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Are You Like Dead…Dead? Take It Easy!

Dungeons and Dragons Revivify 5e is here to bail you out. This spell is a life-saving spell that can not technically save you from being dead but can bring you back to life after being dead. When a caster touches the dead creature within the last minute of him being dead, that creature revives with 1 hit point. To know more about Revivify 5e DnD and how it works, go on further. 

However, Revivify 5e DnD spell doesn’t work if a creature is dead for more than a minute or has died of old age. It can also not reinstate the missing body part. This spell can help you revive the game with the same power that you had before being killed. On the complimentary, standing on the land, firm and healthy, can be a big slap on the attacker who almost thought that he scored vividly. 

There are some defined rules, terms, and conditions to use this spell. So I would suggest, hold on to your breath as we move on. This article is going to save your skin majorly. 

What is DnD Revivify 5e Spell?

Revivify DnD 5e Spell

DnD Revivify 5e Spell is a 3rd level Necromancy spell. It permits the caster to revive a dead creature within the last minute. One touch is made on the dead creature(instantly), and a life is saved. 

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Source: Player’s Handbook

Casting Time1 Action
DurationInstantly (lasts 1 minute)
ClassArtificer, Cleric, Paladin
ComponentsVerbal, Somatic, Material
Classes with LevelsArtificer(5), Cleric(5), Paladin(5), Divine Soul Sorcerer(5), Celestial Warlocks(5), Bard(10)
Materials RequiredDiamonds worth 300 Gp. 

Who Can Cast The DnD Revivify 5e Spell?

Revivify DnD 5e Spell

A caster should either be Artificer, Clerics, Paladin. They are allowed to cast a spell in their range from the 3rd level. Bards can cast this spell at the 10th level, after using their Magical Secret Feature.

What is the Prerequisite To Cast the Revivify DnD 5e?

Make a Note- A caster must have a bunch of diamonds, worth a minimum of 300 gold. It can either be a single diamond or 10 diamonds of 30 gold. The choice is yours. 

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Revivify DnD 5e Spell

Whereabouts Of The Scroll of Revivify 5e DnD? 

Losing a powerful creature who can make the game on the roll is not acceptable sometimes. Not that it increases the chances of losing(which surely is), this also marks the uninteresting side of the game. 

The only solution to return back the dead one is by casting the scroll of Revivify 5e DnD. A caster, who is permitted to do so, must cast a spell by holding a diamond worth 300 Gold. Make sure, a caster does it quickly, as it has to be done within a minute. 

However, an authentic resurrection is also necessary to revive the departed soul. 

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Alternative Resurrection!

Revivify DnD 5e Spell: Bring Back The Dead | Revive Your Creatures

When a creature is returned back to life, a caster starts with the rituals and traditions to revive the soul of the creature. They are similar to the death-saving throws mechanic. In these traditions, one has to bargain with the soul and beg it. A departed soul may look for a reason to revive. So to make that happen, a strong sense of persuasion is made each time by everyone trying to make that happen. A d20 is rolled during every kind of influence. 

TMI: A Revivify 5e doesn’t work on the undead creature without a body as a spell requires touching, which is not possible in this case. 

How Much Does a Revivify 5e Costs? | Cost of  Revivify Spell

Revivify DnD 5e Spell: Bring Back The Dead | Revive Your Creatures

As we know, the basic requirement for casting a Revivify 5e Spell in DnD is a minimum of 300 gold. Let’s dig into further details:

SpellLevel ClassLimitCost
Revivify3rdCleric, Paladin1 minute300 Gp diamonds
Raise Dead 5e5thPaladin, Bard, Cleric10 days500 Gp diamonds
Reincarnate 5e5thDruid10 days1,000 Gp oils and unguents
Resurrection 5e7thCleric, Bard100 years1,000 Gp diamonds
True Resurrection 5e9thDruid, Cleric200 years25,000 Gp diamonds

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Wrapping Up

Revivify 5e DnD is an epic spell that brings the soul back to the body. And the tradition really blows me out with its purity. This spell can do wonders with its authenticity. I won’t bring the soul that easily. A ritual applied to it makes this unbelievable thing possible. 

Moving On, I hope you learned a lot about this spell. If there is anything that doesn’t seem so well, write it to us. We will appreciate it to the core.

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