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In this article of our manga series, we’ll be covering one of the successful Japanese comics that goes by the name, So I’m a Spider So What? In case you came here looking for the manga, this is most definitely your one-stop destination.

Alternatively known as ‘Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka?‘ in Japanese, the manga has been adapted from the original Light Novel series of the same name written by Okina Baba and with Tsukasa Kiryu as the illustrator behind the web novel. 

So I’m a Spider So What? Newly Released Chapters

The manga adaptation was launched in 2015 by the artist – Asahiro Kakashi. The manga series under the licensing of Yen Press was put on the Kadokawa Shoten’s manga website named Young Ace Up.

With over 50 chapters having been released across a total of 10 volumes, as of now, the manga series is still an ongoing project. The fact that the Japanese series even has an anime under its belt speaks for its success.

Synopsis of So I’m a Spider So What?

The plot of the series follows the events of the opposition of a Hero and a Demon King in an alternate world. Their collision of magic was so immense that its explosion crossed over parallel worlds and destroyed a high-school classroom full of students.

This is where the real story of our lead protagonist begins. As being reincarnated as a spider, one of the weakest monsters in the magical world, she takes the challenge with utmost determination. Join the protagonist in her journey as she tries to adapt to this new world while surviving against creatures and monsters stronger than herself.

Manga Volumes

A total of 10 manga volumes have been released up until the date of publishing.

Volume No.Chapters Covered
Volume 11-7
Volume 2 8-14
Volume 3 15-19
Volume 4 20-24
Volume 5 25-29
Volume 6 30-34
Volume 7 34-38
Volume 8 39-43
Volume 944-49
Volume 1050-54

So I’m a Spider So What? Chapter-List

Chapter NumberReleased
Chapter 53.1August 5, 2021
Chapter 52.2July 15, 2021
Chapter 52.1June 17, 2021
Chapter 51.3May 27, 2021
Chapter 51.2May 21, 2021
Chapter 51.1April 23, 2021
Chapter 50.3March 11, 2021
Chapter 50.2February 25, 2021
Chapter 50.1February 11, 2021
Chapter 49.2January 28, 2021
Chapter 49.1January 28, 2021
Chapter 48.2January 28, 2021
Chapter 48.1January 28, 2021
Chapter 47.2January 28, 2021
Chapter 47.1January 28, 2021
Chapter 46.2January 28, 2021
Chapter 46.1January 28, 2021
Chapter 45.2January 28, 2021
Chapter 45.1January 28, 2021
Chapter 44.2January 28, 2021
Chapter 44.1January 28, 2021
Chapter 43.2August 18, 2020
Chapter 43.1August 18, 2020
Chapter 42.2August 18, 2020
Chapter 42.1August 18, 2020
Chapter 41.2August 18, 2020
Chapter 41.1August 18, 2020
Chapter 40.2August 18, 2020
Chapter 40.1August 18, 2020
Chapter 39.2August 18, 2020
Chapter 39.1August 18, 2020
Chapter 38.2March 24, 2020
Chapter 38.1March 24, 2020
Chapter 37.2March 24, 2020
Chapter 37.1March 24, 2020
Chapter 36.2March 24, 2020
Chapter 36.1March 24, 2020
Chapter 35.2March 24, 2020
Chapter 35.1March 24, 2020
Chapter 34.2August 6, 2019
Chapter 34.1August 6, 2019
Chapter 33.2August 6, 2019
Chapter 33.1August 6, 2019
Chapter 32.2August 6, 2019
Chapter 32.1August 6, 2019
Chapter 31.2August 6, 2019
Chapter 31.1August 6, 2019
Chapter 30.2August 6, 2019
Chapter 30.1August 6, 2019
Chapter 29.3March 19, 2019
Chapter 29.2March 19, 2019
Chapter 29.1March 19, 2019
Chapter 28.2March 19, 2019
Chapter 28.1March 19, 2019
Chapter 27.2March 19, 2019
Chapter 27.1March 19, 2019
Chapter 26.2March 19, 2019
Chapter 26.1March 19, 2019
Chapter 25.2March 19, 2019
Chapter 25.1March 19, 2019
Chapter 24.2October 30, 2018
Chapter 24.1October 30, 2018
Chapter 23.2October 30, 2018
Chapter 23October 30, 2018
Chapter 22.2October 30, 2018
Chapter 22.1October 30, 2018
Chapter 21.2October 30, 2018
Chapter 21.1October 30, 2018
Chapter 20.3October 30, 2018
Chapter 20.2October 30, 2018
Chapter 20.1October 30, 2018
Chapter 19.2July 24, 2018
Chapter 19.1July 24, 2018
Chapter 18.2July 24, 2018
Chapter 18.1July 24, 2018
Chapter 17.2July 24, 2018
Chapter 17July 24, 2018
Chapter 16.2July 24, 2018
Chapter 16July 24, 2018
Chapter 15.4July 24, 2018
Chapter 15.3July 24, 2018
Chapter 15.2July 24, 2018
Chapter 15.1July 24, 2018
Chapter 15July 24, 2018
Chapter 14.4April 10, 2018
Chapter 14.3April 10, 2018
Chapter 14.2April 10, 2018
Chapter 14.1April 10, 2018
Chapter 14April 10, 2018
Chapter 13.3April 10, 2018
Chapter 13.2April 10, 2018
Chapter 13.1April 10, 2018
Chapter 13April 10, 2018
Chapter 12.2April 10, 2018
Chapter 12.1April 10, 2018
Chapter 11.2April 10, 2018
Chapter 11.1April 10, 2018
Chapter 10.2April 10, 2018
Chapter 10.1April 10, 2018
Chapter 10.2April 10, 2018
Chapter 9April 10, 2018
Chapter 8April 10, 2018
Chapter 7December 19, 2017
Chapter 6.2December 19, 2017
Chapter 6.1December 19, 2017
Chapter 5.2December 19, 2017
Chapter 5.1December 19, 2017
Chapter 4December 19, 2017
Chapter 3December 19, 2017
Chapter 2.1December 19, 2017
Chapter 2December 19, 2017
Chapter 1.2December 19, 2017
Chapter 1December 19, 2017
Chapter 0December 19, 2017

So I’m a Spider So What? Main Characters

1. Kumoko

Reincarnated as the Taratect spider monster, the nameless protagonist of the series is nicknamed ‘Kumoko’ by the entire fandom.

Appearance: As an Ede Saine spider species, she has a white body featuring eight red-colored eyes. Her final evolved form ‘Arachne’ has the body of a young girl with white hair and red eyes in the top half. The bottom half of the body is connected to a large spider.

So I'm a Spider So What? Main Characters
Source: Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka? Fandom

Personality: While she has a positive happy-go-lucky demeanor, she also exhibits some sarcastic traits along with initially being scared of the new magical world.

Abilities: Along with her White Scythe weapon, she also possesses skills and abilities including Parallel Minds, Skanda, Evil Eyes, Spider Thread, Poison Synthesis, Rot Attack and several types of resistances.

Quotes:I’m gonna survive-just watch me!

2. Ariel

Along with being a Demon Lord and the antagonist of the series, Ariel is also the progenitor of the Taratect species. 

Appearance: With a similar appearance to a normal light-skinned human, Ariel rocks short black hair with red eyes. 

So I'm a Spider So What? Main Characters: Ariel
Source: Epicstream

Personality: With two people blended into one, Ariel’s personality ranges from paranoid and cautious to independent, aggressive, and energetic.

Abilities: Along with being the powerful Demon Lord, her powers and skills include Gluttony, Abyss Magic, Kin Domination, and Divine Thread Weaving.

Quotes:I know that I’m being selfish. However, I can’t yield on this. I must finish everything with Potimas by myself.

3. Sophia Keren

Formerly known as Negishi Shouko, Sophia is one of the reincarnated students reborn as a vampire.

Appearance: Although described to have a poor appearance in previous life, the reincarnated version of Sophia has an attractive hourglass figure along with silver-coloured hair and red eyes.

So I'm a Spider So What? (Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka?) | Check Out All 50+ Released Chapters of the Popular Manga Series
Source: Tumgir

Personality: Because of the poor treatment and ridicule she endured in her previous life, Sophia holds the traits of annoyance and hostility. However, as the series progresses, she works on being a better person.

Abilities: While Sophia doesn’t possess any unique skills, her vampire form is one of the strongest out in the System, thanks to the rigorous training that she underwent.

Other Characters


  • Wrath
  • Filimøs
  • Schlain
  • Katia
  • Feirune
  • Hugo
  • Yuri
  • Kunihiko


  • Julius
  • Hyrince
  • Ronandt
  • Aurel
  • Dustin LXI
  • Sue
  • Buirimus


  • Merazophis
  • Balto
  • Bloe
  • Agner
  • Sanatoria
  • Phelmina
  • Wald


  • Taratect Sisters
  • Ael
  • Sael
  • Riel
  • Fiel
  • Wraith


  • Potimas
  • Filimøs
  • Anna

Writer and Illustrator

The comics of So I’m a Spider, So What? has been written by the Japanese manga artist – Asahiro Kakashi. If you want to get latest updates, make sure to follow his Twitter account @kakashiasa.

Wrapping Up

This brings us to the end of our article on So I’m a Spider So What? We hope that this section of our manga article series was helpful in giving you the information that you were looking for. If you liked the article, share it with your friends.

We’d love to hear from you! So, comment down below with some of your favorite moments from the Japanese So I’m a Spider So What? Manga series. And for more interesting stuff related to manga and anime, keep visiting Path of Ex – Your Spot For Trending Stuff!

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