Stating the Importance of Dental Insurance Verification Outsourcing

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Dental insurance verification is an extremely crucial process as it ensures the coverage of the service rendered to a patient. As a matter of fact, recent research reveals that the failure to do a proper dental insurance verification is the main reason behind the increased instances of claim denials. While being crucial, it is also very elaborate process and demands a lot of time and effort. The process is initiated with checking patient file details to ensure their accuracy. After the verification, clinics contact insurance agencies to verify their coverages. It can be an uphill task for a single resource to execute these processes with utmost accuracy. Such difficulties have prompted dental insurance verification outsourcing to bring accuracy and acceleration in the process. 

Here’s a look at the factors that state the importance of dental insurance verification outsourcing:

Compliance with regulatory guidelines – Dental insurance verification outsourcing ensures complete adherence to the HIPAA guidelines and other prevalent regulations as stated by the international organization for standardization. As it is their core function, outsourced partners ensure to stay on top of the regulatory dynamism and align their process delivery to the same. Reputed outsourcing companies have obtained the ISO 9001:2015 certification. It serves as a proof of their superior service quality.

Better quality assurance – Leading third-party vendors harbor a team of specialized analysts who determine the accuracy of the final output format that are gathered from medical data entry services. These experts take the responsibility to ensure that the client is able to use the digital files to accelerate the process of dental service delivery. 

Single point of contact– Industry-leading vendors ensure delegating resources stationed in different time zones who are tasked to actively communicate with the outsourced dental insurance verification professionals. They are the single point of contact for any query or to get update on the progress of the verification process. The fact that they are located in different time zones makes them available on a round-the-clock basis.

Flexible pricing – A critical  benefits of dental insurance verification outsourcing is clients are offered flexibly priced service packages. Basically, they can pay only for the service they avail which can be chosen in accordance with their immediate need and budget. 

Robust data security Dental insurance verification outsourcing vendors are known to implement robust data security measures that are in line with the guidelines stated by the information security management system. They use secure VPN and FTP while transferring sensitive clinical information and data to prevent them from being accessed by unauthorized users. This has earned them the ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certification. Clients must verify the possession of this certificate which proved a vendor’s level of regulatory compliance, service quality, and data protection capabilities. 

Parting Note

Apart from the benefits stated above, dental insurance verification outsourcing takes away a major burden from the in-house staff who then has the leeway to focus on other critical medical care related tasks. However, the onus lies on clients to understand the fact that a dental insurance verification outsourcing vendor should exhibit expertise in the dental field and should not treat it as their secondary service. 


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