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Wondering about the seven deadly sins watch order? Don’t worry about it. We have got you covered. The seven deadly sins is a Japanese fantasy manga comic series curated and illustrated by Nakaba Suzuki. It got adapted into an animated television series. It is widely popular among anime enthusiasts. It got released in the year 2014. 

It is considered to be one of the finest adventure fiction anime series ever. The anime series lures its target audience by depicting the lives of a fascinating set of characters in a fictitious world. Once you start watching this series, you’ll be hooked till the end. 

You are going to witness a perfect blend of humor and contrasting action sequences in this animated series. In addition to this, the anime has a piece of enticing theme music. The storyline progresses in a breathtaking manner. So, to thoroughly enjoy the anime, your watch order of the Seven Deadly Sins must include the movie based on the same Japanese manga comic. 

In this detailed article, we have covered the watch order of the seven deadly sins anime television series along with its subsequent seasons and related media. 

Plot Overview: Seven Deadly Sins

A beautiful young woman named Elizabeth is the main protagonist of the story who is originally a knight. The Seven Deadly Sins are personified as a group/band of seven knights based in the land of Britannia. The story revolves around Elizabeth’s quest for these seven knights and the subsequent intriguing events.

There are no major differences between manga and anime. The character’s physical traits remain similar to what is illustrated in the manga. The storyline of the series is very captivating and it has many layers in it. 

Many experts have observed the setting of the manga comic series Seven Deadly Sins. They have drawn a conclusion that the setting is similar to that of the European Middle Ages.

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To know more about the storyline of this emotive animated series, you can either go for the manga comic or follow the watch order of Seven Deadly Sins explained in detail below.  

Chronological Order List Of Episodes And Seasons Of Seven Deadly Sins 2022

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The Seven Deadly Sins anime has five seasons in total with a varied number of episodes. It depends upon you how you want to include all the episodes in the Seven Deadly Sins watch order.

The first season of the anime series debuted on television on October 5, in the year 2014.

The first twelve episodes have a beautiful piece of opening theme music -titled “Spectrum Of Passion” which is composed by pop-rock genre band Ikimonogakari. The second opening theme music is brilliantly composed by a five-membered Japanese rock band Man with a mission. 

This first season – ‘The Seven Deadly Sins’ consists of 24 episodes and two OAV/OVA episodes. The list of all episodes along with their release time will help in decoding the watch order of the Seven Deadly Sins anime series. 

All the episodes of the first season of Seven Deadly Sins were released from October 2014 till August 2015. 

The second season – ‘The Seven Deadly Sins: Signs of Holy War’ comprises 4 episodes. The episodes are a continuation of the storyline narrated in the episodes of the previous season. 

The third season – ‘The Seven Deadly Sins: Revival of The Commandments’ contains 24 episodes following the plot of the previous episodes. 

The fourth season has 24 episodes in total along with an enthralling opening music theme titled “Rob The Frontier” composed by a six-membered Japanese rock band “Uverworld”.

The second opening music theme is composed by a popular Indonesian rock band “Superman is dead” also known as “SID”. 

The last and the fifth season of the anime series Seven Deadly Sins has 24 episodes in total. The last season of Seven Deadly Sins was planned by the creators to be premiered in the month of October 2020. However, the fans were left disheartened as its screening got delayed due to the worldwide Covid-19 pandemic. 

After a long delay due to unavoidable circumstances, it was released on January 13, 2021.

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You should include all five seasons in your Seven Deadly Sins watch order.

5 Seasons With Their Release Year For An Ideal Seven Deadly Sins Watch Order

  • The Seven Deadly Sins. (2014)
  • The Seven Deadly Sins: Signs of Holy War. (2016)
  • The Seven Deadly Sins: Revival of The Commandments. (2018)
  • The Seven Deadly Sins: Wrath of the Gods. (2019)
  • The Seven Deadly Sins: Dragon’s Judgement. (2021)

Seven Deadly Sins watch order depends entirely upon an individual’s preference. If you feel like choosing and enjoying random episodes of this great anime series. You can do that as well. However, if you don’t wish to miss out on any detail about the intriguing storyline of the animated series.

Then, you should follow the Seven Deadly Sins watch order properly without any second thought. 

Ultimate Seven Deadly Sins Watch Order To Binge-Watch And Finish The Series

Seven Deadly Sins Movie; Seven Deadly Sins watch order
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It is highly recommended to start by watching the first 24 episodes of season 1. Followed by the two OAV/OVA episodes. Now, you can move to the second season of the series which consists of only 4 episodes. 

Further, you can enjoy all 24 episodes of the third season of the series. Then, you should plan out to watch all the 24 episodes of the fourth season. 

To make the Seven Deadly Sins watch order enjoyable and idea. Don’t rush.

Before jumping to the last season of the anime series Seven Deadly Sins. Your Seven Deadly Sins watch order must include the movie titled The Seven Deadly Sins the Movie: Prisoners of the Sky. The movie is based on the same manga comic and anime series. 

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Where Can You Find All The Latest Seasons Of The Seven  Deadly Sins

All the seasons of the Seven Deadly Sins including the latest episodes are available on the most popular online streaming service – Netflix. It’s a paid service so you require a monthly/ yearly subscription for watching all the seasons. In case, you don’t have an access to Netflix. No worries!

It is also available on Amazon Prime Video. Fortunately, it is available on Funimation as well. 

Wrapping Up

Watching an anime series requires patience and consistency. You don’t have to finish the whole series in one go. Be patient with yourself. Your Seven Deadly Sins watch order will also depend upon your investment of time. Take your time. Make sure you enjoy the Seven Deadly Sins watch order we have curated for you and finish all the episodes.

If you liked what you read, don’t forget to share this article with your friends who love to binge-watch anime. Enjoy watching while munching on your favorite snacks!!!

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