The Richest Rappers In The World | Top 15 Hip-hop Artists in 2021

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When anybody talks about rapping, the first name that comes to our mind is “Eminem”. Isn’t it so? Or is it Snoop Dog you are thinking about? Despite their stardom, both of them are not even in the Top Ten Richest Rappers in the World. As shocking as it might seem, there are other names that have made shit loads of money and you will know about all of them here. 

Most of the richest rappers in the world have earned their money from multiple sources. Not just rapping. That gives a lot of financial advice to the youngsters who are aspiring to become the next-gen rappers. You can also learn a lot from the richest musicians in the world if you wish to become as successful as them.

It might have come as a shock to you that both Snoop Dog and Eminem are not on the list of Richest Rappers in the world. If not them then who? The richest one on this list is the name you often hear in the news. Not just that he has relations with the most controversial family ever. Any guesses?

How much do they earn? And what are their sources of earning? We are going to cover all of this for you. Just relax and read this article to the end.  

Top 15 Richest Rappers In The World in 2021

The Richest Rappers In The World | Eminem Not In The Top 10 | 2021 List
Source: Elite Daily

The wait is over!! You can now easily check the net worth of the richest rappers in the world. Besides that, don’t you want to have a little bit of sneak peeks into their lives? 

If you are an aspiring rapper then this list will fire your passion. Because you can clearly see who they were and what they have become. 

And they earn hundreds of millions if not Billions!! Don’t you wanna be as crazy rich as them?

15. Swizz Beatz  | $150 Million

The real name of Swizz Beatz is Kasseem Daoud Dean and he is one of the richest rappers in the world. The career of Swizz Beatz started when he was 18 and he has been pretty successful since then. The fact that his uncles and aunts were already professional record producers helped him a lot. 

The Richest Rappers In The World | Top 15 Hip-hop Artists in 2021
Source: The Undefeated

Swizz Beatz produced his own music when he was 16. Soon his songs began to come up in the top chartbusters and so, we have him as the 15th richest rapper on our list.

14. Snoop Dog | $150 Million

If you believe the idea of self-love is started only because of Gen-Z then you cannot be more wrong. Have you forgotten that award speech? “At last, I want to thank me for believin’ in me!”. Snoop Dog has been a legendary rapper of this decade and he still is continuing to bring more hip-hop for us. Do you know? Snoop Dog got his name from the famous Charlie Brown Thanksgiving character, Snoopy. 

The Richest Rappers In The World | Top 15 Hip-hop Artists in 2021
Source: Global News

Snoop Dog was featured in the first solo album of Dr. Dre i.e. The Chronic. Since then he has been breaking the records. Snoop Dog’s real name is Calvin Cordozar Broadus Jr. and he is presently a songwriter, rapper, actor, and businessman. It is quite evident that after years of hard work, Snoop Dog has become one of the richest rappers in the world.

13. Lil Wayne | $150 Million

Dwayne Michael Carter Jr. aka Lil Wayne is a rapper and an author. He started his career when he was only 12. Signed by Birdman, Lil Wayne was the youngest person to join Cash Money Records ever. Brought up by a single mother, Lil Wayne’s father left him and his mother when he was only 2. 

The Richest Rappers In The World | Top 15 Hip-hop Artists in 2021

In an interview, Wayne said that his original name was Dwayne. But his father left them so he doesn’t like the name he gave to his son. He dropped D from Dwayne, making the name Wayne. Lil Wayne respects his stepdad more and has even made a tattoo on his body dedicated to him.

12. Ice Cube | $160 Million

Ice Cube has been popular for his hip-hop and television shows. He has also acted in movies. Since his entry into N.W.A., the popularity of Ice Cube has grown exponentially. Ice Cube is from Los Angeles but his childhood had some rough phases. His younger sister was killed when he was 12. Growing up in tough times helped his struggle journey a lot.

The Richest Rappers In The World | Top 15 Hip-hop Artists in 2021
Source: Politico

Do you know how Ice Cube got his rap name? Once his brother threatened him to put him in a freezer and pull him out when he was an ice cube. Hence, he made his fear his strength and named himself Ice Cube.

11. Ronald Slim Williams | $170 Million

Rapper with a net worth of $170 million. But that’s not everything about the famous record label owner Slim Williams. He’s one of the people we can blame for the successful careers of Nicki Minaj, Drake, Young Buck, and many more.

The Richest Rappers In The World 2021
Source: Flickr

In the list of the richest rappers in the world, he comes on the ninth rank. But how did it happen? He started investing in multiple businesses and established his clothing line, YMCMB. His journey is truly remarkable and every business person should take notes of his career. 

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10. Drake | $180 Million

I only love my bed and my mama I’m sorry!!

I surely won’t have to let you know who Drake is! You already know who Drake is and what does he do. But did you know he’s one of the top richest rappers in the world? It didn’t happen overnight. It took all his strength to reach where he got today. 

The Richest Rappers In The World 2021
Source: Entertainment Tonight

Drake was unsigned for a quite long time. Despite this, his tracks ‘Replacement Girl’ spread like fire and it is only after this that Drake got his fame. 

Also, having good connections with stars like Kayne West, Lil Wayne and Jay-Z helped Drake a lot in his career. 

9. Usher | $180 Million

You must know by now that Usher is the seventh richest rapper in the world. But do you know his story? When Usher was 14, he auditioned for a talent show where a LaFace executive spotted him. They signed a recording contract with that 14-year-old and the rest is history. 

The Richest Rappers In The World 2021
Source: idobi Radio

Usher is also considered responsible for the discovery of Justin Bieber, with him, he later performed at Grammys in 2011. 

8. Pharrell Williams | $200 Million

Even if you don’t hear Williams’s name quite often, he’s still making loads of money. Pharrell Williams is an American rapper & producer. Besides producing music for Jennifer Lopez, & Shakira, he is an entrepreneur and fashion designer. That combination of professions is rarely seen in any of the richest rappers in the world. 

The Richest Rappers In The World 2021
Source: Dancing Astronaut

Williams started his R&B-career in the early 1990s. After several years of struggle and hard work, he got chances to collaborate with artists like Madonna and Maroon 5. If it wasn’t for his talent in music he wouldn’t have got 13 Grammy Awards. That’s freaking huge!!! 

7. Eminem | $230 Million

Do we have to introduce the legend? The rap god of this generation Eminem has made and destroyed the careers of many. But let’s talk about how he started his journey of becoming one of the richest rappers in the world.   

The Richest Rappers In The World | Top 15 Hip-hop Artists in 2021

Eminem (Marshall Bruce Mathers III) is known for his rapper professional but he is also a record producer. In his teenage, Eminem was bullied by several people, and one time he even had a head injury. He was extremely close to his uncle Polkingharn whose suicide affected Eminem deeply. He also had a series of bad breakups and even after going through serious shit, Eminem rose out of his misery as a hero.

6. Master P | $250 Million

His real name is Percy Robert “Master P” Miller. Master P is truly a master when it comes to business. He has created an empire for himself right from the scratch. Master P has music labels, a video game company, a management company, a clothing line, and whatnot. 

The Richest Rappers In The World 2021
Source: The Independent

Master P, as one of the richest rappers in the world, brought him many hurdles. He has faced many lawsuits in his life. In terms of both professional and personal life. But after everything he has stood up rock solid and has an estimated net worth of $250 Million. 

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5. Russell Simmons | $340 Million

Russell Wendell Simmons is a lot more than just a rapper. Although it is his diverse interests that lead him to become the fifth richest rapper in the world. He is also considered one of the most influential business people in the rap industry. 

The Richest Rappers In The World 2021
Source: Complete Music Update

One thing that people often forget is that he is the real legend. He was in the rap game before Dr. Dre and Jay-Z. Russell Simmons takes himself as a self-help guru and I am sure all of us can learn a lot from him. 

4. Dr. Dre | $800 Million

Andre “Dr. Dre” Young is a producer, rapper, and businessman. In spite of the fact that he hasn’t released an album for the last 10 years, he always manages to be on the richest rappers in the world list. Dr. Dre had boosted the careers of legends like Snoop Dogg, Eminem, and 50 Cent.

The Richest Rappers In The World | Eminem Not In The Top 10 | 2021 List
Source: NBC News

Dr. Dre sold 50% of his stake in Beat Electronics for £191 million, which is $310 million in the US currency. A lot of his earnings come from his business of music production. 

3. Sean Combs – Diddy | $900 Million

Sean Combs or Diddy is an American rapper and a hell more than that. He’s a record producer and an entrepreneur, who is always on the richest rappers in the world list. His story is truly inspiring and every newbie rapper must know about his journey in detail. 

The Richest Rappers In The World 2021
Source: Rolling Stone

Diddy is famous in the music industry as ‘Puff Daddy’. People don’t realize that he’s not only just a mega-rapper. Before becoming a rapper, he studied business at Howard University, which I think helped him greatly in handling different businesses. What do you think helped him?

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2. Jay Z | $1.4 Billion

The second richest rapper in the world, Jay Z is someone we all look up to. American rapper-turned businessman has an estimated net worth of $1.4 Billion. For me, he’s the luckiest man alive. Dare to ask why? Cause he’s the man of Beyonce!! Damn!! What more can he ask for from God? 

The Richest Rappers In The World 2021
Source: Forbes

Jay Z was born in Brooklyn & was raised by a single mother as his father had abandoned their family. His fame in the music industry came slowly but powerful. Today, his net worth has been reported by Forbes itself. That’s Goals man!! They have estimated that the rapper has $425 million in shares. This includes most of his stakes at Uber, Sweetgreen, Ethos, and last but not least SpaceX. All of which rounds up to $1.4 Billion. I wish I was a rapper! 

1. Kanye West | $6.6 Billion

Kayne West is The Richest Rapper in The World. Calm Down! We ain’t gonna talk about Kim here. Besides getting divorced from her in early 2021, he has been in the news for quite some major reasons. The amount of assets this man has is simply enormous. The word doesn’t even cover half of it. 

The Richest Rappers In The World 2021
Source: Variety

His partnership with Adidas and Gap is valued from $3.2 Billion to $4.7 Billion. Kayne West has approximately $191 Million money in stocks and in cash. Another $1.7 billion are in his other assets involving Skims, Kim’s label. If we leave everything else, Kayne’s music catalog alone is estimated to be $110.5 Million. 

That’s some shit load amount of money he’s got! What do you think?

Top 15 Richest Rappers In The World in 2021

Rank Richest Rappers AgeNet Worth State
1Kanye West 44$6.6BAtlanta, Georgia, U.S
2Jay Z 51$1.4BNew York City
3Sean Combs – Diddy 51$900MNew York City
4Dr. Dre 56$800MCompton, California
5Russell Simmons 64$340MNew York City, New York
6Master P 53$250MNew Orleans, Louisiana
7Eminem48$230MSt. Joseph, Missouri
8Pharrell Williams 48$200MVirginia Beach, Virginia
9Usher 42$180MDallas, Texas
10Drake 34$180MToronto, Ontario, Canada
11Ronald Slim Williams 56$170MNew Orleans, Louisiana, 
12Ice Cube52$160MLos Angeles
13Lil Wayne39$150MNew Orleans, Louisiana
14Snoop Dog49$150MLong Beach, California
15Swizz Beatz43$150MNew York City

Wrapping Up

The list of top ten Richest rappers in the World was truly motivating for me. The hard work all these people do every day is phenomenal. It takes a lot to be among the wealthiest rappers in the world and all these have done it with their passion and resilience. Whom do you think is the most inspiring? Comment below your views now!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who were the top 10 richest rappers in the world 2019?

1. Jay-Z
2. Dr. Dre
3. Diddy 
4. Kanye West 
5. Drake 
6. Snoop Dogg
7. Adam Horovitz
8. Nicki Minaj
9. Akon
10. Rev Run

Who were the top 10 richest rappers in the world in 2020?

1. Kayne West
2. Jay-Z
3. P. Diddy
4. Dr. Dre
5. Eminem
6. Master P
7. Drake
8. Usher
9. Ice Cube
10. Lil Wayne

Who is the richest rapper in the world?

Kayne West is the richest rapper in the world with a net worth of $6.6 Billion.

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