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The countdown has begun and you will be hearing Jingle Bells all around the season. You have so many things to do. Decorate your interiors, prepare a delicious dinner, and gift your peers the most special Christmas cards. I am sure you have become a pro at doing this, but what if you forget that one thing you need from the grocery store? What if you visit the store and find it closed? Play smart and find out about all the Stores Open On Christmas Day.

Here’s a basic checklist, you need to prepare your Christmas tree, get some personalized gifts for your friends, and invite everyone for a get-together. But that doesn’t cover everything. I am pretty sure there will be something you would miss and you already know not every store is open on Christmas day.

Not many, but there are some stores open on Christmas day. Luckily, most of the stores have provided information on whether they will or will not be open on Christmas day. That’s a good thing, cause even if a store is closed, knowing it will only save your time so that you don’t visit it in an emergency.

What Stores Are Open On Christmas Day?

All The Stores Open On Christmas Day | Your Last Minute Saviour!

Before you start googling “stores open on Christmas near me” here’s an article that will be your savior. This list includes pharmacies and grocery stores for any last time needs. 

I am pretty sure you will get surprised to see some of the most popular stores open on Christmas day. If you do get happy, then make sure you share this article in your Whatsapp groups. 

1. Is Walmart Open On Christmas Day?

It truly pains me to say that Walmart will be closed on Christmas day. Only resuming their working hours from December 26. Moreover, Walmart has recently decided to have a holiday on Thanksgiving too. 

2. Is Target Open On Christmas Day?

Target is closed on Christmas day, but it will be open on the eve. You can contact your nearest Target store to confirm. Usually, the Target store is open till 8 PM on Christmas eve. 

3. Is Starbucks Open On Christmas Day?

Yes, Starbucks stores are open on Christmas day. I know you must be craving to try the new Starbucks Christmas drinks. However, you still have to check up on them by connecting with them. It depends from location to location whether a Starbucks store will be open or not. 

4. Is Rite Aid Open On Christmas Day? 

Most Rite Aid stores are open on Christmas day. Their visiting hours are between 8 AM to 10 PM. But we will always recommend you to check upon your nearest branch before visiting. 

5. Are Walgreens and Duane Reade Open On Christmas Day?

Yes, Walgreens is open on Christmas day. You can pick up prescriptions and necessary medicines even on the eve. You can also get your other basic medication at Duane Reade as it will open on Christmas day. 

6. Is Whole Foods Open On Christmas Day?

Grocery stores like Whole Foods are closed on Christmas day. But to everyone’s surprise, Whole Foods will be open on Christmas eve only for limited hours. You have to make sure you get in there in time to do your shopping. 

7. Is The Home Depot Open On Christmas Day?

No, Home Depot is not open on Christmas day. You cannot shop from Home Depot on Dec 25, however, you can shop a day before if you need to do any last time shopping. 

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List Of All Stores Open On Christmas Day

All The Stores Open On Christmas Day | Your Last Minute Saviour!
  1. ALDI
  2. 7-Eleven
  3. Albertsons (with holiday hours)
  4. Casey’s (It may open after 10 a.m. on Christmas day)
  5. Circle K/Couche-Tard
  6. Cumberland Farms (You might even get a free cup of coffee)
  7. CVS (Expect shortened hours)
  8. Rite Aid
  9. Starbucks (Hours will vary by location)
  10. Sheetz (Most locations are open, but not necessarily all)
  11. Safeway (Hours will vary by location)
  12. Wawa
  13. Walgreens/Duane Reade
  14. QuickChek
  15. Acme 
  16. Family Dollar/Dollar Tree
  17. Rite Aid
  18. BJ’s Wholesale
  19. Costco
  20. Dunkin’ Donuts
  21. Family Dollar/Dollar Tree
  22. The Fresh Market
  23. Giant Eagle
  24. Giant Food
  25. Harris Teeter
  26. IHOP
  27. McDonald’s
  28. Martin’s
  29. Publix
  30. QuickChek
  31. Sam’s Club
  32. Stop & Shop

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List Of All Stores Closed On Christmas

All The Stores Open On Christmas Day | Your Last Minute Saviour!

All the below-written stores are closed on December 25. You can check the list below-

  1. ALDI
  2. Burlington
  3. Costco
  4. Giant
  5. Dollar General
  6. Kroger
  7. Michaels
  8. Publix
  9. Sam’s Club
  10. ShopRite
  11. Stop & Shop
  12. Trader Joe’s
  13. Target
  14. The Home Depot
  15. Walmart
  16. Wegman’s
  17. Whole Foods

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Wrapping Up

Can you believe McDonald’s is open on Christmas? Many other stores like Walmart are also open. I hope this article helped you to know about the stores that are closed on Christmas Day. That was all about this article on “All The Stores Open On Christmas Day”. If you found it informative enough then let us know by commenting below. 

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