk Wreath

Peel around 18-20 dried corns and stick the husks on the back of corns like shown in this picture. Make sure you color coordinate the corns a little bit. Place all the dried corns over an 18” craft ring and place this wreath outside your main door on Thanksgiving.

Aesthetic Thanksgiving Decorations | DIY & Inexpensive Home Decors

2. Rustic Roots For Thanksgiving Decorations

This one-of-a-kind centerpiece will look amazing in the middle of your dining table. Set this up with golden candle holders, if you don’t have that then simply use white crockery to maintain the light tone of the colors.

Aesthetic Thanksgiving Decorations | DIY & Inexpensive Home Decors

3. Cloth Leaves & Pinecone Napkin Decor

Cut multiple leaves from cotton fabric cloth and tie mini pinecones on them with some strings. Use pastel-colored napkins. You can also paint the pinecones with gold paint or spray to give it a little more festive vibe.

Aesthetic Thanksgiving Decorations | DIY & Inexpensive Home Decors

4. Fresh Flowers With Warm Lights

This one is especially for Thanksgiving dinners. If you are doing so much hard work to prepare all the meals, put a little more effort to light some candles and fresh flowers on your table. I swear it will look totally classic. The small details bring so much more than those lavish decors you usually buy.

Aesthetic Thanksgiving Decorations | DIY & Inexpensive Home Decors

5. DIY Paper Tablecloth for Thanksgiving Decorations

If you want to stand out among all the families who are throwing Thanksgiving dinners then try to bring out some crafty side of yours. This paper tablecloth is designed for a dinner of four. You can also put the name of your guests on the plate. Also, the brown color here is really vibing with the Thanksgiving decor, so you know things can only go up from here.

Aesthetic Thanksgiving Decorations | DIY & Inexpensive Home Decors

6. DIY Cornucopia Thanksgiving Decor

You just need two things to make this beautiful DIY Cornucopia, hot glue, and rope. That’s it. Take the end of your rope and rope it on itself for about 4”. Now, start wrapping the rope in bigger circles all the way applying glue, gradually forming a Cornucopia. Put red fruits in it, like apples, red grapes, and pomegranates. It will look best with all your Thanksgiving decorations.

Aesthetic Thanksgiving Decorations | DIY & Inexpensive Home Decors

7. Tan Your Pumpkin & Paint It

Firstly keep your Pumpkin Patches in sun for days after Halloween, its striking orange color will fade and if you think it has faded enough then paint it green (slight green, almost grey) and leave it for a few minutes. Tadaa! Your sophisticated Thanksgiving decorations are all ready.

Aesthetic Thanksgiving Decorations | DIY & Inexpensive Home Decors

8. Cinnamon Napkin Decor

As I already told you, little details matter the most. Take little ropes, tie two Cinnamon sticks around your napkins with some leaves of Modern Tannenbaum (Christmas tree leaves), and done. I swear it will look super chic and you will get some serious compliments for it.

Aesthetic Thanksgiving Decorations | DIY & Inexpensive Home Decors

9. Pumpkin Candles

Since a lot of you have already been using candles for dinners give it a Thanksgiving touch this year. I am sure you have some left-over pumpkins from Halloween. So, cut their tops and put your candles in them. You can also add some green details and candle glass over the whole thing.

Aesthetic Thanksgiving Decorations | DIY & Inexpensive Home Decors

10. White Pumpkins and Flowers

Paint your Pumpkins white or you can simply buy these amazing pieces from Amazon. The white flowers over the white pumpkin look really sophisticated and you will surely love your Thanksgiving decorations if you included these on your dining table.

Wrapping Up

If you think that you need to spend your precious money to give your dining table a makeover, then we are here to differ. Simple things like napkins and cinnamon sticks with Christmas tree leaves make the napkins look super chic. Just like that, DIY Cornucopia is also so easy to make. Just hot glue and rope and you can create your own art piece in your house.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are common decorations during Thanksgiving?

1. Cornucopia or A Horn of Plenty
2. Pumpkins, Squash
3. Corn
4. Indian Decor
5. Pilgrims and more

How do I decorate for Thanksgiving on a budget?

1. Candle Votives
2. Twine
3. Burlap
4. Fake flowers
5. Pumpkins
6. Plastic fruit (you could use these to make 7. cornucopias)
8. Fall leaves
9. Glass vases

What is a good Thanksgiving menu?

1. Brussels Sprouts with Bacon and Roasted Chestnuts
2. Sweet Potatoes with Ancho-Maple Glaze
3. Cranberry and Dried-Cherry Sauce
4. Pumpkin Cheese Bread
5. Butter-and-Herb Roast Turkey
6.Buttermilk Cornbread Stuffing with Sausage
7. Leek and Potato Gratin
8. Green Bean Salad with Red Onion


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