Sudan’s RSF probe death of detainee in its facilities

Sudan’s RSF probe death of detainee in its facilities

December 27, 2020 (KHARTOUM) – The Rapid Support Forces (RSF) are investigating into the death of a detainee during his interrogation by its elements, while the Sudanese Professionals Association called on the government to take needed measures to prevent such arrest in the future.

Baha El-Din Nouri died in an RSF detention centre in Khartoum last week. He was transferred to Omdurman morgue. His family refused to take his body and requested a second autopsy as they say he was killed under torture.

In a statement issued on Sunday, the RSF Spokesman, Jamal Jumaa, said that investigations are underway with the head of the RSF Intelligence Department and the concerned officers.

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Jumaa further said that all those involved in Nouri’s detention are under arrest until completion of the probe.

This incident now opens again the debate over the RSF’s legal framework as they continue to expand their activities under the cover of the fight against terrorism and human trafficking.

The Sudanese Professional Association New-Secretariat (SPA-NS) on Sunday denounced the murder of Nouri and requested the military component of the Sovereign Council to make public its plans to reform the army and security services.

Speaking in a press conference Ammar Abdel Bagui, a SPA-NS leading member told reporters they would give the military component of the Sovereign Council two week to announce its plans to reform the army and security forces.

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Abdel Bagui warned that the military would face the Sudanese street if they fail to respond to their request.

He also urged the cabinet to take a clear position from this “crime”.

“The government has to take the needed measures to prevent such a crime in the future and to criminalize such acts,” he said.

He further urged the Justice Minister and the Attorney General to take a position on the arrest and detention of civilians by the RSF militiamen.

On Saturday, the SPA-NS called on the government to order the closure of the RSF detention facilities and to release the detainees or transfer them to the police.

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The RSF remain very unpopular despite their efforts to improve their image since two years ago.

At the beginning of the December revolution, their refusal to disperse protesters was appreciated but their image was tarnished by their involvement in the attack of 3 June 2019 against a pro-democracy sit-in.


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