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Shivangi Gupta
Shivangi Gupta
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It’s that time of the year! You guessed it right!! It is time to exchange Secret Santa gifts with your friends and besties. Christmas is around the corner and things will soon be happy and merry.

I always see two types of people during Christmas. One are the Monicas, who have everything properly prepared; gifts, decor, songs, games, and whatnot. Then there are the Joeys, who keeps procrastinating things and keep a huge list of work to do at the last moment. Now, if you are a Joey, then we are here to help you.

Deciding gifts for people is a hard task. If you are also struggling to buy a Secret Santa gift for your friends, then you are at the right place. Follow through the list of these most interesting gifts that will make your friends’ Christmas merrier.

Secret Santa Gifts for Friends

Here are some great Secret Santa gifts for your friends. Go ahead with these Secret Santa gifts and surprise them.

Soft Indoor Slippers

1. Soft Indoor Slippers

Some soft slippers are a good option for a few friends. Go and search for some options. This will be the option for girls and for boys, you can just go for flip-flops. Tell me something better these cozy these for Christmas? Trust me, this is the ideal Secret Santa gift for your friend.

Glass Tumblr

2. Glass Tumblr

A good glass Tumblr looks great while gifting to a friend so add it to your list and mark your name and your friend’s name on it.

Handmade Bookmarks

3. Handmade Bookmarks

People who love to read books are also fascinated by bookmarks. So go and create some beautiful and meaningful bookmarks that you can give them.

Handmade Bookmarks

4. Soft Quilt

The soft quilt is also the best option to gift a friend as we all know the quilt is the basic necessity of every person while sleeping so go with a soft one so that they will feel good while taking it.

Customized Water Bottle

5. Customized Water Bottle

You can also go with a customizable water bottle printed with your friend’s name. The water bottle can also be customized by printing a picture of something favorite of your friend or just going with their own picture.

Fleece Blanket

6. Fleece Blanket

You can go with a customizable fleece blanket. If your friend is a dog lover then go for it. Anything that comes to your mind during this customizable option you can definitely go for it.

Hoop Rings

7. Hoop Rings

If you are going to give something to your Girlfriend you can go with the earring part and in that definitely, the hoop rings look great with every outfit and go with every outfit. buy it for sure.

Grocery Bags

8. Grocery Bags

When we talk about bags I guess grocery bags are essential for an individual as they need them every time while going grocery shopping. Go for a handmade grocery bag that will look more amazing.

Hair Pins

9. Hair Clips

Again for gifting something to a girl you can go with beautiful hair clips as we all know that hair clips are made for every age group so we are grown with that and we love it for life.


9. Dishes

Go put an effort into making something for your friend in making any dish for them. They would definitely love it as it’s specially made for them by their own friend.  


10. Tottles

You can gift a filled handmade tottle with some lotion or something they want to have in it. They are easy to carry anywhere so they can have them with them everywhere they want to have.

Heart Plants

11. Heart Plants

Heart-shaped plants generally look so beautiful while you present them to someone close. They are just a gesture of pure love so take it a good one and give it your closed one.


12. Beanies

Beanies look so cool while wearing so search for a good color that your friend likes and order for them and gift them. They would love to wear it this winter.

Biker Shorts

13. Biker Shorts

They are just too good an option for bikers who love to ride long routes. As they are much comfortable while riding a bike. So you can give this to the one who is a great bike enthusiast. 

Homemade Face Cleanser

14. Homemade Face Cleanser

Again comes the homemade thing that is a face cleanser, it will be great as it will be natural and fresher. So you can make any good face cleanser by just adding some natural flavor to it.

Handmade Balm

15. Handmade Balm

Handmade balms are just so good that one loves to use them every time. For girls, you can make some flavors of strawberry and rose and for boys, you can just go with vanilla. 

Shell Sunglasses

16. Shell Sunglasses

Basically, these are for the one who loves to have a good collection of sunglasses. Shell sunglasses are usually broad so think about it before for whom you’re going to buy it as it should look good on their face.

Coffee Beans

17. Coffee Beans

Oh yeah! Everyone out there loves to have coffee as it is very refreshing and it’s just perfect for every mood. So get some coffee beans and gift them to your friend so they can use them the way they like.

Tweeze Set

18. Tweeze Set

This gift is for those who have doctor friends on their list. So it’s the most useful gift you can give to a person who is just practicing medicine and needs it. They’ll be surprised after getting this as a gift.

Scalp Massager

19. Scalp Massager

You can give it as a complimentary gift with any of your items. It will give them more relief and always make them remind them. 

Hair Ties

20. Hair Ties

Hair ties never go out of style for anyone. Hair ties are used by both girls as well as boys. So choose a hair tie according to the person you are going to give that. You can also add a hairband along with it.

Handmade Soap Bars

21. Handmade Soap Bars

You have to search for how to make a soap bar and just start making it. Once you’re done with it just add some scents and pack it in a case and just give it to your friend who loves handmade things. You can even leave the hassle and buy some amazing handmade soaps.

Handmade Candles

22. Handmade Candles

Just as you make soap bars you can also made homemade candles and scent them with some good fragrances and just mention on each and every candle “Scent With Love”

Dyed Ankle Socks

23. Dyed Ankle Socks

You just have to buy brand new socks and mix some colors and put them into that. It will be dyed beautifully that you can’t find at any other place. So go with this one and give it to your friend.

 Luggage Bags

24. Luggage Bags

If you have a traveler friend who loves to travel a lot. This gift is perfect for them. Search for one good luggage bag and then just give it to them.

Wrapping Up

These were some of the Secret Santa gifts that you can give to your friends. Even if you are preaparing the gifts at the last moment, these ideas will definitely help you. I hope that you find the ideal gift from the list. Don’t forget to share the article with your friends and family.

Happy a great day and an amazing life!


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