6 Tech Tools for Your Small Business

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So, you’ve come up with your small business idea and gotten it off the ground, but now you need to streamline business practices. With limited staff, however, only so much work can be done without help from technology. The first thing you should do is look for affordable solutions to maximize business growth and productivity. Growing a small business takes time, but we believe that these tools will get you there faster. Read on to learn about six tech tools for your small business. 

  1. Asana Task Management

Many small businesses fail because of poor communication. Asana changes all of that. Asana is a team-building task management system for download on all devices. The team leader creates a profile that also lists all of the team members and their titles. Tasks and to-dos are uploaded and organized by their deadline and can be marked as complete as team members work through them. Instant messaging is another feature that makes this tool useful for maximizing productivity. There is a free version that contains all of the fundamental features for conducting productive business. All you need is a digital device to get started. 

  1. Thunderbird Email Protection

If you’re a stickler about keeping business as professional as possible, you may want to extend these efforts to how you email with Thunderbird. A combined email service that stores your information locally, you can email, send tasks, and chat with clients under a more public format than your personal or work email. Not dissimilar to Microsoft’s Outlook, Thunderbird is your solution for professional message storage. 

  1. Wrike Performance Analysis 

Using real-time analytics, Wrike gives feedback on web activity and performance insights. You can customize the data you receive based on your needs, share comments and information with colleagues, and include teams on new projects and tasks. It may be beneficial to integrate your analyses with other compatible tools for better performance. You can also pair Wrike with your emails to track the responsiveness of your email marketing

  1. EmailAnalytics Performance Tracker

If you’re using email as your main form of communication, get EmailAnalytics and keep track of your team’s ongoing email activity. You can oversee KPIs and review the response times for emails sent and received. You’re able to see an automatic breakdown of these calculations, giving you a fast and easy way to gain insight into how productively your team is working with one another. For financial productivity, avoid financial disaster and look into tax software hosting to streamline your workflow for better results. 

6 Tech Tools for Your Small Business
  1. Canva Graphic Design

Need to design something for your business? Canva, has you covered. From business cards to album covers, Canva is your one-stop shop for marketing creations. Overcome the struggle of newbie entrepreneurism and work with easy drag-and-drop features to create graphics. You can upload your creations to social media and create banners for your business to gain online interest. Best of all, Canva has ready-to-go templates that you can use to base your designs on. You no longer have to think of an idea from scratch with so much inspiration already at your fingertips.  

  1. RescueTime Activity Logging 

The RescueTime app runs on your desktop or another device, tracking the amount of time you spend on the applications you use throughout the day. Once the day is over, you receive a report on your activity, giving you insight into the tasks that are consuming most of your time. You can customize the app to track specific things like email reading, social media, and other online activities you wish to analyze more closely. These reports give you feedback to improve your day and be more productive when you’re on or offline. 

Cover your bases with these easy-to-use tools to track productivity, customer behavior, and more. Your small business will benefit from these integrative and affordable tech tools. 


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