The Richest Musician In The World | Who Beat Paul McCartney?

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Music sure unlocks all hearts but who knew it can unlock back lockers too. You can never imagine how much the richest musicians in the world own. One thing that is common among all these musicians is that they started young and worked their asses off to reach where they are today. Dive into this article to know all about the Richest Musician in the World in 2021. 

When we think about musicians, only singers come into our minds, but that’s not the reality. All of the names you’ll know about have not earned so much from only one career. It’s the total money they have from multiple production houses, businesses, stakes, and obviously their songs. 

The list of richest musicians even has a lady who has ruled the hearts for decades. Hold on! We are not gonna spill the beans here. Let’s disclose all that we know about the richest musicians of the year. You’ll truly be amazed.  

Top 10 Richest Musicians in the World 2021

The Richest Musician In The World 2021
Source: KikioTolu News

All of the people on this list followed their passion to such an extent that they became the best of the best. The list is so super inspiring that we cannot imagine a world where these musicians don’t exist. Check out the richest musicians and their net worth below.

15. Keith Richards | $340-$500

The Richest Musician In The World | Who Beat Paul McCartney?

Keith Richards is not just international fame, he is so much more. After being the core member of Rolling Stone as a guitarist and secondary vocalist, Keith Richards has also written various songs for the band. Just like Mick Jagger, Keith Richards’ career also spans more than 6 decades. This had to end up with him being one of the richest musicians in the world. 

14. Ringo Starr | $350 Million

Sir Richard Starkey aka Ringo Starr was the drummer of the Beatles. He has also sung and acted. It is believed that Ringo Starr got his musician genes from his parents. No, they aren’t musicians but they loved to sing and dance. 

The Richest Musician In The World | Who Beat Paul McCartney?

The Parents of Ringo Star struggled a bit for settling down and from what it seems like all their hard work has resulted in Ringo Starr being one of the richest musicians in the world.

13. Coldplay | $475 Million

You cannot ever tell anyone you don’t know Coldplay. It’s the coolest rock band from Britain. The band is made up of four people, Chris Martin, Johnny Buckland, Guy Berryman, and Will Champion.

The Richest Musician In The World 2021
Source: Deseret news

Coldplay achieved worldwide fame after the release of “Yellow” in 2000. It wasn’t long after that when they won a Grammy for their “Clocks”. How could they not be the tenth richest musician in the world? Coldplay has come a long way and deserves even more fame than they have.

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12. Mick Jagger | $500 Million

Who doesn’t know the Rolling Stones? It was the hardcore rock band that achieved international success. The music career of Mick Jagger spanned over 6 decades. Can you believe it? 60 years! The exuberant energy of Mick Jagger was fuel for the popularity of Rolling Stone. 

The Richest Musician In The World | Who Beat Paul McCartney?
Source: Eater Carolinas

Before leaving his studies, Mick Jagger was at the London School of Economics. Since 1960 he has done some really exceptional work in his field and has been called “one of the most popular and influential frontmen in the history of rock & roll”.

11. Elton John | $500 Million

Having a net worth of $500 million, Elton John is the ninth richest musician in the world. The man can do-it-all. He is a rock singer. When that wasn’t enough he also became a songwriter, a composer, and a world-renowned pianist. He does occasional cameos in movies too, after all, he is a star. Elton John is officially the second richest singer in the United Kingdom. 

The Richest Musician In The World 2021
Source: Evening Standard

Elton John achieved all this through his journey in the music of more than four decades. The best thing about Elton is that he is not just popular at singing. He has done enormous charities over his lifetime. He recently donated £23.2 million, this makes him the ninth on the list of the most generous people in Britain. 

10. Bruce Springsteen | $500 Million

Bruce Springsteen aka The Boss is a quite popular richest musician from this list. Springsteen has been known for his powerful performances and amazing lyrics. Bruce Springsteen had a career of five decades. Whoa! That’s more than the lifetime of some people and this legend sang for 50 years. 

The Richest Musician In The World | Who Beat Paul McCartney?

Many people don’t know this but Bruce Springsteen is of Italian, Dutch, and Irish descent. His father was a bus driver and the main breadwinner of their house was his mother. After facing many struggles, Bruce Springsteen is finally among the top richest musicians in the world.

9. Jimmy Buffett | $550 Million

Jimmy William Buffett is the ninth on the list of richest musicians in the world. Widely known for his music that showcases the ‘island escapism’ lifestyle, Jimmy is a cool personality for his fans. By the way, Jimmy Buffett’s fans are known as “Parrotheads”. What a quirky name!!

The Richest Musician In The World | Who Beat Paul McCartney?

Jimmy Buffett is probably the only one on this list of richest musicians to grow up in Alabama. In his early days in school, Buffett played trombone in the band. Since then, he has never left music and we cannot thank God enough for it.

8. Emilio Estefan | $550 Million

The Richest Musician In The World 2021
Source: Female First

Emilio Estefan is a man who is not just a singer. He is also a music producer, an actor, and most importantly a businessman. Ohh!! We almost forgot. He’s a best-seller author too. Emilio not only wrote songs but also translated many of Michael Jackson’s songs. He translated “We Are The World”, which Latino artists performed in 2008. 

After doing so much and living his life in so many ways, one cannot ask how is he one of the richest musicians in the world? 

7. Dr. Dre | $800 Million

The Richest Musician In The World 2021
Source: Sky news

Andre “Dr. Dre” Young is a mega-producer, singer, rapper, and businessman. Although he hasn’t released an album for the last 10 years, he still is the sixth richest musician in the world. Dr. Dre had pushed the careers of Snoop Dogg, Eminem, 50 Cent, and many more legends.

Dr. Dre sold 50% of his stake in Beat Electronics for £191 million, which is $310 million in the US. A lot of his earnings come from his business of music production. 

6. Madonna | $850 Million

The Richest Musician In The World 2021
Source: CTV News

The queen needs no introduction. The class, the style, and the aura this woman has is simply unparalleled. Her list of best songs is truly phenomenal. Over her lifetime, more than 300 million records are sold by Madonna. She is the top-selling female recording artist globally, in the world and it is not me who’s saying this. Guinness World Records is the big-name behind it. 

Her skill in her art and business mind is to blame for her success and wealth. She’s the seventh richest musician in the world, but also a lot more than that. 

5. Herb Alpert | $850 Million

Herb Albert is a rich-old man with $850 million filled in his pockets. But how did an army man become one of the richest musicians in the world? Since his childhood, Herb was interested in music, and it was none other than his mother who taught him to play the violin. 

The Richest Musician In The World 2021
Source: Billboard

After he retired from the US Army, for music and won, he went for his passion for music and ended up winning Grammy, Tony Award, Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award, and many more. He is truly a highly prestigious person. 

4. Sean Combs – Diddy | $900 Million

Sean Combs aka Diddy is a badass American rapper and a lot more than that. He’s a record producer and an entrepreneur, who is the fifth richest musician in the world. His story is truly inspiring and every newbie rapper should know about his journey. 

The Richest Musician In The World 2021
Source: Rolling Stone

Diddy is more popular in the music industry as ‘Puff Daddy’. People don’t know that he’s not only just a mega-rapper. Before becoming a rapper he studied business at Howard University, which I think helped him greatly in handling different businesses. 

3. Andrew Lloyd Webber | $1.2 Billion

A composer, producer, and director with a net worth of $1.2 billion. How can he not be on the list of the richest musicians in the world? Andrew Lloyd Webber has written stage musicals that are performed in more than 148 countries all over the world.

The Richest Musician In The World 2021
Source: Broadway Direct

Most of his wealth comes from the company he made named ‘Really Useful Group’. It’s a company that handles the productions of Andrew and other producers. 

Andrew has married three times in his life and has five children in total. One of his best qualities is that even at the age of 73 he is writing plays and his new play “Cinderella” was performed on stage last month in June 2021. 

2. Paul McCartney | $1.28 Billion

Do I really need to make you believe that he’s the second richest musician in the world? I don’t think so! Paul McCartney is a big name when it comes to the most popular English musicians. He was a member of the Beatles. A legendary band in the 1960s. 

The Richest Musician In The World | Paul McCartney Is Not On The Top (2021)

With more than 100 single sales, 100 million album sales, and 60 gold discs, Paul McCartney is the most successful recording artist. He is also the most successful songwriter in UK Charts history ever. 

1. Jay Z | $1.4 Billion

The richest musician in the world, Jay Z is a name known by all. American rapper-turned businessman has an estimated net worth of $1.4 Billion. For me, he’s the luckiest man alive. Why? Cause he’s the man of Beyonce!! What more can he ask for from God? 

The Richest Musician In The World 2021
Source: ABC News

Born in Brooklyn was raised by a single mother as his father abandoned their family. He earned slow but powerful fame in the music industry. Today, his net worth has been reported by Forbes itself. They have also estimated that the rapper has $425 million in shares. It includes all his stakes at Uber, Sweetgreen, Ethos, and last but not least SpaceX. All of which rounds up to $1.4 Billion.

The Richest Musicians In The World In 2021

RankName Age Net WorthPlace Of Birth
1Jay Z51$1.4 BillionNew York City, U.S.
2Paul McCartney79$1.28 BillionLiverpool, England
3Andrew Lloyd Webber73$1.2 BillionKensington, London, England
4Sean Combs Diddy 51$900 MillionNew York City, U.S.
5Herb Alpert86$850 MillionLos Angeles, California, U.S.
6Madonna63$850 MillionBay City, Michigan, U.S.
7Dr. Dre56$800 MillionCompton, California, U.S.
8Emilio Estefan68$550 MillionSantiago de Cuba, Cuba
9Jimmy Buffett74$550 MillionKey West, Florida, U.S.
10Bruce Springsteen72$500 MillionLong Branch, New Jersey, U.S.
11Elton John74$500 MillionPinner, Middlesex, England
12Mick Jagger78$500 MillionDartford, Kent, England
13Coldplay $475 MillionUnited Kingdom
14Ringo Starr81$350 MillionLiverpool, England
15Keith Richards77$340-$500 MillionDartford, Kent, England

Wrapping Up

When Jay Z started his journey, he didn’t know he was going to be the richest musician in the world. Nor did anyone else know, but they simply followed their hearts and the rest is history. We have a lot to learn from each one of these inspiring people.

Comment below who is your idol from this list and share it with your friends who love music. 

Have a nice day!

Frequently Asked Question

Who is the richest musician in the world?

Jay Z with a net worth of more than $ 1.4 billion is the richest musician in the world.

Highest paid musician in the world

Taylor Swift is the highest-paid musician in the world having an income of $185 million.

Who are the richest musician in the world?

1. Jay Z
2. Paul Mccartney
3. Andrew Lloyd Webber
4. Herb Alpert
5. Sean Combs – Diddy
6. Dr. Dre
7. Madonna
8. Emilio Estefan
9. Elton John
10. Coldplay 

Who are the Richest musicians in the world in 2019?

1. Taylor Swift
2. Kanye West
3. Ed Sheeran
4. The Eagles
5. Elton John
6. Jay-Z
6. Beyoncé
8. Drake
9. Diddy
10. Metallica

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