120+ Secret Santa Gifts For Colleagues, Friends, and Family

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120+ Secret Santa Gifts For Colleagues, Friends, and Family
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Ho, ho, ho Friends!

Christmas 2020 is on the way hurray and I know that no one can wait for their Secret Santa gifts! You all might have planned something great for Christmas this year amid the coronavirus pandemic. I send some good wishes to all the people over there. Secret Santa really hopes you all have a great Christmas this year. So here Secret Santa Gifts for Colleagues, Friends, Family.

You all must be thinking about what you should gift to your friends, family, colleagues, and your partners that will really make them feel good. I must tell you, you should really plan something great for them with some great lights, some well-cooked food and with a perfect gift in your hand that will bring a great smile to their face. 

So let’s begin with the Secret Santa Gifts for Colleagues, Friends, Family.

Top 45 Secret Santa Gifts For Colleagues

Why not be a secret santa for your office friends? Surprise your colleagues with some secret santa gifts this Christmas. We have curated an amazing list of secret santa gifts just for you.

Flavored loose tea leaves

Secret Santa Gifts
source- www.heavenlytealeaves.com

It’s a very well known fact that everyone loves tea. So it’s a perfect gift for a co-worker to make him feel relaxed. Various flavored loose tea may include green tea, white tea, herbal tea, black tea, yellow tea, oolong, and fermented tea.  

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Great books

Secret Santa Gifts
source- The Writing Cooperative

Books are a great source to pass your free time. These are helpful in providing knowledge and side by side help you to grow more. So go ahead and pick up some great books for your book lovers.

Water bottles

Secret Santa Gifts
source- Pinterest

Ahhh! Such a necessary thing for everyone. Stainless steel bottles are a perfect way to gift someone as they are useful both in summers as well as winters. It’s a great secret Santa gift

Gift cards

Secret Santa Gifts
source- crisp collective

What about a pretty well-designed gift card for a co-worker so that they can keep it on their table and that card will always remind them of you wherever they will look at that card.

Homemade Scented Candles

Secret Santa Gifts
source- Los Angeles Times

This is just more than a perfect one. Everyone loves decent scents around them every time. So go ahead and make one decent scented candle for your co-worker and mark on it- Scent with love!


Secret Santa Gifts
source- Shinola

They will love to have it as a co-worker. It is the most useful and necessary thing for everyone. From eldest to youngest every person needs it. So buy one genuine leather one for your co-worker.

Desk lamps

Desk lamps are pretty good when they are kept on the table. A pretty decent table lamp will definitely make a great Secret Santa Gift for this Christmas. 

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The most basic gift one can gift to someone. They look so beautiful and even look more beautiful while gifting someone. So go and buy a bunch of succulents.


Yeah. This one is for relaxing so go and make one customized one of something they love. You can also go for a picture of theirs or maybe for a picture of your group or lastly the picture of you two.

Electric heater

The one necessity for everyone in winters. It is needed if someone is just sitting idle at their own home or working in the office. This makes a perfect gift that one can buy for their co-worker.


As everyone knows each individual is going all digitally so a smartwatch is the best for a working person so that he doesn’t have to carry each and every gadget around with them everywhere they go.

Office kit

The basic office emergency kit is a necessity for a worker working in an office. Go with the necessities and buy a good office emergency kit that includes everything for an office user. 

Handmade windchimes

They look so beautiful while hanging so do a little effort and make one beautiful wind chime for them that they can hang at their workplace or even at their homes.

Mouse pad

As they are your co-worker you very well know the importance of having a mouse pad at a workplace. So think about them too and go and gift them.

Self-care set kit

Apart from your co-worker, they are also kind of your friends so think about them as you self-care for yourself and buy a good self-care kit for them. It’s a great secret Santa gift to give. It will make them feel good and create a good vibe between you both.  

Coffee beans

Secret Santa Gifts
source- Intercontinental Coffee Trading

I guess every office worker is a coffee lover. Every person needs it while working as it will make them feel free and release them from every stress so give them some coffee beans and be a stress buster for them.

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Essential scented oils

Secret Santa Gifts
source- Discover Magazine

These essential oils are basic that everyone has. Essential oils have a different use for different things. You can go for a kit of essential oil or you can also go for a different one and make your own kit containing different flavors.


Everyone listens to music while relaxing. Music is the solution to everything so go for a good headphone set. Search for a good one and go for a Wireless Headphone to give a great Secret Santa gift.

Woolen handmade gloves

Again a necessary item for winters. Try to make it on your own and make one good pair of designer gloves. Even if you don’t know how to make it take help from your mother or grandmother and make them feel good.

Homemade sauces

Yummy! Homemade sauces are always unique because every time it tastes differently. So stand up, go in the kitchen, mix some flavors, grind them, and make a good one. 

Pro tip- Taste it before gifting.   

Handmade chocolates

Everyone loves chocolates so go and make some for your co-worker. They will definitely love it as it’s a pure form of love when you will make it on your own and present them with a big smile on your face. 

Laptop sleeves

We all know a working person becomes careless regarding little things around them. So go show some affection and care towards their things. Buy one good laptop cover that suits their personality. This will make a great Secret Santa Gift.


A basic thing in every office or any workplace. You can buy a mobile projector that will make it easy to work. They can carry it anywhere they want and it will make them feel somewhat burden-free.

Wine bottle

So here comes what everyone needs at some point in their life. Buy one good bottle of wine and pack it on your own and make them wonder what’s inside the pack. It will look great for a coworker.

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Waterproof notepad

Waterproof things are the best-made things while in the office as one has to sit there and have everything there so it’s a good thing that one needs if anything splits out there in case. So everything can be saved.


A backpack can be very handy and useful to store all those little things we carry around in our pockets. So find one good backpack so that they can put up their stuff in it and carry it anywhere they want. 

Handmade sweaters

Just like the handmade gloves go for a handmade sweater too so that they can use it in the winters and that will make them feel warmer and will remind you every time they will wear it. This will make one of the great Secret Santa gifts.


To add some colors to their lives and make them feel happier and want to remind them of the inner child inside them. Gift them some coloring books, or sketch markers with a drawing pad or a sketch pad.

Photo printed mugs

Photo-printed mugs were in use for many years so gift them one with their picture printed on the mug or just a picture of you both on it. Make a good one

Bluetooth speaker

Music is the key to every heart. So buy one good Bluetooth speaker so that they can listen to their favorite music loudly and make them listen to everyone out there. 

Some other Secret Santa gifts you can gift them are-

  • Money plant
  • scarves
  • Sunglasses
  • Handmade basket
  • Massager
  • Customized handmade keychain
  • Netflix subscription
  • Waterproof pen
  • Tree saplings
  • hand made socks
  • Gift box
  • Bonsai tree
  • Champagne
  • Diary
  • Customized phone covers
  • Handmade sanitizers

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Top 57 Secret Santa Gifts For Friends:

Here are some great secret santa gifts for your friends. Go ahead with these secret santa gifts and surprise them with this.

Soft indoor slippers

Some soft slippers are a good option for a few friends. Go and search for some options. This will be the option for girls and for boys, you can just go for flip-flops.

Glass Tumblr

Secret Santa Gifts
source- The New York Times

A good glass Tumblr looks great while gifting to a friend so add it to your list and mark your name and your friend’s name on it.

Handmade bookmarks

Secret Santa Gifts
source- Pinterest

People who love to read books are also fascinated by the bookmarks. So go and create some beautiful and meaningful bookmarks that you can give them.

Soft quilt

The soft quilt is also the best option to gift a friend as we all know the quilt is the basic necessity of every person while sleeping so go with a soft one so that they will feel good while taking it.

Customized water bottle

You can also go with a customizable water bottle printed with your friend’s name. The water bottle can also be customized by printing a picture of something favorite of your friend or just going with their own picture.

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Fleece blanket

You can go with a customizable fleece blanket. If your friend is a dog lover then go for it. Anything that comes to your mind during this customizable option you can definitely go for it.

Hoop rings

If you are going to give something to your Girlfriend you can go with the earring part and in that definitely the hoop rings that look great with every outfit and goes with every outfit. buy it for sure.

Grocery bags

When we talk about bags I guess grocery bags are essential for an individual as they need them every time while going grocery shopping. Go for a handmade grocery bag that will look more amazing 

Hair Clips

Again for gifting something to a girl you can go with beautiful hair clips as we all know that hair clips are made for every age group so we are grown with that and we love it for life.


Go put an effort into making something for your friend in making any dish for them. They would definitely love it as it’s specially made for them by their own friend.  


You can gift a filled handmade tottle with some lotion or something they want to have in it. They are easy to carry anywhere so they can have them with them everywhere they want to have.

Heart plants

Secret Santa Gifts
source- Better Homes and Gardens

Heart-shaped plants generally look so beautiful while you present them to someone close. They are just a gesture of pure love so take it a good one and give it your closed one.


Secret Santa Gifts
source- GearMoose

Beanies look so cool while wearing so search for a good color that your friend likes and order for them and gift them. They would love to wear it this winter.

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Biker shorts

They are just too good an option for bikers who love to ride long routes. As they are much comfortable while riding a bike. So you can give this to the one who is a great bike enthusiast. 

Homemade face cleanser

Again comes the homemade thing that is a face cleanser, it will be great as it will be natural and fresher. So you can make any good face cleanser by just adding some natural flavor to it.

Handmade balm

Handmade balms are just so good that one loves to use them every time. For girls, you can make some flavors of strawberry and rose and for boys, you can just go with vanilla. 

Shell sunglasses

Basically, these are for the one who loves to have a good collection of sunglasses. Shell sunglasses are usually broad so think about it before for whom you’re going to buy it as it should look good on their face.

Coffee beans

Oh yeah! Everyone out there loves to have coffee as it is very refreshing and it’s just perfect for every mood. So get some coffee beans and gift them to your friend so they can use them the way they like.

 Tweeze set

This gift is for those who have doctor friends on their list. So it’s the most useful gift you can give to a person who is just practicing medicine and needs it. They’ll be surprised after getting this as a gift.

Scalp massager

You can give it as a complimentary gift with any of your items. It will give them more relief and always make them remind them. 

Hair ties

Hair ties never go out of style for anyone. Hair ties are used by both girls as well as boys. So choose a hair tie according to the person you are going to give that. You can also add a hairband along with it.

Handmade soap bars

You have to search for how to make a soap bar and just start making it. Once you’re done with it just add some scents and pack it in a case and just give it to your friend who loves handmade things. You can even leave the hassle and buy some amazing handmade soaps.

Handmade candles

Just as you make soap bars you can also made homemade candles and scent them with some good fragrances and just mention on each and every candle “Scent With Love”

Dyed ankle socks

You just have to buy brand new socks and mix some colors and put them into that. It will be dyed beautifully that you can’t find at any other place. So go it with this one and give it to your friend.

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Luggage bags

If you have a traveler friend who loves to travel a lot. This gift is perfect for them. Search for one good luggage bag and then just give it to them.

Some other Secret Santa Gifts for your friends-

  • Anklets
  • Electric kettles
  • Bowls
  • Bandana
  • Drink holder
  • Keyholder
  • Customized keychain
  • Sweatshirts
  • Shell sunglasses
  • Beauty set
  • Yoga mat
  • Tonics
  • Phone covers
  • Relieving candles
  • Jewelry organizer
  • Foam roller
  • Customized mugs
  • Photo display sets
  • Wood coasters
  • Mask Chain 
  • F.R.I.E.N.D.S Series 
  • Tote bag
  • Personalized diary 
  • Hats
  • Echo glow
  • Coloring book
  • Great novels
  • Cream makers
  • Photo frames
  • Handmade cards
  • Pen stand
  • Bluetooth earbuds

Top 27 Secret Santa Gifts For Family:

Some best secret santa gifts for your family are just below. Go ahead with these secret santa gifts for your family and make them happy.

Customized t-shirts 

Customized t-shirts are a good option for your family members. Print your family picture on it and just wrap it and put it on their table and give them a surprise. 

Wall hangings

Secret Santa Gifts
source- Canary Street Crafts

Wall hangings just look so beautiful while hanging there so buy one good wall hanging or you can also buy plenty that will look more amazing when there will be more of them.


Secret Santa Gifts
source- House Beautiful

Buy a beautiful doormat for each of your rooms and you can also go for a customizable one and it’s a home thing so everybody would like it. 


You can make it on your own by just collecting some beautiful decorating material and you just need a bottle to start with. This is a great secret Santa gift. So go with it and start making it on your own.


Cushions look so cool while they are printed with your names on them or just a picture on them so just go out and print it individually for everyone present at your place. They would love to have it.

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The basic necessity for every individual out there. Buy one good lotion and give it according to their favorite flavor in it so they can use it every day.

Digital camera

Ohh Picture! We all know everyone loves to have a lot of pictures of theirs. So buy one good quality digital camera so they can carry it with them every time while traveling to anywhere. 

Fish aquarium

Fish aquariums just look so pretty while just kept at someplace. So buy this one with some good and beautiful fishes in it.


As we know New Year 2021 is also coming so go with it. Make it on your own according, you can also paste a good amount of pictures on each sheet. Or go and buy a good calendar for your family members.

Crockery set

As you are thinking of a gift for your family. What’s better than this? Buy one nice grocery set and wrap it in a sheet and just give it to your mother. Great Secret Santa gifts for your family.

Room heater

You can also go with a room heater as it is so useful for everyone in winters so they can have it and feel good while using it.

Some other Secret Santa gifts for your family are- 

  • Sapling
  • Container set
  • Umbrella
  • Candle jars
  • Greeting cards
  • Body scrubs
  • Fitness guide
  • Lights
  • Sandwich maker
  • Wireless charger
  • Tablets
  • Handmade dishes
  • Couch
  • Indoor plants
  • Home decor items

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