Could Scorching Ray 5e & Guiding Bolt be Your Next Best Dnd Spells? 

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Scorching Ray and Guiding Bolt 5e Spell DnD is indeed a talk of the town these days. Everyone is considering it to be the best 2nd level offensive spells from the Wizard’s spellbook. But is it worth it for you to choose this spell, leaving the rest? Chill it out because we are going to wrap up every little detail of Scorching Ray 5e and Guiding Bolt spell DnD in this article below. This will clear out every confusion that is stuck in your mind.  

Scorching Ray 5e & Guiding Bolt 5e spell in DnD holds the capacity to hit a strike on multiple targets. This spell is a powerful and warm spell that works up to a certain range. It allows you to form three rays of fire against the targets. However, a target can be one or multiple. 

The well-structured rules on Scorching Ray 5e & Guiding Bolt 5e DnD are defined on page no. 273 of Player’s Handbook. Although, we will be covering every bit of intricacies further below, so stay hooked. 

Is the Scorching Ray 5e & Guiding Bolt Spell DnD Powerful? 

Should Scorching Ray 5e & Guiding Bolt Be Your Next Best Spells? 

Undoubtedly, Scorching Ray 5e & Guiding Bolt Spell is an extremely powerful yet fiery 2nd level spell in DnD. This allows the spell caster to generate three kinds of fire rays against a single target or multiple ones. The target is ought to deal with fire damage of 2d6. The spell can also be scaled up to make additional damage. 

DnD Scorching Ray 5e & Guiding Bolt Spell Attributes

Casting Time1 Action
Evocation2nd Level
Range120 feet
ComponentsVerbal, Somatic

At Higher Levels: A spellcaster is able to make an additional ray of fire, per slot level when he reaches up to the 3rd level or higher. 

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Levels of DnD Scorching Ray 5e & Guiding Bolt Spell 

Should Scorching Ray 5e & Guiding Bolt Be Your Next Best Spells? 

DnD Scorching Ray 5e & Guiding Bolt Spell allows the spellcaster to produce 10 rays at 9th level with damage of approx 2d6. A maximum of 245 harm can be made with 20 charisma, however, on average, it reaches up to 75 if most of the hits are made with no crits. 

There are overall 7 damages with every ray of fire. This means that damage of 70 + 5 with errata or 70+50 harm releasing. 

This clears out the air that the spell is somehow overused. 

Does the DnD Scorching Ray 5e & Guiding Bolt Spell Bursts into Flames? 

Should Scorching Ray 5e & Guiding Bolt Be Your Next Best Spells? 

As per the spells  Fire Bolts, Fireball, Make Bonfire 5e, it is easy to burst into flames. They have clearly mentioned in their spell description that some of the items are most likely to catch fire with a hit. 

But Scorching Ray doesn’t claim on that. There is no defined rule or statement which confirms that the objects hit by the rays of fire ignite. And as per the 5th edition in DnD, no information can be counted as a false one. Every rule speaks for its authenticity. 

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Advantages of Scorching Ray 5e Spell Over Guiding Bolt Spell in DnD 

Well don’t be shocked but YES, Scorching Ray 5e does have some advantages over Guiding Bolt Spell. Go on further to know about what are they:

  • More damage than Guiding Bolt Spell 5e.
  • Multiple targets
  • A chance to scale more significantly after reaching a higher level. 
  • Goes well with the Elemental Adept feat. 
Should Scorching Ray 5e & Guiding Bolt Be Your Next Best Spells? 

Uses of Guiding Bolt Spell DnD 

 Guiding Bolt Spell in DnD is put to use when:

  • You are aiming to put forward your rival opposing the same target for the future combat.
  • There is only a single target at your hit.
  • Your rivals are not able to make a strike against the target.
  • Your next enemy is a Rogue who can possibly escape attack damage easily. 

Wrapping Up

Targeting multiple targets and setting them up with a ray of fire sounds tremendously exciting as it already is. I love the fact that be it a single target or many of them, everyone within a range of 120 feet is attacked with 1 casting action. I have always used Scorching Ray 5e & Guiding Bolt Spell one as my primary spell. Obviously, no one can ignore the chance of hitting the target with fire harm of 2d6 damage. And, neither should you! 

Go grab your piece of cake and scare the whole gang with your one fire shot. Do drop your take on this in the box below. I am waiting to read your exciting DnD stories on Scorching Ray 5e & Guiding Bolt Spell. 

See You Soon! Au revoir..!!


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