Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3: Launch, Price, and Design

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We heard in the news that Samsung will be coming up with four foldable devices in the coming year. It includes Samsung Galaxy Z fold 3, Z fold 2, and a Galaxy Z flip. The other name might become Zflip 3 by Samsung. It looks like it may be one of the best phone launches in the coming year 2021.

According to the news, we can’t say how these models will differ but we can say that they’ll support 5G. 

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3

Foldable 2021

All these four foldable phones will come in the year 2021, so we can say that Samsung has to work hard for the foldable.

To get more specific about it the news says that the company will start manufacturing the foldable phone in August. So maybe they can be seen in the stores in September or October. 

The news report also mentions that the Galaxy Note range will be no longer available in the market or maybe can be seen just the next year or maybe the sources say it all wrong.

The news says that the Samsung foldable will be on the market in 2021 or later in 2022.

Expected Price of Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3

As we have seen the earlier prices of the company so we expect it to be more than that of Galaxy fold 2 that was $1,999 and just guess it before the official announcement of the price of Galaxy Z fold 3. The high price for this foldable galaxy Z fold 3 is expected to be Rs. 174,990 only. The official price of the foldable by the company is much awaited. 

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Release Date of Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3

Still, there’s a mystery behind it as we can see that Galaxy Z fold 2 was expected to come in 2020 but we have seen a delay in that. So we can be sure of that when will it arrive. According to some news reports the expected Galaxy Z fold 3 will arrive ar in the third quarter of 2021. 

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 Design

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 Design

We can’t expect a great change in the design of this foldable after that of the Samsung Galaxy Z fold 2. You people already know what changes a company can make in the foldable just in a year. We can just expect the smoothing of the model. The other thing that we can expect is a change in durability. It might increase the display size of the exterior cover and increase the interior panel to 7.6 inches to get rid of the notch. 

It was written in one report that the Z fold 3 interior display will be 7 inches and the exterior display is expected to be that 4 inches. Again we just can’t rely on this until the official news comes in. These two are significantly smaller than the ones on the Zfold 2. 

We can expect some improvements in the Galaxy Z fold 3 as again in some reports it’s seen that this Samsung foldable Samsung Galaxy Z fold 3 will be the first one in the market to gain an under-display camera. Some people might have seen in some news that this feature might come in the Galaxy S21, but it did not happen. 

What is an Under-display camera?

An under-display camera is somewhat different from the current cutouts that Samsung uses in its front camera phones. You can see that these cutouts are always visible, but an under-display camera is seen when we want to see it. Wait what it means it is transparent most of the time. Whenever you want to take a selfie that under-display camera would suddenly become visible on the display.

Features of Samsung Galaxy Z fold 3

Features of  Samsung Galaxy Z fold 3

Some of the features that can be seen in the galaxy Z fold 3 will be CUP (camera under panel), S pen, Second generation UTG, Ultra-thin to thick glass.  

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  • CUP( camera under panel) is just the same as what I defined as an Under-display camera. Like just you want to take a selfie and boom your front camera is out like how.
  • S pen is just a remote control for all the ones who are going to use the Galaxy Z fold 3. It is just designed to match your movements, and that just allows you to control your foldable via simple gestures. It is just as natural as you are going to write with your pen on paper. 
  • Ultra-thin to thick glass- As Samsung had already introduced thisUltra- thin glass in its Galaxy Z fold 2 we expect that this model will have a little bit thicker glass as it will help in the phone’s durability. 

Specifications of the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3

The rumored specifications are that it will run on the top line Qualcomm that will be performing in the mid-year of 2021. It’s assumed to be snapdragon 875.we’ll have to wait for it to see if Samsung goes beyond the 12 GB RAM that to be found in Galaxy Z fold 2. 

The year 2021 is much awaited to see that when this foldable will come into the market. All the above information provided was from all the different reports and sources that have just assumed all the price, features, and specifications.

We have to wait for all the detailed information and the official information that only Samsung can provide to the customers. The big news is yet to come to the market.   


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