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Are you looking for a list of the wealthiest UK women? Do you want to know who ranks as the richest woman in UK? If so, this is exactly where you need to be. In this article, we’ll be sharing a list of the top 10 richest women of the UK along with their estimated net worth.

With a record total of 171 billionaires in the UK, adding 24 more to the 2020’s number, it’s significant to note that, even during the pandemic, there has been a collective rise of about 21.7% in the fortunes of these billionaires’ net worth.

It’s always great and empowering to see more women in the billionaire club and so, in this article, you will find out some of the wealthiest women billionaires in the UK. From businesswomen to songwriters and celebrities, check out who ranks where in our list of the top 10 richest UK women. 

Follow through the article to find out who takes the title of the wealthiest/richest woman in UK along with the other 9 richest women in the UK and their estimated net worth.

Who Tops the List as the Richest Woman in UK?

Without further ado, let’s check out each of the ten richest women in the UK along with the source of their immense fortunes in the following subsections.

1. Kirsten Rausing 

Kirsten Rausing tops the list as the richest woman in UK. Kirsten shares her net worth of around £13 billion with her brother, Jorn Rausing, which saw a rise of about £900 million in the past year.  

Richest Woman in UK
Source: Thoroughbred Daily News

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Though the source of their wealth includes investments, their fortune is majorly based on the inheritance of the giant Swiss-based packaging group, Tetra Laval, founded by their grandfather, Ruben Rausing.

Estimated Net Worth: £13bn

2. Charlene de Carvalho-Heineken

Next up, we have Charlene de Carvalho-Heineken standing as the second richest woman in UK with a net worth just above the £12 billion mark.  

Richest Woman in UK
Source: BNR

Charlene owns a 23% share of the brewing giant, Heineken, with her husband Michel. Along with stakes in brewing, their overall earnings from other sources including inheritance and banking raked in an increase of nearly £4.5 million even during the pandemic.  

Estimated Net Worth: £12.01bn

3. Alannah Weston

Alannah Weston, who controls and serves as the chairwoman of the Selfridges Group, makes it on the list as the third richest woman in UK.

Richest Woman in UK
Source: The Grocer

The net worth of £11 billion is shared across the Weston family which holds the ownerships of major retail businesses across the UK including Primark, Selfridges, and Fortnum & Mason. With a gain of about £470 million in the last year, the Weston family business seems to be on the boom.  

Estimated Net Worth: £11bn

4. Marit Rausing

Coming in as the second member from the Rausing family on this list of the wealthiest UK women, we have Marit Rausing, spouse of the late Hans Rausing.

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Her source of wealth is based on the share of the inheritance of the Swedish packaging manufacturer, Tetra Laval. The overall net worth stands at a close £9.5 billion despite a dip of around £100 million in the past year.

Estimated Net Worth: £9.49bn

5. Kirsty Bertarelli

The next entry on the list is a singer-songwriter who also happens to be a former Miss UK, Kirsty Bertarelli. She is the wife of the Swiss businessman, Ernesto Bertarelli, who formerly owned the biotech giant, Serono.

Richest Woman in UK
Source: The Times

With their source of fortune coming from the pharmaceutical industries, the Bertarelli couple, who now live in Switzerland, share a wealth of around £9 billion.

Estimated Net Worth: £9.2bn

6. Salma Hayek 

Ranked as the sixth richest woman in UK, we have one of Hollywood’s most popular actresses – Salma Hayek. The marriage to her now-husband, François-Henri Pinault, makes the duo even wealthier than some of the richest celebrity couples like Jay Z and Beyonce.

Richest Woman in UK
Source: The Cheat Sheet

Between Henri being the CEO of Kering, a luxury goods firm, and Hayek’s acting career, the couple shares an impressive net worth of around £8.6 billion all thanks to a staggering rise of £2.083 billion in the last 12 months.

Estimated Net Worth: £8.675bn

7. Denise Coates 

Have you ever thought of receiving multi-million dollars worth of paycheque? Well, that’s exactly what Denise Coates did. She awarded herself with a salary of £421 million, apparently the biggest pay cheque in British corporate history.

Richest Woman in UK
Source: The Times

With a net worth of almost £8.5 billion, her source of wealth includes the online gambling company, Bet365, which she started on a hunch over two decades back. Even during the pandemic, her fortunes saw a rise of about £1.282 billion justifying her place among the richest women in UK.

Estimated Net Worth: £8.448bn

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8. Leonie Schroder

For the next appearance, we have the daughter of the late Bruno Schroder, Leonie Schroder as the eighth richest woman in UK.

Richest Woman in UK
Source: Campden FB

The source of Leonie’s wealth is from the fortunes she inherited from her late father. With a 48% shareholding in the London-based multinational asset management company, Schroders, and other finances, the Shroder family grew its fortune by about £1.238 billion in the past year.

Estimated Net Worth: £5.215bn

9. Carrie Perrodo 

Making her entry among the list of richest women in the UK, the Singapore-born French businesswoman Carrie Perrodo inherited the international oil group – Perenco, founded by her late husband, Hubert Perrodo.

Richest Woman in UK
Source: VSD

With their source of wealth ranging from oil, gas industries to winery investments, the Perrodo family’s net worth saw a rise of £475 million in the last 12 months.  

Estimated Net Worth: £3.913bn

10. Baroness Howard de Walden

Closing off the richest women in the UK list with the 10th Baroness Howard de Walden, Hazel Czernin who inherited the family’s real estates business from her father.

The de Walden family owns a very large estate in the central and fanciest areas of London, Marylebone. With the family’s source of wealth based on property investments, the last year saw a fall in their fortunes by about £594 million.

Estimated Net Worth: £3.722bn

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Wrapping Up

Well, that’s a wrap-up on the list of the top 10 richest UK women. With Kirsten Rausing topping the list as the richest woman in UK and a major reshuffle in the bottom half of the list as compared to the previous year’s standings, we hope you found the list quite informative and entertaining.  

Share the list among your friends and let us know, in the comment section below, whose appearance on the list was a surprise for you. And keep coming back to Path of Ex for more such interesting lists and updates on lifestyle, entertainment, and technology. 

Feature Image Credit: Harper’s Bazaar


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