Succession Season 3 Release Date, Tweets & Plot in 2021

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It took a year of lockdown for the Roy Dynasty to return on the HBO screen. In November, everybody thought the cruelest family is coming back again. But when?? The wait for Succession Season 3 release date has been long drawn now. Check out this article to know all that you need to know about the show and its upcoming events.

Succession is one of the best TV shows on HBO. Inspired by the Murdoch family, Succession has proved that the show holds a larger potential. Especially when there are actors like Brian Cox and Sarah Snook. It is not me who says so, many critics have agreed that ‘Succession is good’. So just in case, you haven’t watched it, here’s your pitch to do so before the Succession Season 3 release date is announced. 

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Everybody is wondering about the Succession Season 3 release date, and the makers have unintentionally directed us towards it. They haven’t announced it, but in an HBO trailer they have set out some information about the release of Succession season 3. Below we have given the full detail of the events. 

Do you know where they have been shooting for Succession Season 3? Let’s find out. 

All You Need To Know Before Succession Season 3 Release Date Is Announced 

The shooting of Season 3 has been wrapped by now. How do we know it? Stalking! It appears that everyone from the cast was headed to Italy in May 2021. Their Instagram handles have posted some stories revealing that they were moving to Rome, for shooting some other scenes. 

While we are desperately waiting for the power moves of the possible Successors, they are off to Italy, filming for us.

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What is the Succession Season 3 Release Date?

Everything is perfect for the return of Roys. The covid situation is in control. But do you know? The makers have officially announced the release of Succession Season 3 is going to be before 2022. Well, they have kind of made it official. 

Succession Season 3 Release Date 2021
Source: Insta Chronicles

An HBO Max trailer with facts first has included Succession among the TV shows to be aired before 2022. After that, it was confirmed by Casey Bloys, HBO’s chief content officer. He said that so long as we get something like a “normal world”, Succession Season 3 will return in quarter four of 2021.

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We can only hope it to be released before September because then it can get nominated in the 2021 Emmy Awards. 

What Exactly Happened In The Last Season?

Succession Season 3 Release Date 2021
Source: Romper

To catch you up, Waystar Royco was getting down because of some dealings at Tom’s theme park. Logan with his extreme temper wants a blood sacrifice until Tom, and Shiv begs him to save her husband. 

Then Logan moves to Kendall, who literally owes him his life after daddy tackled the accident-murder-of-the-bartender situation. Kendall confirms to his father that he has “no killer instinct”, after that he drops a bomb at the press conference. Naming his father “a malignant presence, a bully and a liar”. 

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But is Kendall going to be the CEO in the next season? Well, this particular scene might have just suggested that. In the Season 2 finale episode, Logan is smiling at Kendall after he did his mic-drop announcement. Just to keep everything clear, this move of Kendall suggests that daddy has realized Kenny was as cunning and clever as one needs to be to become a CEO. A possible heir to the company? We don’t know that. 

Succession Season 3 Release Date 2021
Source: Interviewer PR

Besides, Roman even after being a hostage in the Middle East is announced as the COO of the company. Now how will everyone react to it? This sudden change in the family will be a key factor in Succession Season 3. 

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Clues For Succession Season 3

The last episode of Succession Season 2 is filled with numerous clues for the next season. It is quite evident that the last episode was the best one up until now. We see great dialogues, great turning, and great acting. Especially, Kendall changes the whole scenario by getting his identity back from his father.

The last episode, had us chained because of the major turn of events. I didn’t even like Kendall before it, but I was suddenly intrigued by the character as he did that press conference. In the next season, Kendall has left the succession and is now more powerful than ever.

Normally, the ending would have been the hero to die, but but but! Not this time. The villain will turn into a hero character and will change the narrative.

Wrap Up

That was all about the HBO TV show Succession. Hope this article helped you know all about Succession Season 3 release date 2021. We have included some sneak peeks from the shooting as well. 

Comment below if you want to know anything else about the Succession Season 3 Release Date and we will be glad to bring you what you want. Have a nice day!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Kendall Roy’s son autistic?

Iverson Roy suffers from the Autism spectrum. It is the most probable explanation of the character’s behavior on Succession.

Does Kendall become CEO in succession?

When Kendall asks Logan if he ever was running to be the next CEO, Logan replies, “You’re not a killer”. By the end of Season 2, we see Kendall has turned himself into the evil person no one expected him to be.

What happened to Logan’s sister Rose?

The reason behind Rose’s death is known. All we know is that Logan blames himself for her death.

Does Shiv become CEO?

No, Logan has not named Shiv the CEO. He has named his mistress Rhea the next CEO of Waystar-Royco.

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